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Thora is here!!!!!

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Thora Lily Kipp Nelson was born at home on 3/28 at 2:26pm Weighing 10lbs and 4 oz and 21 in long.
Take a peek here:



I'll write more details after I catch up on some sleep.

Take care.
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CONGRATULATIONS!! She is so precious!!! And what a GREAT looking family you have!!!! Woo Hoooo!!!! Another precious April DDC baby!!!

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Yay! Congrats! Were your other kids around that size? That is a nice big healthy girl I hope you have a lovely babymoon!
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yay! COngrats! now send all that left-over labor dust to me, my friend! LOL That black and white shot was GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the world Thora! Congrats on your new baby, she looks like a sweety!
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Congrats! What a cutie!
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She is so sweet!!!!!! Congrats. please write and tell us how it went when you are up to it!
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That's Wonderful!! : Congratulations on you baby girl and your homebirth!
10lbs 4oz !!!!!!!!
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Popping in from May DDC

What a beautiful family/new baby!! I absolutely LOVE her name as well! Congrats @ a healthy & happy birth!!

: : :
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YES! What BEAUTIFUL family! and GO GIRL! 10 LBS! *CONGRATULATIONS!* I can't wait to hear more.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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What a beautiful baby girl!!! Congrats to you!

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What a beautiful happy family!!! Happy Birthday Thora!
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YAAYAYYYYYYYYYYYY congratulations! What a gorgeous family!!

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Beautiful!!! Congratulations, and have a great babymoon!!!
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Schnuggles!!! Congrats, what an amazingly GORGEOUS family!
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Gorgeous baby, gorgeous family!!!
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Congrats mama what a fine family! Makes me want to go make a baby! I would love to add a girl to my wild bunch!
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Way to go mama, I love a big healthy baby. Can't wait to hear more details.
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Awesome! You go girl!
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