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For anyone who would like to become better versed about Scientology the following two sites are your best bets. The first explains, very briefly, the second.

A pp was correct in stating that Scientology as a rule will not share its tenant/practices openly with anyone other than Scientologists of the right "rank." Acheiving a certain level requires the practitioner to pay for extensive session and classes on how to view the world (the Scientology way), the secrets of the religion, etc. From what I understand, there is such monetary and emotional-worth involvement invested by the praticer by the time upper levels or even higher than basic level are reached that extrication from the religion is very difficult if not imposible in some instances.

INterestingly, if you had gone to the Scientology website a few months ago (before the Tom and Katie hubub), you would have seen a total lack of substance...only an offer to have a "personality profile" done. There is still a lack of subtanc ein terms of how one actually becomes a scientologist/practices, etc. but they have added some basic background info on it...probably because of the recent media outcry against their seemingly "strange" ways. We each have to judge for ourself. I have already come to my own conclusions. I hope you think these sites are helpful.
As an aside:
When I lived in Los Angeles a friend of mine actually had a personality profile done at the center there and was, as she herself labeled, held against her will for several hours while they tried to talk her into Scientology (she refered to it a attemted brainwashing, I'm trying to be more delicate). They actually had her go to a testing center in Hollywood for the test, then transported her to a second location to go over the results with her. She said she felt strange about the change in location but felt like she didn't have a good reason to object...they were supposedly on the up and up and all...
Anyway, she ended up having to threaten getting the police involved to get them to take her back to the first center. When they took her back they wouldn't let her out of the car right away (still trying to talk sense into her, I suppose) and she rolled the window down and told them if they didn't unlock the doors she'd scream she was being raped or beaten...
Interestingly, despite her totally negative experience with them, and her obvious lack of desire to pursue Scientology, they kept calling her for several months to offer her free "classes". IMHO, Creepy.

So that was a really long digression... here are the websites...



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C'mon now.
Even natural family living mamas have to have a place, and a chance, where they can discuss something that bothers them.
Of course we judge: if no one ever judged we'd never make any descisions. We wouldn't be able to tell if red or black looked better on us, or if we liked that guy or his brother. Judging is natural.

Don't throw the book at someone because they're expressing how they couldn't do it, or don't understand it. I have yet to see anyone here say, "Scientology is stupid and I think Katie is stupid". that would be crossing the line.
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I do not agree with this way of birthing, its a beautiful, painful expierience, that needs to be vocalized. I know the whole floor of the labor/birth unit will hear me wailing away, when it comes time for me to give birth. I admire those who can birth naturally and moan the whole time, but we are all tolerate pain differently, and I think if someone needs to scream at the top of their lungs, they should go for it, lol.
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