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This is so exciting

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Seems like everytime I log on we have a new birth announcement. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that we were all introducing ourselves and now here we are having our babies.
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sure seems that way, huh? man. Wish I could post my birth story. waah. You guys are getting sick of my whining, I know. Sorry. I just can't help wanting her here so badly!
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I have so much time left. I am enjoying hearing about all the babies coming...but I am pretty happy biding my time.

It is cool though to know that she will be here soon.
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I feel the same way Adina , its so exciting to hear about all the births though
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Well, I can't say it feels like yesterday... this pregnancy has been very long for me. I'm very excited to see birth announcements, though, because it means that maybe *mine* will come out soon! I'm very tired of being pregnant!
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This is so exciting! I was gone all day yesterday and didnt check in last night because I was so tired and woke up to al these birth announcements! Very very cool
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