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Spring Swap Sign Up Here!

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This is for swapping homemade goodies with other Mothing Mamas!

One person gets assigned to you and you get assigned to one person.

Crafts should be shipped within 3 weeks of the swap sign up deadline unless prior arrangements are made.

This swap will be for members with at least 50 posts to their names and let's all be wonderful swappers and complete the circle!

Signup goes until March 5th and items should be shipped within 3 weeks of that date.

Need ideas of what to swap:
Homemade items such as
Dolls, clothing, toys, books, jewelry, bath goodies, stationary, bedding, art, or other appropriate crafty goodies!

the lign up...

here is how it works....everyone gives to the person whose name is below them ie; LaLa gives to Rweinke, Rwinke gives to Wishful etc.
JJQuilter gives to LaLa

Makes sense?

You can PM your person to find out their family info, learn a little about them, and get their address for shipping. Let's try to get everything mailed out by the end of March. If you changed your mind about this swap, let me know as soon as you can and I'll re-arrange the names.

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sign me up!!!
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Me too!
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I would also like to be included.

I dont know if I have met the 50 post requirement-
and dont know how to tell- does it just show up next to my name after Ipost this?

Also, I would like to make some toys- but would need to know the ages of my recipents children so that they would be appropriate-

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I'm not too crafty, but I just learned to make Waldorf inspired Knotty Dolls.
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Sounding great already mamas!
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What a great idea as March is National Craft Month

Sign me up, too please!
I would make items that would be perfect for an Easter basket, if you do that & are looking for a candy alternative.

I could make:
2 sage felt bags w/lamb w/mini jingle bell
2 ivory felt bags w/lamb w/mini jingle bell
Felt lamb finger puppet w/mini jingle bell
Felt chick finger puppet
Cloth strawberries (for pretend kitchen play)
Cute homemade rubberstamped cards: breastfeeding, baby related, flower, Thank You, etc.

You pick (you can pick them all if you want) or let me pick.
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sagana, I knew you'd sign up

And great idea with the Easter Crafts!

I am undecided on what I'll make this time...depends who I end up with...
I've been into making stationary card sets lately, and I love making little girl dresses for summer...
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ok...so I've never done a swap, how do we match up swappers? Do the swappers exchange info like children's ages, interests and what we can make? Maybe I'm jumping the gun and you'll give us the "rules" later...if so, I'll just patiently awate them

Thanks for organizing LaLa.
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I just randomly assign names, but if you are making something that would fit someone with a certain child age/sex, then let me know and I'll try to assign you to someone whom you match up with well
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sign me up too!!! I wanna play, but I hope I have better luck with this than I've had with Secret Santa and Secret Cupid (still no gifts ) maybe I'm just a glutten for punishment :
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rwienke...I will give to you and makesure you get a good swap!!!

I hope whomever owes swaps will still complete the circle. I know we all get busy, but late is better then never!!!
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Hey this sounds like fun, but everything I can think of to make is baby or toddler related. Is that OK?
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I know at least ONE of us has a baby and toddler!

I'm sure it is fine!

If you all want to be matched with someone who has kids of a certain sex/age just let me know and I"ll do my best!
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I'm being brave today and I'm adding my name to this list Those of you who have done this before will help us newbies?? Just want to be sure I'm sending an appropriate amount of stuff for what I will be receiving!
Rachel! I'm here because you're brave enough to be!

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I have a few things I can make as well.

wooden nursing necklaces( a little different than Whippets)

quilted wall hangings/ or baby quilts

and er...a few other imaginative things

So..sign me up
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Oh Rachel (((HUGS)))

I hope whoever is Rachel's Secret Santa will go ahead and send something. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed when I couldn't get Steph's to her for Christmas, but I wanted so much for her to have something, so I sent it in January, or early Feb. I don't think it's to late to send something.

I'll take Rachel
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I have some of my forged steel oak leaf ornaments ready right now. They are home decor items. Several of you already have some.

I like to be surprised.
You can go by these things if it helps to match me up to someone:
I have a 3 yr old boy and 8 month old girl
I like bath stuff but bath salts make my legs break out in huge red itchy welts that require a prednisone prescription :
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Thanks DD

Actually, my Secret Santa revealed herself to me a long time ago, but still hasn't sent anything. I understand she is newly prego so morning sickness has gotten the better of her so far.

It just seems like I'm doomed to get forgetful or preggy-brained people who just don't seem to have time, money, energy, creativity...blah blah blah to send me something. I know I take a risk signing up for these sort of things, oh well.

I would have just loved a card or something, I mean hey, if you don't have the energy to make it to the post office, write me a note, a letter or a quick card and have someone drop it in the mailbox for you, that shouldn't take a lot of work right?

I know that there were A LOT of people who didn't get secret santa gifts, and their santas didn't even reveal themselves, so I should count myself lucky.

Oh and for the record, I'm not "mad" at my SS I understand, her and I have pmed back and for a few times, just venting a little to anyone who will feel sorry for me
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I want to play Can I have someone with baby under six months please. Am I too late?
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