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making diapers

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lots of you do it -- how?? : )

what fabric do i need??
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>>lots of you do it -- how?? : )

Make yourself a pattern, try www.diapersewing.com for measurements

>>what fabric do i need??

The best free or super-cheap stuff you can find is best. Old towels, dishcloths, scraps of flannel, old clothes (tshirts and sweats), tablecloths. All should be 100% cotton. I make a pad for the centre part, then cut two pieces to fit my pattern and quilt (a rectangle in the middle, outline, then zigzag on my sewing machine). Easy as pie. Check out the bottom of my website if you want to see my diapers. www.kishkas.com Covers are easy too -- the best ones I've made are from two layers of polar fleece with elastic in the middle. Also easy as pie if you have a sewing machine and a little bit of baby-free time.

Happy sewing!

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Check out www.onestopdiapershop.com
Jessica frequents the boards as Moonbucket and her shop is great!
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I used two pieces of flannel and sewed a washcloth into the middle. Worked great. I would also go to the fabric store and ask them what they reccomend that's super absorbent and stretchy. The only thing about the flannel is that it doesn't really stretch and I prefer stretchy.
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When I started I used a pattern, I had good luck with poo pockets. I like the one sized idea. Now I've been experimenting. I use flannel, next batch I'll include some terry in middle. I serge the outsides. You'll probably need to experiment to find out what works for you!
SARAH Mom to Aurora 6/11/01 and Genevieve edd 6/29/03
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Speaking of cloth dipes...
I made 5 newborn sized ones today for the babe on the way!
SARAH Mom to Aurora 6/11/01 and Genevieve edd 6/29/03
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I used a bunch of old flannel shirts and a flannel bed sheet. I drew up my pattern based on the info at diapersewing.com and used a Prorap as a guide for the size. Mine are just two layers of flannel, with elastic at the back & the legs, and I lay a folded infant-size cpf in them (she outgrew the infant cpf's and is too wiggly to get the larger ones on, so these fitteds are sooo helpful). Maybe someday I'll sew the soaker in, but this is working for now. Also, I've just begun work on some fleece pocket dipes that I can stuff the cpf into.

I love making diapers! Wish I had more time for it...
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I've used the Kwik-Sew diaper fitted pattern (more)

but I am not a big fan of fitted diapers since they take so long to dry! (I made about 6 to go in my diaper bag for diaper changes on the go since it's easier to change a baby who can stand up when there is no changing table with a fitted diaper!)

To be really frugal go to a thrift store and buy flannel sheets and old towels (I had some old towels of my own to use). Just sew one layer of terry down the inside middle with 2 layers flannel prefold size (then turn right side out and viola! you've got diapers!)

You could also make your own flats (I think 30" is the standard) by sewing 3 3/4 sides of 2 layers of flannel together and then turning right side out and sewing the opening closed.

Wal-Mart used to sell white "diaper flannel" for $1.88/yd.
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