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I am cycle day 22 of a 28 day cycle... okay here's the scoop. I was supposed to ovulate sometime between the 9th-12th. I did get some cm at this time, not a lot, but some. And, then I notice mild cramping, but chalk it up to preovulatory pains.

Around the 10th and 11th of Feb. I get the side pain that I get when I ovulate. Okay, we are together constantly at this point, in order to better our chances.

Then, on the 15th and on the 16th, I get the side pain worse- like a pinchy-Ouch feeling, and EWCM! (Not to mention my breasts feeling like they have been weighted down with lead weights, and me being extremely bloated.)Okay, so now we are like rushing to complete said task just in case I ovulated late. It was kinda cute and nostalgic for us-almost like we were newlyweds

So, basically, up until today, I have these mild cramping pains. They aren't painful-they are just there. There is a definite wet, bubbly feelinggoing on, like when you are going to get AF. And, today, after going to bathroom, tons of stretchy off-white CM!! It was almost a yellow in color.
My breasts did leak a tiny bit yesterday(I haven't nursed in about a year and a half), and they feel extremely sensitive, with occasional sharp pains that are a bit uncomfortable-lol.

What gives? Does this sound like ovulation? I am due for a period on the 24th of this month. Did I ovulate too late?
I don't want to test early because of what happened last month, and the stress it gave me...

ps- dh and I have been um...together...for everyday since day 7(period stopped) up until yesterday. :