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Hypnosis for childbirth?

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Has anyone tried hypnosis (or, self-hypnosis, really) for birth? There's a class offered near me, and I thought about taking it, since I figure any extra help I can have with keeping myself calm is a good thing. They're not cheap, though. I'd love to know your opinions!
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Here is a good discussion we had about hypno-birthing


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Thanks, Peggy!
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My advice would be to meet the person who will be teaching the class before you sign up. We didn't and it was a disaster. I believe that it can work - and work well, but you have to find the right practitioner for *you*! My teacher was not the right choice for me. Her voice grated on my nerves. She kept saying things like, "When you are in labor you will hear my voice," which just made me cringe inside. I had to fake a trance just to get the sessions over with. Total waste of money, and lots of it!

But don't let that scare you! Like I said, I still believe that it works.

Best of luck!

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Hey Neighbor!

We've just started taking a hypnobirthing class with an aquaintance in Freeport who's just starting out. I believe it's the first session she's offered...and it's a bit cheaper than the one that Colleen and others offer in Portland. (Anne's fee is $225...I think True North charges $275). The classes start next week and go for 4 weeks...so I'll let you know how it goes! Though our last birth went smoothly without it, I'm excited to have another "tool" in our bag to pull out if need be! And I'm most looking forward to just getting in the right frame of mind for this birth--it's been a bit more challenging this time with a toddler!

Congrats on your pregnancy! Where are you birthing? I'd highly reccomend taking the Ballard House 7 week childbirth prep class, even if you're not birthing there. I still meet faithfully once a week with all the moms from our original class there...two years later!
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Hi! I'm in Portland too, MamaMae. My midwives had given me information on the hypnobirthing classes at True North (I think it's $250), but when I called I got a message machine, and somehow it turned me off a little.

I'm birthing at Mercy Hospital, since that's the hospital my midwives (Back Cove Midwives) are associated with. We haven't toured it yet (not due until August), but from what I've heard, I think it will be good. I will, however, definitely look into the Ballard House childbirth prep class! I'd like to feel comfortable with the childbirth prep classes I take, too, so I'm glad to hear you recommend those.
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