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Beautiful, Rare, Unique Names

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Hello! I am always in search of rare and beautiful names! I especially like for a girl Sahaja Lilibel (Sahaja is Sanskrit for "pure, natural, to be and Lilibel is a combination of family names Isabelle and Lillian) My son's name is Sabien, and other boys names I like are: Eltanin (Draco Constellation) Azriel, and Auron. What are other peoples favorite rare names?
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Thale - a traditional Scandinavian name (perhaps a derivation of "St. Ale")
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Not too uncommon, but not common here.
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some uncommon favs of mine


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Boy or girl? There are too many lovely girls names to list (boys names are so much harder!) So here are some of the boys names I would use if my DH would stop being stubborn and just agree with me!(It's SO much easier that way!) Maybe we'll have a girl and I won't need them anyway.(I'll know in 2 weeks!)

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My favorite name for a boy is Adrock ....

A girl's name that I love is..Genesis...semi-rare
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A beautiful girl's name that I adore is Shenandoah. My brother dated a girl with that name and I think it is wonderful.
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We named our dd Paisley, it's pretty darn rare and I love it.

Our next daughter will be Murron, and we plan on naming a son Dunedan.

I love unique names.
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I like unique names, but only ones I can pronnounce at first glance. I like Viviana (Vivi-ohna).
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Anyone found any good websites for unusual names?
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My name is Abra, which is the feminine form of Abraham. It means Earth mother or mother of many. I wasn't thrilled to have a unique name when I was a kid, but by the time I was in middle school, I LOVED it. Still do!

I am also wanting to name my baby something more unique, but I'm only in my 6th week so I'm not in the name game yet!
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All of my children have had naming ceremonies and were named by our Medicine Man.

Sigwan Nodin- "Spring wind woman"

Dakaashi - "She is cooled by a cold wind"

Miziway Migizi -"Eagles flying in the clouds"

Awanikwe - "Fog Woman"

Gimiwan-gizhik -"Rainy Day Woman"
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My boys are Dryden and Niall, neither have middle names.
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My boys names are Kearnan (warrior) and Tharen (falcon). I also like Liethan (of the vikings), Galen, Adair (oak grove), and Setsuna.

My daughters name was Arawyn (Welsh king of Fairy). For girls I also like Anwyn (land of the Fairies), Auryn, Kaede, Kurai, Verthandy (Norse Fate of the present), and Freya (Norse Goddess).
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Well, I'm rather partial to Arwyn... (love to your angel Arawyn, Shannon)

I always feel weird about these threads, because I LOVE unusual names (even growing up, except the bit where I couldn't pronounce "r"s for a few years ), especially (what I consider) unisex names, and I have a couple I particularly love, but, well, if I share them, they might not be so unusual!

I love some of these suggestions, and I MUST keep a copy of this thread for later inspiration!
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My son's name is Raziel Darshan. I haven't met any others. Raziel is pronounced the way it is spelled but people are always trying to make it something else. Like I've heard (Ray Jul) ? I call him Razi mostly.
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My name is Fiona, and it is a pretty uncommon name. It means 'fair' in Irish Gaelic. My sister's name is Brenda, meaning 'blade'.

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I will be following this topic! We're looking for an unusual name for our 3rd little boy.

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I like Opal
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Arwyn was on my name list! We ended up with Anwyn (pronounced On-Win). It's perfect for her.

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