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spotting--please help (warning: graphic)

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I'm 8 weeks today and tonight I noticed a dark spot on my underwear...wearing dark underwear so I can't tell what it is. Anyway, when I wiped, there was a brownish watery discharge and it was fairly light, although it did cover the whole top part of the toilet paper. And there was very small bits of solid stuff in it. I did spot around this time with my son, but it looked different. If it helps, I've been more nauseated and tired today than usual. I could really use some help, I'm feeling scared...thanks.
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I'm sorry, and I totally understand why you are scared. I'm sure you know that it is just a wait and see situation. Not that that helps any. As long as you don't have cramping or period like bleeding everything should be fine. You don't have to answer, just sharing the info, but if you have had sex recently that could be the reason for the brown discharge.

Sending positive vibes that all is well :-)
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Hello Mamaley,
I had similiar spotting at about 8 weeks. I was very anxious. Turns out everything was fine. Just implantation spotting. No cramping is a good sign. Here's some postive vibes for the next few days...........nauseated is good and so is tired. Please get some rest if possible and see what your body says.
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I had spotting on and off during my entire second month. I'm 11 weeks now and everything is a OK. I know it is freaky but hang in there. Like the other mom's have said as long as there are no major cramps or period like bleeding it should be fine.

Also a lot of women experience some form of bleeding when there next period would have been due (I guess we are more affected by the moon than we thought)

The fact that your other symptoms are still strong is also a good sign.

Rest and try not to worry.

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Ditto to what everyone else said.
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First I hope this is just implantation, or your body making a small period and that your pregnancy is fine.

I took a manditory : pregnancy class at Kaiser, and they said that bleeding of any sort, is a bad thing if it lasts 3-5 days. Bright red blood of course you should speak to your health provider about ASAP, but other bleeding if its just a one time thing, or doesn't last more than a day or two is nothing to be worried about. Of course I'd be worried too, I understand that. But just trying to impart some information, hoping it will help and ease your mind.

I will be thinking of you and sending positive energy to you and praying for you!
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I don't have a lot of time to type, but just wanted to say thanks...this is making me feel a lot better. Thanks so much for responding.
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Just an update--I had an ultrasound and everything looks great. And the spotting stopped. I figured it was no big deal, but it's nice knowing for sure.
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I had spotting with my last pregnancy, too. I spotted during the 8th and 9th week and just for an added kick-in-the-pants, the day my 12th week started (you know, that "I'm out of the woods!" week).

I have a healthy and happy 16 day-old baby boy. All is well. Get lots of rest and keep in mind you might not have seen the last of your spotting.

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