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detox during pregnancy and nursing

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I'm looking for safe ways to get the toxins out of mine and ds's system... preferably through diet. Someone told me that cilantro is great for getting heavy metals out. Any other food sources for detoxing one's system.

Also, are the toxins just released from one part of the body with the risk that they will be reabsorbed by another? IE crossing the placenta or getting into breast milk? I got a massage once and was told to drink lots of water to flush the relased toxins out of my system. Are there ways (chealating perhaps) to grab onto those toxins so that they are not reabsorbed and passed through the system? Is there a safe way to detox a 2 year old?

THanks, Kanga

Ps the reason for my interest is ds's eczema, allergies, food allergies (eggs, dairy, refined sugar) and asthma. I also have allergies, asthma, and hypothyroidism. I ate alot of tuna and cow's milk during ds's pregnancy... now I know better and am trying to vary my diet much more and avoid the toxins... but concerned about the toxins already in my system.
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I'm no expert on this subject, but once I asked the same question to a nutritionist and she said detoxing during pregnancy can be harmful to the fetus because the fetus really gets a strong dose of toxins. Crosses right into the placenta.

Now, I dont' know if this is true or anything, but it is definitely what I was told.
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I had the same thot when I was still nursing dd, and I asked an herbalist and was told it's NOT advisable to detox when pregnant and/or nursing. I did an internet search and it turned up similar answers.
If you are now eating healthy, don't worry too much abt the toxins already in your body, I don't think any of us are eating a 100% "pure" diet since our day 1 in life; just don't add on to it, always drink lots of water, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic whenever possible, and you will be fine.
Anyway, I recently read an article that our mind plays an equally, if not more important part in our health & immune system, so don't stress out too much over this!
Take care.
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I tend to worry about this a lot too, so thanks for the mind/body reminder Earth!
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I just wanted to add- by eating well NOW, taking good care of your mind, body and soul, you ARE "detoxing" in a way too!
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Thanks for the replys... I was suspecting that it was not a good idea to detox while pregnant and/or nursing. My plan was to undergo some sort of detoxification once my son weaned. However I got pregnant again before that happened. Like I said, I started learning about all this when a host of health problems started showning up in him... the eczema and food allergies and now the asthma. I can deal with waiting to detox my system since I've learned to deal with my health problems over the years.

So, if not for me, how about my 2 year old? He eats a pretty healthy assortment of foods and I'm trying to incoorporate things that might help him cleanse his system of the things he was exposed to in the womb and from the few vaccines he's had. Specifically heavy metals. I was told that cilantro is excellent for this and since it is a food souce, didn't feel too uneasy about incoorporating a little bit of it into his diet. He doesn't like the taste of it much though and tends to eat around it if he can or he just won't eat the dish. Is there anything else out there?

I guess the best plan for baby #2 and the quality of my breastmilk would be to eat organic whole foods as much as possible. I definately need to up the vegetables, but my midwives have told me to increase my protien to a point that I feel too full for anything else. Plus I'm afraid of eating too much of one thing and giving baby #2 an allergy to that thing. For example, with ds I drank a pint of steamed whole milk every morning instead of coffee... since he is allergic to dairy, we've switched to soy and now I'm wondering if I'm going to make the next kid allergic to soy products. I'm trying to comfort myself by thinking that when you have the genes that make for kids that are very suseptable to allergies the only thing you can do is to have variety in your diet. (and avoid toxins (pesticides, metals, colorings and preservatives... anything else?))

So sorry about rambling on.

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a little late in replying to this but better late than never right? LOL
everyone is right you should not detox during pregnancy. i just wanted to add that a womans body does *some* natural detoxing a couple of weeks after the egg attaches to the uterine lining (about 7-10 days from ovualtion). this is why some people get the flu or such and then find out that they have been pregnant since before getting the flu. am i making sense or have i had too much coffee? LOL
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Yes, I've been thinking more about this. Even just eating healthy if you've been previously eating garbage will detoxify your system. I imagine this should be safe since we are all encouraged to eat healthy, esp when pregnant. I'm going to gradually up my intake of raw veggies and fruits and continue to eat organic as much as possible (I say this after having dougnuts for breakfast). I found that algae is excellent and safe food source for metal detox and I am thinking about starting my son on that... holding off on it for me though. Also I've decided to up my water intake (a constant battle) but seeming the best way to clean out our systems.
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why do you want to hold the seaweed? I nurse and eat seaweed daily, in small amounts. Just like cilantro, it's just food.
I've been thinking about what you said about food allergies. Is there a chance that they may be related to a digestive problem? When organs are out of wack, food is poorly assimilated, and so particurlarly heavy food, like dairy, wheat etc become problematic.
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