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terrified toddler

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My 2 1/2 year old is completely freaking out and it is freaking me out. Out of the blue she is scared of everything. I have to pick her up and carry her out of the car, carry her to the house. I have to hold her hand when she pees for crying out loud . (she has been tt for almost a year). I can't imagine what has gotton into her. She was scared of the ice on the sidewalks but it has been gone for days. That doesn't explain the other stuff either. Is this a normal 2 year old thing? I don't remember. Should we look into the reason further or do you think it is just a phase?

thanks in advance.
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Who knows what is up, but take it seriously. It sounds like she is seriously freaked out and she will only find confidence if she can be trusting. Don't break her trust.
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My girls are going through this too.Its getting a bit better,meaning there are less things they are afraid of,but everyday is different.My one dd is scared of dirt or anything that resembles it on the floor or rug,but both are petrified of the vaccume!
I agree 100%with Iguanv.Take it very seroiusly,and NEVER scold her or have her feel badly for feeling this way.I have no idea what is up wiht this behavior though.Hopefully someone else can shed light on that for us.
Good luck,it can be exhausting!
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Julia, who just turned 3 on the 17th, is also afraid of the vaccum cleaner. I have to run it when Daddy takes her to her Gram's or when she is in the basement with him. She is also afraid of a snake from Little Bear even though it's a nice one. I agree that you should just be there to comfort her. I wish I had more advice but I'm kinda in the same boat.:
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My dd is 2.5 and is very sensitive to thigns on TV- 2 Barney videos even freaked her out for a long time, and anything that seems like someone is remotely angry or anything like that scares her.
She is also scared of the kids at the playground. A little boy told her not to get on the car and she got so upset we had to leave the park. A few days later a little girl accidentally tripped over her and she again got so freaked out we had to leave.
She is scared of the vacuum too.
She has been ultra-sensitive lately, especially abuot other kids- like alittle girl at LLL that she has known for a year told her "NO!" and dd got all scared and upset.
What is sad is that she often blames herself! Like a little boy we have known since she was a baby pushed her b/c he wanted a toy she has and she later explained to me"I shoulod have just played with another toy" and when they boy at the park told her not to get on the front seat of the car she said "I should have just got in the backseat".
Anyway, I am with you. I don't know if it is age or temperament- maybe she is just more sensitive than some other kids?
The funny thing is my dd can be the aggressive one too with someone she is comfortable with and she is not exactly a shrinking violet anyway!
ANyway, HTH!
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My DS isn'y so much scared of things as he is of other kids. I just let him stay close to me and cuddle as much as he needs. It sometimes takes up to an hour of being in a situation before he is ready to let go of me.

I think the hard thing is to sort out your own feelings from what's going on with the child. For me, I am shy so it is hard for me to see DS acting this way and not feel bad, envisioning a life of shyness and social unease for him. I have to remember not dump my life's worth of experiences on him when this could be, like you say, a phase. It could also be that the child will always be shy/sensitive and we have to respect that without letting our own good/bad experiences get in the way!
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Here is a wonderful book that addresses fears very well. It is the best parenting book I have read:

Helping Young Children Flourish

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My dd (20months) is very sensitive, and can be easily upset by people and situations she is unfamiliar with. She is also afraid of the vaccum cleaner. Generally, I leave the vaccuming to dh, because of this. But one day she tipped over the litter box and made a big mess which I didn't want to leave until later. She freaked out when she saw me get the vaccum cleaner. This is what I did: I gave her a 12C dose of Pulsatilla, a homeopathic remedy based on dd's own constitution (or, you could say, personality type). Then I read her a book to give it time to work. Then I vaccumed with no problem whatsoever!

Another time, we were visiting at my midwife's with other ex-clients. It was crowded and there were lots of little kids. After a while, dd became overstressed and was practically freaking out. So I gave her a dose of Ignatia homeopathic, and a few minutes later, she had calmed down.

I got my information from a book called The Family Homeopath by Robin Hayfield. Homeopathics work for physical problems as well, but I think they've been a life-save for emotional issues. Some people have great things to say about the flower essence mix Rescue Remedy for emotional upsets. I use RR when dd is upset by a fall or something similar. But I feel the homeopathics work better so long as they are used by someone who is properly informed.
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Homeopathic's helped my son, but he wasn't scared of everything.
Loud noises frightened him (like the floor cleaner) and having water on his head.

He's fine now, the fear didn't come back after his homeopathic treatment.

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Wow, somehow I totally missed that anyone replyed to this thread. Sorry.

She is doing better. I think part of it is that she wants to be babied a little. i carry her sister everywhere (3 months old) so i should carry her everywhere. Also turns out she did take a pretty big spill on the ice when she was outside with dh so she was, with good reason, afraid of te ice. Also dd likes to act afraid to get attention (she is a really bad actor. That is how I can tell when she is really afraid and when she is just acting) and I think Lily is picking up on it. So all of that put together and Ta-da! You have one scared looking two year old.
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