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newbie_mary's birth story!

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Meade's birth story!!!!

So, I went to the OB last Tuesday for my 36 week check up and GBS test. She checked my cervix and said baby was head down, but cervix was tight and hard, and baby hadn't started dropping again. so I figured I had a while still...

Well, Wednesday around dinner time, I started feeling a little something -- strange sensations starting on my left side and wrapping around to the front and back, but only on the left side. I thought, hmm, wonder what that is? they weren't particularly regular, or if they were, it was pretty far apart so that I wasn't aware of the regularity.

At 1 a.m. I woke up with regular crampy contractions 7 min. apart. I managed to doze through some -- they really weren't bad -- and they remained 7 min. apart the whole night. In the morning I called the OB and she wasn't in the office -- it took her a while to get back to us, and she said to drink a lot of water and lay down for 2 hours to see if that would stop them (I think she thought that maybe it was just BH, but I knew it wasn't!!) We timed the contractions during that time and they continued, 7 min. apart the whole time, with varying lengths. Finally, I called her back in the afternoon -- it took her like 2 hours to get back to us -- and she said to go to L&D to get checked out. Meanwhile, DH was running around like a chicken with his head cut off, packing bags (which we hadn't done!!!) and cleaning the house!! At least ONE of us experienced "nesting"!!

When we arrived at the hospital (at 3:30), I was 3+, and the nurse could feel the bag of waters bulging through. I continued with slow, easy contractions for a few hours, at some point my water broke, and then the doc arrived around 7:30 -- she checked me and I was at 6-7 cent. The whole time I was just like, wow, this isn't bad at all! But apparently the doc was in a bad mood about something -- very out of character -- I had really liked her through the whole pregnancy, but now she comes in saying that she needed to give me pitocin to speed things along, that my contrax were still too far apart and at this rate it would take me 4 hours of pushing if they didn't speed up, and she had 25 years of experience, blah blah. Whatever. We said no, things are going well (as a first timer, I really didn't know anything, but was NOT going to have pitocin!!!) so she said she would check me again in an hour and if I hadn't progressed, she would give me the pitocin.

Our WONDERFUL labor nurse -- bless her heart, she deserves an award -- any ideas for a thank you gift for her??? saw that things were getting a little more serious and suggested that I go take a shower, which I finally did about 8:15 -- what a wonderful idea! I was in there for about 30-40 min, and when I got out, got on the toilet and immediately had the urge to push!!! DH ran to get the nurse and doc, they came in and I was fully dilated, and we were off!!!! I pushed for about 45 min. (strangely, my sister had a dream the week before that my labor was 45 min.) and he was born at 10 p.m. At the end, the doc told me to hold on after I pushed the head out, but I didn't hear her and I pushed so hard that his whole body came flying out and she literally had to catch him!!! Wish I could have seen that!!! Unfortunately, I think that's why I tore, because I didn't stop there at the end, but I just HAD to push -- my body told me to!! It wasn't too bad of a tear -- doc said it was perfectly straight and easy to sew up -- so I shouldn't complain. And since he's so little (5 lbs. 12 oz at birth) he was "easy" to push out, I'm sure! But I think next time I'll read up on this, or maybe try perineal massage to try to avoid that.

All of the other women on the floor that night had been induced and were there since 7 a.m. that morning -- I was the last to deliver, but the nurse said I won the award for being the fastest!!!! Goes to show the efficiency of non-medicated birth (at least, in my body, it seems!)

I was amazed by the whole process and the fact that the great majority of my labor was nothing more than some menstrual cramps. My body really knew what to do -- we hadn't taken any classes yet (there's one next week -- guess I don't need it!!), but it all happened so naturally.

Best of all, DH agreed that next time we can try a birthing center with midwives!!! I don't have the guts for homebirth (bless all of you who do, I think it's so wonderful!), but a birthing center just makes sense to me so much more than a hospital.

We are so happy and just enjoying our little guy! I'm so happy about this wonderful change in my life!!

Best wishes to all of you, and I can't wait to read the upcoming birth stories!!

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Thank you for sharing that beautifull birth story with us! I love hearing about all of these babies making their entrance to the world!
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YAYAAYYYYY thank you so much for sharing and congratulations again!!

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What a great and inspiring story!! Thank you!!

to your little one!!

How about a nice bouquet of flowers delivered to that nurse when she's working? That way, everyone who works with her will know how much you appreciated her support. I always loved getting flowers at work - everybody looks to see who they are from and who they are for...
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Sounds like a beautiful birth! I'm happy for you for sticking up against your doc and refusing pitocin (our bodies do know what they are doing).
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Mom to 4 daughters and ? due end of April
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YAY! WTG mommy! great job!
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Awww congrats Mary! Good for you for sticking up for yourself. Enjoy your sweet little man
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Mary, congratulations again, and what a wonderful wonderful story! I'm glad it went so well and smoothly for you. Your story is an inspiration for those of us who haven't gone yet.
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What a wonderful story, Mary Congratulations!!
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Congratulations! Welcome to the world little one!

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I love it! So nice to hear, too... DH has been teasing me that I wont know when I'm in labor and the baby will come out and i'll be like--oh!

I love the idea of sending her flowers... or maybe some cookies? So sweet! Sorry the doc was PMSing (my guess).... I'd guess she was just blurring all the women together and not really thinking. More reasons for a birth center!

Can't wait for pics of the little schnuggles!!!
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Congrats!!!!!!! What a great birth story. Enjoy all you've accomplished and take care of yourself!
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Jumping in from November... Great birth story! So glad it went so well. I tore with a 3 lb 13.4 oz baby because of pushing too fast. In my case, I didn't feel the contractions during the pushing stage (definitely felt the "ring of fire" though) and my body wasn't telling me to push after the first push, so the nurse told me to push when my contraction came (she told me when it was happening), and I did, but I think I really should have waited until my body told me (or just let my body do the pushing without actively pushing myself). So even with a small baby, it's easy to tear when you push them out too fast! But sounds you like did a great job, and you handled the whole thing wonderfully!!!!
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What a wonderful birth story Good for you for sticking to your instincts and it sounds like your tear will heal up in no time!
thank you for sharing!!!
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Oh congratulations! Way to follow your instincts! I hope you have wonderful nesting time with you new little one!
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What a wonderful story! Congrats to you and your new little one!

In case it makes you feel better, my MW believes strongly that perineal massage has not affected her tearing outcomes over the years. In fact, she feels that the main thing that affects tears is allowing the woman to decide when to push rather than people yelling at her when to do it. Also, when women normally push the baby slips a little bit back in after each contraction. In the hospital they don't want you to do that, and tell you to hold your breath, bear down etc. It appears that the tissue fairs better with this back and forth motion of the baby, as the tissue is able to re-oxygenate and stretch better and easier. So you did the RIGHT THING pushing when your body told you to! Hospital tears are frequently 3rd and 4th degree, and it sounds like yours wasn't. Tearing happens regardless sometimes!!
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