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I can't find the waldorf thread I love to read and look through old threds..is it gone?????
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There is a whole Waldorf sub-form Kibba, is this what you are looking for?

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Well it used to be off the main page, and it wasn't so I didn't know where to look, and aparently it has been ...changed... because I can no longer view it. I do not post enough to view it. I really hate that rule, I find myself posting pointless posts just to try to up my numbers so I can view the things I currently can't.
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Or maybe that url you just posted isnt working for me for some other reason. I don't know.
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waldorf thread

I can't access the site referenced or find a waldorf thread either. What's happening here? I find this really frustrating.
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I have never heard of anyone not being able to read the Waldorf thread until you had so many posts. Anyway, here is the link again. As Lauren the moderator if you still can't get in.
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Folks please be patient as we work out recent changes regarding this subforum. If you have direct questions and you would like to discuss them with me, please PM me. Thanks so much!!
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I am also unable to view or access in any way the waldorf threads!
Unfortunately I also seem to be blocked from sending you a PM Lauren. Therefore, I have had to email the Administrator instead.
Are some people able to view them but not others? and I was wondering what the changes are concerning. Can anyone help?

I would have PM'd you Lauren about this if it had been possible for me to do so. That is why I have had to ask these questions here.
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I am new to the mothering site. I was wondering if anyone knows of a web-site or phone number of where I can find a Waldorf homeschooling curriculum?
If they don't offer any, any comparable homeschooling curriculums. Thanks
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I have used Oak Meadow for my dd and found it very useful, it was based on the waldorf curriculum.
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Hi Laura, I'm NAK, but here are a few sites to Google for curriculum:

Christopherus Homeschool (Donna Simmons)
Enki Education (Waldorf-like)
Live Education
Oak Meadow (as PP mentioned)
Seasons of Joy (preschool)

Have fun looking around!
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Hi Everyone!

The Waldorf thread is viewable once you sign in. I have no idea why that was done, but it seems to be a change they made recently.

Also, I have put together a curriculum guide for Waldorf homeschooling as there are now SO many sources - about 50! it is here:


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I can't see it or acces it via that link either...

...Apparently I don't have sufficient priv. I can't make PMs work either on this 'site.

Pity as the forums have been a great help to me (support/information) over the years and were my introduction to knowing that waldorf (or Steiner as we know it in the UK) even existed. I may not post very often, but the Waldorf threads were one place where we brits seemed to have no misunderstandings arising from the language issue or whatever.

Oh well - if a mod does read this and wants to let me view its probably best to email me as I don't seem to be able to receive pms on here either...

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please help!
i cannot see this forum either. i am logged in, and used to be able to read/view.
now, from the forum listings, it doesn't seem to exist.
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Lauren, do you know how long the formal complatin Cynthia is composing is going to take? Have any decisions been made to reopen the forum? Will rules be posted about how to access the forum?

I am just curious. The Waldorf forum was such a help to me when I was starting out in Waldorf. Can we post announcements for Open Houses and such elsewhere in the school forum since the Waldorf forum is under tight wraps?
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Posting as a sticky for a time. Those who would like more information can PM me.
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Waldorf homeschool newbie needs help

Ack! I was so excited to find a community w/ a Waldorf thread and now I can't access it...My dd is finishing kindergarten at a public school (we wanted to try for a year) and it went over like a lead balloon. I love everything I have heard about the Waldorf model, and feel that it would be a great fit for her personality and mine. Can someone please point me to some information resources for homeschooling withthe Waldorf method, or something similar? This is a huge leap of faith for me, i need to know i am doing the right thing. Thanks so much.
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1hautemama, PM me.
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Hi Mamas

I am new here and trying to access the waldorf thread and I can not seem to.
Any sugestions?
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