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I think We Are Going to HB!

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After talking to a few people (IRL) who have homebirthed w/ my midwife, I think that dh and I have decided that wea re going to do it! I think we knew from the beginning that this is what we were meant to do - and even though I am very comfortable with it, I have to say I am a bit anxious, too.

The main reason being $$$ - I mean, there are a few extra expenses that will occur w/ a homebirth, and I am not sure that we can afford to buy a birth pool That was the main reason we wanted to birth at the birth center, beacuse of their wonderful tubs It just seems that a birth at home will be so, wonderful. We are both personal people, and I think we will be a million times more comfy in our own home -

That being said - give me your best advice! The little things that no one tells you. Things you wish you had had. And, should I try to squeeze in a birthing tub??? I guess in my head I am hoping that labor will be so quick we won't even have time ti fill it

lots of love, I am so excited!
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Originally Posted by mountainsun

lots of love, I am so excited!

wrt tub, you'll get a lot of opinions. For me, the shower was very helpful and the tub doesn't seem worth the effort. I tried it with the first homebirth and it just wasn't that wonderful. For some people, it IS that wonderful.

My main advice is don't invite a lot of people. Keep it small.
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I'm having my first hb, but have been at 2 hbs for friends in the recent past. So this really isn't BTDT advice, so take it FWIW...from someone as excited (and probably anxious) as you! $ is a concern for us as well...

Both of the hbs I witnessed used a tub and I think I plan to have one too. One friend bought a pool kit, the other has a huge bathroom jacuzzi tub and she just used that (she didn't birth in the tub though, just labored in it). I plan to have one and was going to buy one, but just found out I can rent one for $50 (I hope) from a local midwife. (it's actually a horse trough from what I've been told) but it's got hard plastic sides so you can "hang" on it which I think I'll like and is deeper than a blow-up pool. I also plan to buy a new shower head for my shower with the pulsing option b/c I like the combo of water and pressure for pain relief.

You might check around and see if you could rent a pool rather than purchase? That might be a cheaper option (or not - some rentals are as much as $300 from what I understand).

How exciting! Congrats on your decision!!
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I used a kiddie pool!

Seriously! It's a bit oversize - I'm in Canada and our midwives import this particular kind of pool from the US. It cost me maybe $50 Canadian - it'll be a lot less in the US. The pool worked out great! And get this, I was at least 250 pounds when I was birthing in it and I'm 5'9... so, it's not like I happen to be really petite or something.

If you want, I can get you the website for the midwives I used, and you can ask them where they get the pools from!


Ps. Homebirthing is SO SO SO worth it!!! And it does NOT have to cost a fortune.
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one more thing

... I too was tempted to go the a birthing centre where they had the nice big tub... but the blow up pool ended up being really nice because it was soft enough to hold you up comfortably! and that was nice on the bum too - I pushed sitting back in the pool and it was awesome.

I really loved my labour at home - I spent my prelabour (mild contractions) house-cleaning and nesting like mad (my husband laughs at me because I sent him to work even though I knew I was in labour in the morning, so I could be alone one "last" time - for a while at least - and then when I called him to come home, it wasn't because labour had picked up - though it had - but because I needed him to help me with the cleaning!!!).

Then a friend came over the have dinner (and possibly stay and be my doula - she has the training). And we ate - and I got up every few minutes to have a contraction and then sat back down to eat... It was really quite amazing. Then we were going to go for a walk, but my water broke and things really really picked up for me. So, I stayed upstairs and laboured in the hallway!

My husband filled up the tub while I laboured there, and being in the water felt amazing - I had a very speedy delivery (2 hours of active labour - meaning, I couldn't do anything else BUT labour) but being in the water played a part in this, I think... because as soon as I was in the water I relaxed so much more and have more rest between contractions... and that always helps.

I would say the best thing about home birthing is that it is a safe and relaxing atmosphere, and that's the NUMBER ONE thing when labouring.

That was my first baby, too.

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With my first pg I decided to switch to a HB 3 weeks before my due date... it was sooooooo worth it. My labor went so fast there's no way anyone could have gotten me into a car Which is funny because the reason I chose HB, for the most part, was because I was scared of laboring in the car... must have been instinct. We DID barely get the tub filled. My doula was running back and forth from the kitchen with pans of water she'd heated on the stove. But I will say this, my opinion of course, I would never puropsly birth without a tub, and I would never use a blow up. Aqua doulas are the best. With a blow up you cannot control the temperature of the water and women are often disturbed by water being addedd and making "swirls" of different temperatures. Not to mention, if you don't have someone to tend to the water temp your dh will have to do it and you will not want him to leave you for a second. If you do have someone, like a doula, it will distract them from the job they are there to do. A lot of doulas I know will not attend a birth with a blow up tub. Because of that, most of the ones in my area have aqua doulas that they rent out, but the tub is included with the doula fee. That's what I did. I also would never purpously labor without a doula, regaurdless of where I was birthing. I was so thankful that my husband was able to pay complete attention to me, and yet all of my needs were met. My doula seriously did not rest for a second the whole time, I got my moneys worth!
I really wasn't prepared for home birth, this time I'm WAY prepared! Here is my 2 cents: Make sure you have fresh fruit in the house and a LARGE cup with a straw. Get extra Chux pads. Make sure you've got a good supply of postpartum recovery products (Earth Mama Angel Baby has a PP kit that is awesome). Even if you plan to labor and birth in the tub, put some sort of plastic cover on the bed. Prepare to have someone help clean your house a few days after birth, it will be upside down! Have LOTS of pillows. Have the tub in your house, fully assembled and ready to fill by 37 weeks. You might want to make a sign for your front door that says something to the effect of "homebirth in process, do not disturb". Make sure you've got all of your HB supplies by the tub by 37 weeks, your mw should give you a list of supplies you will need if she hasn't already. You will also need a table of some sort near by for the mw to lay out her supplies. And, of course, precook at least 2 weeks worth of meals and freeze them, but that applies to any birth.
Best of luck! Homebirth is awesome. You might also want to plan your lighting (dim and coming from the sides of the room) and choose some relaxing music to play during labor, keep it in the CD player so all you'll have to do is hit play.
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Thank you so much for all of your input! My mw gave me a flyer for some kind of birthing pool - but like you said, Grace's Voice, you have to worry about the water temp. As much as I really want to have a waterbirth, it almost seems like more of a hindrance than a help......hmmmmm, I will have to look into it more. I do not have a doula, but I can tell you that my dh was an amazing "doula" with ds #1. I had him in the hospital "birthing center," and we really did not have much help.We were pretty much on our own there. He is really amazing and I think we will be OK there. My mom and Dad will also be there to help with ds1.

I love the idea of a sign for the front door I told my sister that we were more then likely going to have the baby at home and I think that she thinks I have completely lost it! It was hard not to get defensive - but it felt good to get it out there. I am still not sure how to handle family - I really do not want alot of people here when we have the baby - I guess if we are at home, we really dont need to tell anyone! I want my parents here to help with ds but that's about it, I think. hmmmm, I really dont want to make anyone feel excluded though.......

again, thanks for the inout, lots of food for thought - and yes, I am already planning my make ahead meals
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Alot of it depends on if you like being wet. I tried water therapy during labor and made it through one contracton and didn't like THEN I had to dry off and get moisturizer on my legs and feet (hate it when they get dry) while having other contractions. So for the next 2 births I just put it out of my mind. But if you like water alot, I would think it would be worth the $ to rent a pool. Have you asked you mw if she has one? Alot of them do for their clients to use.
BTW, homebirthing is absolutely wonderful. With our first we decided to hb even after the mw dropped us at 36 weeks. And the baby was still breech at the time. So for that birth and the next 2, we hb unassisted. Everything was beautiful and comfortable and wonderful.
This time we are using a mw. We moved and I don't have my mom and my sister to help. So I will need dh more of the time and someone needs to get everything else ready right?
Totally worth it. You'll love it.
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Just wanted to say congratulations to you. How wonderful for you and your family.
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