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TV shows and movies have a lot to answer for quite a number of misconceptions about pregnancy and labour :

Yanno baby coming way earlier than expected or going into labour in the most dramatic location or situation.

The majority of women do not suddenly go into full labour immediately which renders us incapable of moving and suddenly popping the baby out within five minutes.
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yeah...I was just in the hospital last week with suspected 'early labor' (at 33 weeks and a bit...actually a week ago today..)

Anyway, people keep saying crap to me like 'OOOH you're never gonna make it to your due date" bla bla bla...it makes me really mad especailly since last week we were flirting with a nightmarish NICU experience.

People just **HAVE** to say something and its almost always stupid.
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I should add....it makes me mad, but I also know people don't mean anything buy it....its just something to say
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Originally Posted by AMB8301
DD was born at 38 weeks, I wasn't prepared mentally yet, I was fully expecting to go to 42 weeks or so. I got all the comments about how lucky I was, I didn't feel lucky I actually felt a little cheated of not being pg for a couple more weeks.
Yeah that. I've never gone longer than 10 days before my due date. I like being pg, and I don't get terribly big and want to spend as much time nice and round as possible. I feel a bit cheated.
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Originally Posted by Noelia430
When I was pg with dd I was at home depot on my EDD. Someone came up to me asked me when I was due and I said, "Well, my due date is today....". The woman looked shocked that I was walking around a store on my due date! She said that I should be at home "just in case" my water broke.
HAHAHAHA! I got his constantly as my due date came and passed. People would almost go into shock when they asked "When are you due?" and I would tell them "last week". They were horrified that I was happily walking around and shopping after my due date, since I could "go into labour at any time"

Exactly 14 days after my EDD, my dc was born. Those last 2 weeks of my pregnancy were actually some of my favourite memories of being pregnant. As my due date passed, I began to feel like a beautiful, swollen Mother Earth contently cradling that special child inside me and protecting until ready to emerge (LOL @ preggo delusions ). Other people were amazed that I was so gloriously positive and joyous at 42 weeks, but for me it was wonderful.

OP, try not to let other people's ignorance get you down. They may want their baby out as soon as possible but it's one of life's miracles to be pregnant, I'm glad you're cherishing it for as long as it may take.
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I'm pregnant with my first and not even close to my due date. But I thought I'd share the story of my own birth. I was an 11 month baby. No miscalculations or anything. But I was due to be born on January 1st, taht year was the coldest on record and there was a huge blizzard that week and my mom had no way to get to the hospital. Two weeks later when the roads were cleared and she went to the hospital the doctor tried to induce her. They tried again two weeks after that, and again, the doctor was seriously contemplating a c-section, because the next time he tried to induce I had turned the wrong way. Anyway I ended up being born a full two months after my due date on March 5--healthy and 8 and some odd pounds. The doctor was shocked he'd expected some kind of complications or something, my grandma just laughed saying I was smart enough to know better than leave a nice warm, cozy place to go out into the freezing cold.

My family always tends to run on the long side of pregnancies--I am so not looking forward to the fight I probably will end up having with my doctor when he wants to induce at 41 weeks (that's the norm where I'm living.) I won't let him induce, but I know he will definitely try.

Enjoy the time you have now and when the babe is ready (s)he'll come, might be waiting for a reason--I know I was (who wants to be born in the middle of a blizzard???)
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I just love how all of a sudden they just decided that all babies have the same gestational length.
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I hear ya!
Whenever anyone asks when I'm due, I just say "August". I don't want to say, well, anytime between July 30th - Sept 2nd, because I'd start getting phone calls mid-July asking if the baby's here yet. : To most people I just refuse to give my actually due date (which even my midwife & I disagree on by 2 days, but we both don't actually care, so it's cool).
But it seems like on every mainstream pregnancy board everyone wants to get induced at 38 weeks or just have a c-section. Drives me nuts. I can't even comment anymore it just irks me so much.

- krista
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Originally Posted by Ooey
... but the point is that people are some how missing the fact that babies come in their own time, and due dates are not the word of god.
I could never understand how people forget that little point.

Hey! I think the next time someone makes a comment that bothers you, you should tell them you're only 3 months pg. That should be fun.

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I loved being pg and the farther over my due date i was the happier it made me. My only worry with my dd that the ob would soon start threatening induction. DD was 5 days late from my ovulation dating. I would have loved to have carrried her longer had the threat of induction not been over my head I would have really enjoyed it.

With my ds I felt so cheated that I got pre eclampsia my bp was running around 140/100 and i was spilling pretty high levels of protein in my urine they wouldnt let me go to 40 weeks 39 was the cut off. I begged the mw to just give me a few more days but because of there policy if I wanted to have my baby there at the birth center and not at the hospital I had no choice. The induction wasnt bad at all really. I just had my water broke that morning at 930am and left the birth center and went to the mall came back to change clothes and my ctx started so we stayed he was born at 559pm. It still bothers me to this day that he wasnt really born on the day he was supposed to. If that makes any sence.

It was really odd tho that they never once checked my bp while in labor *shrug* go figure.

I had a few people make comments about how they bet i wished it was over with and i would smile and say nope the longer pg i am the better i will like it they would give me the u cant be serious look but it was the 100% truth. I would happily stay pg the rest of my life if I could.
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I never understood that either. I WANTED to go the full 40 weeks or beyond. I was a little uncomfortable but not to the point that I wanted the baby out ASAP. I actually cried when my water broke at 39 weeks.
Just seems to go along with our society, though, and how everyone is in a hurry.
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My mom is one of thirteen kids, seven of them sisters. Of the seven sisters, one of them birthed her only child on her due date. The other six birthed a MINIMUM of two weeks late, two of them went 45 and 46 weeks. I have forty cousins. Most of my female cousins who have had kids have gone a minimum of 42 weeks. So, when I was preggo with my first, I had a discussion with my CNM that included this information. She informed me that, although the hospital policy is very emphatic about not being allowed to schedule an induction for post dates until 41 weeks, at 41 weeks, it WOULD be scheduled. I asked her whether she would also be coming to my home and snatching me up only to chain me to a hospital bed for induction? Apparently, she didnt like that response too well. She just "harumphed" and changed the subject. Incedentally, my kids have so far been born at 38.5 weeks and 37 weeks. I'm the freak in the family! Point is, they are simply done cooking when they are done cooking, and that's that!
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Ooo, minirant of my own: (also a lurker )

What's with "x days late"?? Even among cool natural-birthers, I hear this all the time, like "They wanted to induce and she was only three days late!" Excuse me? If you're "late" three days at 40w3d, does that make you "early" at 39w4d? How come I never (EVER) hear that? NO ONE ever talks about a baby coming "early" unless it's well over a week, usually 2+ weeks, before 40w, and yet at 40w1d, almost everyone uses language like "only one day late!"


WTH ever happened to "exactly on time" for a healthy happy naturally birthed (not induced) baby anywhere between 37-43 weeks?? If their lungs aren't mature or the placenta has calcified, then they're "early" or "late", but if they're healthy, their timing was perfect no matter when they showed up! Sheesh!
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I hear 'ya! When I was pregnant, I felt like the only person in the world who actually wasn't *wishing and prayining* the baby would come early and wouldn't mind going past my due date. Due dates are just a guesstimate, it's not an exact science, sheesh.
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You know I've tried being vague too but DAMN people are nosy!

Nosy person: "So when are you due?"
Me: "July"
Nosy person: "WHEN in July?"
Me: "Early July..."
Nosy person: "What DAY?"

Good lord! It's called ESTIMATED due date for a reason!
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An interesting thing I learned in midwifery school:

The gestation period of 40 weeks (280 days) was originally calculated using the AVERAGE of the gestational lengths of all spontantaneously delivered live babies. (So this includes preemies, and 11-monthers! )

Of course, the average is about 37-42 weeks but I suspect it would be different if women weren't so routinely induced. We would also have different average birth weight, etc. Sort of crazy to think of.

(An aside, my grandmother had 4 11-month babies, all between 8 and 9 pounds. My Ayla was born at 42w5wd- 19 days "late"- at 8lbs 13oz)!
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wow!!! great info mamas!!!
i wish i had this info when i was 12 days "overdue!" i held in there but was bit worried i would not be able to birth at home.
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The other day at my first appointment with CNMs, I felt like I had to keep stressing that my 6-week sono due date and my period due date don't match up. Thye kept going by my period date which is like 2 weeks earlier than my sono date. I had the early sono for a couple of reasons, but one of them was proper dating. I ony had 2 periods and didn't ovulate till after the second one and it was pretty late in the cycle as my cycles were 6 weeks because of bfing. I figured they have so much respect for the dating of early sonos that it would work in my favor to be sure they didn't try to pressure me into an induction 2 weeks before I was even really due. My grandma, aunt and mom went a couple days before EDD every time and I did last time, so I'm guessing I'll do the same. But you just never know. When people really push me for an exact day, I start giving them all the possible dates. Like according to my period, she's due June 28th, but I ovulated late, so if you go by that then she's due on July 5th, but we didn't have sex that day so if you go by that, it's probably July 10th but according to the 1st sono she's due july 8th, but since dh is busy that week, I'm thinking of keeping her in till the 15th or so. By the time I've said even half of this stuff, they don't want to know anymore. The usual response is, " soooo...sometime the first half of July?"
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Originally Posted by velcromom
I gave her the link... and she said "wasn't that woman at all concerned about the placenta deteriating? I believe I was born only ten days after my due date and the doctor said my mothers placenta had started to deteriate.":

Anyone have an info regarding this that I could pass on to her?

I the 10 month mommas page by the way!
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Originally Posted by NaturalMamma
Hey! I think the next time someone makes a comment that bothers you, you should tell them you're only 3 months pg. That should be fun.

I just might do that. But I look really small anyway so people might actually believe it.
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