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Organic Cheerios

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What is the name of these? I just joined a organic food co-op in my area and want to buy these for ds (and myself). I want to make sure I get the right stuff (I don't get to see pictures, just names).

Also do they melt in the mouth the same as Cheerios?

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They are oatios and if i do say so myself they are so nasty. They are not at all like cheerios. They havea different texture (rough) and they are much bigger and harder and don't tase as good. And if memory serves they didn't melt very well. I would try a box before you go crazy ordering them. My dd wouldn't have anything to do with them. Sorry.
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There are so many kinds offered

In health food stores there are usually several brands of "Cheerios" to chose from, both sweetened and unsweetened. DD likes them but tires of them quickly and on to the next snack, it is.

Anyhoo, if you look I am sure that you will find one to your liking.
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we have 'heritage o's', which he doesn't care for so much (tho' to be fair, he is not a big eater of *regular* cheerios, either.) if you can find a box that hasn't been on the shelf for 10 years:, go for it.

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Cascadian farm now makes Organic Honey nut o's. They are delicious! They taste very much like the Honey nut cheerios. So far I havent' seen a non sweetened O cereal from them
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We get Nature O's. I forget the brand but they come in a bag. They're good! They are unsweetened. I think the only ingredients are oats, wheat germ, and salt. Something like that. My ds loves them.
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oatie-o's weren't very good...only I would eat them...
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Second on the Cascadian Farms. Short ingredients list and both of my girls like them. THey are the best ones we have tried, and priced a bit less too.
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I am a third on the Cascadian Farms honey o's. They are yummy
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