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I'm getting so excited!

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Last night our son's birth mom called to tell us she was having a lot of back pain and feeling pressure. She's not experiencing contractions, but she says the pressure does come in intervals. I'm on high alert right now and way too excited. I've got a bag packed for him and we have started to pack for ourselves. He's not due till 4/21 but we all know how that goes. Her last baby came within 4 1/2 hours of her water breaking. I just hope we can get to her in time for the birth, and to support her.

I got my cloth diapers in yesterday, IPF's that I'm on my 5th wash cycle with right now. To be honest, they are not getting as soft as I assumed they would. I've got my sling washed and packed and I our nursery (which he won't be in for a while) is nearly finished. I'm so excited I can't stand it!
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Yay for you Deanna - that's great! (I think you're probably more ready than me!)
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How incredibly exciting! I've been wondering how things were going for you! I hope your son is born soon and everything goes very smoothly with his birth and adoption.

P.S. About the IPF's...are they unbleached? sometimes those need alot more washes to fluff up. Also how much detergent are you using? You might try cutting back the soap to 1/2 amount and then doing a tiny bit of vinegar in the last rinse cycle of the last wash I bet you are so excited to get to use those sweet little dipes!
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Hi Mamma-to-be, sounds like exciting times for you . Just another quick note on the prefolds. Make sure you throw them in the dryer between wash cycles
(you probablly know this!) or else they won't fluff.

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How exciting, I hope he is here soon
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Thanks for the info on the IPF's they are unbleached, I have dried them between each cycle and I have use only a small amount of detergent. I'll give them one more wash 6th with vinegar in the rinse and see if that works. They seem so tiny! I got preemies and infant size because his birth mom's children have always been tiny (she smokes) says she just smokes 3 a day but what can I do.

I had my birth plan, home birth with mid wife, but couldn't get pregnant. But at least I get to be there for his birth and she's been so good about making me feel like part of this pregnancy. What I wouldn't give to have him in my womb! At least she wants me in the room with her for the delivery and my dh gets to cut the cord.

I just got off the phone with her while I was typing this post. She said she can feel his head (not like hair head) when she checks herself inside. She can't feel her cervix, she said it's all him. She says it feels like a ton of pressure almost where she has to pee, but more than just being big and pregnant. She's going to call her doc right now.

I'll keep you posted!
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Well, our son's birth mom went to the hospital to get checked out. Her back pain was bad and the pressure between her legs was getting worse. The doc checked her and she's only 1-2 cm dialated but she was having some contractions when they hooked her up to the monitor. They told her she could be like this for a week or more so not to worry. The nurse said she might be feeling more pressure because of a UTI she has right now. The back pain is not getting much worse and the pain radiating down her legs is better. So for now, we are in a holding pattern, bags packed, car seat on the ready and hearts in our throats!

We aren't going to book a flight until she feels even more different than she does now. The other good news is that her fiance, the baby's birth father signed his termination of parental rights today so he's given the 100% A-Okay for the adoption officially. He's always said it was a wonderful thing but to now have it legal really puts me at ease!

I better go ask the diaper forum what is up with my IPF's that are not nearly as soft I had hoped for. :
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