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Pix and Stupid Question? But I'm bored and grumpy....

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Okay maybe I just don't get it but....

On one of the other boards I visit there's a place where mamas post pix of their little darlings, and most of the time the pictures are cute.


Ever so often in the midst of genuinely cute photos, the "food and drool" shots creep in there and the moms are quite "Lookit how precious my shnookums is!" Um...No. How is disgusting vomit-like food smeared all over his/her face and hair and clothing, cute?

I'm sorry but I think it's gross. Always have. Even with my local niece and nephew and I adore them -- they are really very cute kids -- but the cutest kid looks gross when it has smashed food crap smeared all over its face, or an open mouth showcasing chewed goo.

Why do some parents think that's cute? It's not. It's nauseating...my out of town SIL has always sent us pix of our nephew with vomit-y looking food smeared all over his face and I think it's disgusting. Am I alone in this? Am I just some sort of bizarre prude? (If so, I married another bizarre prude because my DH can't even look at those kinds of photos -- he says they make him carsick.)

Does parenthood really make you *that* incredibly blind?

Just curious...and bored (and I just got another little shnookums email with my nephew coated in some sort of gelatinous goo and it made my stomach turn -- which is a shame because there were some perfectly cute shots of him not coated in drool).
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I think the babyfood smeared all over looking vomit like shots are kind of gross, but speaking from experience, if it is your kid, you are looking at the pictures and remembering how much fun your little shnookums had with that food. So that's probably why they think they're precious and share them with everybody. I have some pictures of my daughter with PB&J all over her face from the first time she ever had it. She has the hugest grin on her face and I remember her happy little yummy dance she was doing at the time. Those are some of my favorite pictures. So, I'm guilty of being blind to how disgusting my little cutie shnookums is. I do think seeing food IN the mouth is nasty. That's one of my pet peeves!
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Yup, it makes you that blind I am guilty of thinking that my kids are cute with food everywhere, when they are first learning to eat solids. I am guilty of emialing those pictures to other people too. I'll be curious in 6-7 months to see if you still think it is gross or you have the camera out snapping away ("Oh look, she has squash in her HAIR, isn't that sweet?" ")
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That's the thing though -- I can see how the parents would think the "event" was cute and memorable, but to expect other people to see chewed up food as delightful? Ick.

I just don't get it. I mean there are some pix of me and the DH that are hilarious and the story behind them is great but there's no way in hell I'd email them out or show them to other people because they are bad, very, very unflattering pictures. We have them -- we like them -- we think they're funny. But other people wouldn't get it nor should they. Because they are not attractive pix.

Make sense?

Who knows, but I hope I don't turn into one of those sending out vomit pix moms...it's just always grossed me out seriously.

It's a stupid question I know but I literally had to take a phenergan last night after looking at that pic of my nephew and that prompted me to post.
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i have a friend with one little boy who, like you, thinks its gross. she wipes the poor kids mouth and hands 5 times during a meal!!!!! she drives us all crazy, we yell just leave him alone and let the poor kid eat!!!!!!

you dont have to send mess face pictures if you dont want to just dont turn into a clean freak either.
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