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I'm cramping!

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I had the chat with the baby tonight and told her we're all ready and anytime she is ready to be born, we're ready for her. I'd previously been focusing on just not having a preemie, so I felt I needed to let her know it was okay now.

Tonight I've been having cramps every 5 minutes or so, I've felt nausous and peed a few times. My belly is getting really tight and hurts mostly at the top. So, I don't know if anything is happening, but I haven't had any action like this before in this pregnancy. Hopefully something's going on! With my first, it felt like this, but started 30 mins apart. We shall see. Send me some baby dust!
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I don't know if it's IT or not, but I have alot of cramping session too where I wonder: "is it starting?" and then it weans down after a few hours. I do believe, thought, that your body is working to prepare for the birth even if it's not actual labor.
So here's some baby dust
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: I hope this is it for you
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Sounds promising Nadine! Birthing vibes coming your way!
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I've been having cramping at the top too but thought maybe it was weird heartburn? Everything I'd read says the contrax are at the bottom not the top of the uterus -- or can they be at the top too?

And good luck, LucyRev!!
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Thanks for all the good wishes! The cramping lasted around 3 hours and then I went to sleep and this morning it's back to same old same old. Oh well. She'll come when the time is right.

Renee, I've had these top part only contractions before...it is weird. Not heartburn though that is for sure. It felt more like menstrual cramps or severely bad gas. Since they didn't get any more intense, I figured it wasn't the real thing. I can't remember exactly what contractions felt like at the beginning of labor, but I remember thinking it felt like my period was starting. I wonder if the contx at least got me dilated a bit more? I was glad I didn't have to call my neighbors at 3AM to let them know it was time to watch our daughter for us though!
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Thanks for the clarification -- I assumed it was weird heartburn since that's where it was localized, you know? Though it didn't feel like heartburn -- felt more stabby than that.

Anyway, good to know.

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