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HELP!!!!! High BP... being sent to evil OB.. help!

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I just got back from my midwife appt this morning. I had high blood pressure (bottom number 102), and it has never been higher than 80 before. No protein in urine, STAT blood tests for preclampsia were ALL negative, and had a reactive stress test (i.e. good). They tried re-taking my bp a few times, but I was a disaster and unhappy by then, so it bascially just kept going up a bit, even after lying down.

I was going to be FORCED to induce tonight. I am totally freaking out. I managed to be allowed to come back home, rest, and get my bp checked in L&D tonight. The OB on call- our doula knows her- is known to be a "hardliner", i.e. induction happy OB. Once someone gets something even remotely high risk, all the midwives HAVE to turn you over to the OB and they call the shots.

I can't even tell you how upset I am by this. We will do what we promised and call L&D tonight. My question for you all is, are there any (safe) ways to help reduce your blood pressure relatively quickly, other than (ha!) relax? I only had three hours of sleep last night, which I think is really contributing to this, and so one of the reasons they allowed me to come home is try to get more sleep.

I have never had this problem, and so have no idea of what will help- a glass of wine? Extra fish oil pills? No salt? I also had a TON of salt yesterday, which now I"m all mad I did (pretzles galore). I do have swelling but I have had it throughout the pregancy, and it's steadily- not suddenly- slowly gotten worse.

Thanks so much for any advice anyone has about this. I'm so frustrated that with everything else fine, they aren't even willing to have me be checked tomorrow AM. Only because I fought it tooth and nail am I not in the hospital being induced RIGHT NOW.

I did have a cervical check (my first!) and I'm between 1-2 cm, soft, and it is anterior, although the baby's head is still rather far up.

Okay, that's all for now, I'm going to try and (ha!) get some sleep. -Jenny
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Well, relaxing is the key I think. I vote a long soak in the tub and a glass of wine -- and maybe a cup of chamomile tea.

Sorry you're having a hard time Try to relax.

Get your DH to pick up some Bachs Rescue Remedy if he can.

And if your BP goes down then you can refuse any induction -- just don't show or leave. If they freak on you and you feel like you have to be induced, then go for the cervidil first -- you might be able to not get pitocin at all. (At least that's what i've read.)
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A nice hard cry in your husbands loving arms couldn't hurt either

Wishing you the best
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High Bp--long response!!

How many weeks are you? Did you read my birthstory? This happened to me...though I have a history of high BP, it had been normal without medication all through pregnancy until week 36. I was really upset about the induction (although, my midwife kept managing me and didn't have to hand me off to an OB). They did NOT give me a choice!! One thing you might ask is if you could be co-managed with your midwife and the OB...it's important to have a provider you are comfortable with!!

LAY ON YOUR LEFT SIDE!!! THis is best for blood flow to the baby and will help lower your blood pressure. Ask them to do a series of blood pressures with you on your left side when you are in the hospital. I actually relaxed once I got into the hospital more so than when I was home on bedrest...because I wasn't around all the stuff at home that I needed to do....

You might ask their policy on bedrest....though if you are 37 weeks or more they'll prob just want to induce. I didn't have the other symptoms of preeclampsia either.

If an induction seems like the only option see if they will do something like cervidil to soften your cervix first BEFORE starting a pitocin drip (usually they leave it in for 12 hours, but have the option of taking it out if contractions start getting too close)!!! This worked for me and I didn't end up needing the pitocin! I was so happy about that!! They ended up taking the cervidil out after 8 hours because my contractions were too close. They convinced me to take an ambien for sleep...though it didn't really work and then convinced me to take a nubain shot in the IV (though I'm not sure I really needed this??). I ended up sleeping until 5am and then labored on my own for 45 min, then went in the tub for 25 min. and pushed for 25 min. and he was born.

So...keep the faith. Even if you end up getting induced you can really try to have as few interventions as possible. I was so scared I would end up with a pitocin drip and wondered how I would handle those contractions while being on my left side (they will make you lay on your left side for your blood pressure). Still advocate for yourself and work with your providers...ie...if you need an induction, how can they accomodate you to allow you to move around as much as possible, how will they help you though labor besides offering pain medicine? Can you get in the tub? Can you do your labor positions?

I had a friend (midwife) tell me that when dangers like high BP come during pregnancy the body may be prepping itself already for labor on it's own. This helped me resolve the fact that baby Isaac came early in week 37. I was feeling bad that had to come so early!! It may also explain why I only needed the cervidil to get labor going.

Keep us posted! You can do it. Take slow, deep breaths!! Close your eyes and imagine a positive birth experience. You can do it....

Oh...and do some squats!!! Get that baby lower...

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oh, sweetie. huge hugs. RR, wine, left side, warm bath, do you do yoga? can you meditate? positive imaging, music.... can you take headphones with you to L&D? I worry that just being there is going to stress you....you need to get yourself into your zone... make it so DH talks to everyone and you can just Zone Out. Be sure and have some RR right before, too!

I'll be sending you all kinds of calming vibes, sweets!
Keep us posted!
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Visit www.blueribbonbaby.org
My MW swears by this for BP issues. Drink lots of water and eat lots of protein, salt your food to taste. I had PE with my first and have had no issues with this pg (or my second).
Hope everything goes well.
I second who ever said try something other than pitocin. They used cervidal (sp?) to soften my cervix when I was induced. I have know some women to even be sent home with the cervidal in. Or if you have to do pitocin tell them that once contrax pick up you want the pit turned off so that your body can try and take over. It can take a little while but then you are having reg contrax not pit ones. The worst that can happen is they have to turn the pit back on if it does not work.
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You've gotten lots of good advice already. Another trick to try is adding Epsom salts to your bath and soaking as long as it feels good. Epsom salts are magnesium salts - the same thing the hospital uses to treat high BP through an IV. Adding them to a bath is a more subtle way to reduce swelling and BP, and it won't make you feel crappy!

Also, remember that a high reading on a single occasion, particularly without other symptoms is *not* diagnostic. A bottom # of 102 *is* very high, and your providers are right to be concerned (this is the pressure in your arteries when your heart is at rest and is less affected by stress than the top #). However, given that your labs are negative, baby's NST was reactive and you are having no other symptoms you should definitely be able to buy yourself some time. Of course this is a very stressful time, but do your best to relax your body and mind. This babe will choose the best way to be born, whether it seems that way at the time or not.

Some providers will often present one option, as in "this is what we are going to do." Remind yourself that there is *always* more than one option (your doula can remind you of this as well!), ask what your other options are if you are not comfortable with the one presented and try to stay calm (they'll listen better that way). You cannot be forced to implement a plan of care you do not agree with, no matter what bullying/scare tactics are used. You can simply tell them that you are not comfortable with that plan and would like to hear what else they can suggest. At the very least you can hold out for a changing of the guard and hopefully get a less induction-happy doc! Good luck mama!!
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If you are concerened about getting fluid off some things that can help:

Eat Watermelon, like a whole one.

A Cucumber an hour.

A not very pleasant drink with Lemon Juice, Cream of tartar & just a small amount of sugar, not enough to make it taste sweet just to make it drinkable.

For Protien a plain chicken breast with sauteed bell peppers & onions (minimally seasoned)

Wishing you luck & remember the most important thing is that you and the baby stay well.
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laying on your left will really help. as will the protein. sending you BIG TIME labor vibes (Sending all my ctx your way!!!!)

Oh and to help speed up labor- PINEAPPLE!!!!! Eat lots and lots until you cannot taste it anymore. I SWEAR it made my DD come when my BP was high with her. And good old sex (with orgasm) can get things moving, too. Especially when you're already softening!

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You guys have all the best suggestions- I just took my HOUR LONG epsom salts bath, I had an atkins shake earlier, and am now about to eat some chicken/etc and call L&D to go in to have the BP checked.

They WILL do the cervadil gel before pitocin, that I know, and some poeple are sent home- I will lobby HARD for that one!

I'm very lucky that I'm 39 weeks- I'd hate to have to make this decision if I were earlier. Honestly, the pit keeping me from laboring in the tub, moving around, etc etc, unneeded IV glucose, etc, is waht bothers me the most about this. If the gel works on it's own.. I will be so happy.

I'll be trying nipple stimulation (I did some in the bath) if they send me home.. any suggestions on doing that bigtime? Like using a breastpump? I did it probably for a half an hour in the tub (that was a lot).

Again, thanks SO MUCH, it was so nice to be able to come home and rest and check out the boards adn stuff- they weren't going to even let me do that, so I do feel a bit better now.

Will update later- thanks for all the good vibes -j
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i just read somewhere that warm compresses or like a heating pad on the breasts was a way to stimulate the nipples and start labor...anyone know anymore about this one?

Man, I hope you feel better soon and that the BP comes down or something. Can't wait to read your update....*biting my nails*
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Thanks again for all your help. Here is my update. (I posted this in the main forum, but it goes double for here as well!)

Well, I'm HOME at the moment, but just barely. I went in, and they put me on a monitor immediately. They took my bp when I was laying down on my side, and THEN it was great- bottom number 75, 82, 80. So, I was okayed to leave, but WAIT! We need to take it sitting up, the OB says! So, fine. Well, sitting up it this was 95 and 93. So, I am allowed to go home to bedrest for a couple of days, but the (very nice actually- not the one from earlier) midwife said, "I'm going to be totally honest with you- I don't think they'll let you go a week like this". We then talked about doing nipple stimulation and drinking RRL tea, which she is totally for. She's a good midwife.

The previous midwife had already set up a whole induction scenario with the OB, without telling me.. sort of like she ordered a nonstress test earlier today without telling me, and said "oh, we'll just have you relax in the chair".

My protein is still negative, all labs negative, all monitored babystuff was PERFECT.

So, it does not look like preclampsia. It looks like late term PIH. I have gained too much weight in this last month, who knows, maybe that had something to do with it.

So I need to go get checked thursday, and we'll go from there. At least I have a couple days of breathing room! And with bedrest, plenty of time to read the boards here...

I just wanted to thank everyone again for their suggestions. I did do the epsom salts bath, higher protein food, all the relaxation techniques (You can see my slow, diaphram breathing on the monitor- that's so weird!), started higher doses of fish oil pills, and started taking my calcium lactate. So we will see how it goes, and at least I do not feel as RAILROADED as I did by the midwife I had to see this afternoon. All of you on these boards are such a big help! -j

p.s. I very much appreciate on the april board here the suggestions about how to, even if you get induced, to not let go of your entire birth plan. They do NOT let you labor in the tub or use a shower if you're induced at this hospital (and I plan on giving them heck about that- why not the tub?! If you can move around with teh IV, why not sit in the tub for a bit?!), but they do use the gel first. I'll also try the hot rice sock for the nipple stimulation (that gets uncomfortable and irritating to do manually, I'm realizing).

So I feel a touch better that at least I'm able to TRY some things first. The worst feeling ever was that midwife this morning saying "you are not allowed to leave". B*tch! I'm glad I fought that decision, but if I really do have this high bp that gets even worse.. at least that is a valid reason to induce and I can be more at peace with that decision. Until then.. my poor husband will have to be my "go get me stuff" bedrest slave! Mruhahhahahahha.
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I've been struggling with my BP for gosh...5 months now? It was BAD. I'm on the Brewer's diet (someone recommended it already) and taking 2tbsp's chlorophyll 2x/day. I feel MUCH better, and if I'm feeling 'off' I take another shot of chlorophyll and it usually brings it back down.
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Originally Posted by jenny-g
at least I do not feel as RAILROADED as I did by the midwife I had to see this afternoon.
It's not fair when providers try to take over...it's still always your decision!!! Good for you for sticking up for yourself

I'll also try the hot rice sock for the nipple stimulation (that gets uncomfortable and irritating to do manually, I'm realizing).
I think you also mentioned in your original post that you have a breast pump - this works as well for some more extended stimulation.

Until then.. my poor husband will have to be my "go get me stuff" bedrest slave! Mruhahhahahahha.
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