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teething nursling and other stuff...

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new here to mothering discussion boards...

looking for advice for two problems we're having...

1.) my 6-month old is teething, and frequently gums down on my nipples while nursing. her soar little gums seem to be hindering her ability to nurse at times, not to mention is causing me lots of pain. i've read "the womanly art of breastfeeding, and tried the techniques they mention, but they don't seem to work. anyone have any suggestions?

2.) how much spitting up is "normal" in an exclusively breastfed baby? from what i have read, breastfeeders typically do not spit up as much as their frmula-fad counterparts, but mine seems to spit up an awful lot...even after lots of burping by me. there are times when she will spit up long after she's been fed and burped - up to as much as a half hour later, and sometimes even longer!

i would appreciate suggestions you might have!

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Other than time, I haven't found any magic cure for nursing problems while teething. As long as your little one is continuing to grow and thrive there isn't really a cause for concern other than the upset that comes along with the disrupted nursing sessions. If you've tried all the suggestions in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, pick the ones you like and continue trying as it may take a while for them to work. Also make sure there are plenty of appropriate things for you little one to gum on (some moms swear by a damp washcloth that has been frozen or refrigerated). We have a whole collection of teething toys that my dss pick and choose from as their preferences change.

I wouldn't say that there is a "normal" for spitting up. All three of my sons have/had problems with it. In extreme cases of true reflux a baby will refuse to nurse because of the discomfort associated with spitting up and medication is needed to control it. As long as it doesn't seem to be causing any problems I wouldn't worry about it. Luckily bm doesn't stain or smell as bad as formula .
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Thank you so much for your advice and words of encouragement. I didn't think there were any real causes for concern since my little one is definitely thriving and still into nursing! I suppose I just needed to hear that from someone else who may have gone through it and know that support is out there!


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dd loved to gum and bite while teathing the first 8 teeth. Some days I could only nurse her when she was half asleep or fully asleep. I'd get engorged during the day and she'd nurse all night long. I used Hylands Teething Tabs, especially before nursing. I also bought the playtex gentle flex pacifiers. I'd fill them with water and freeze them. I have 8 or so and DD still loves her chewies. We're working on eye teeth now. Funny thing, she hasn't been biting with the molars and eyeteeth. With the first eight, she bit a lot. Sometimes she wanted to nurse just for something to chew on. Hey, like we always say, this too shall pass...
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thanks for the input victoria! good to know, although i can't say i'm looking forward to it! did she ever draw blood? ah well, i'm not too worried about the bottom teeth anyway, as her tongue will be in the way...i just hope she doesn't bite herself! we don't use pacifiers, but i did try freezing a wet cloth. when i gave it to her she looked at me like i was nuts! too cold i think. you'd think she'd be used to the cold being that we live in alaska, but i guess there's only so much a little one can handle! a couple people have recommended the teething tablets, so next time we get to the store i will pick some up and give it a whirl! thanks again!

have a beautiful day, all you mamas out there!
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no, dd never did draw blood. The tongue can sure move out of the way quick when they want to nibble with the bottom teeth though. As for the paci, we never used one except as a frozen chewy. DD didn't like the washclothes or bagals, or teething rings. She did like bags of crushed ice and frozen peas. I found the frozen paci's to be small enough to keep a lot in the freezer and would defrost in about the same time as DD would lose interest in chewing. GOod luck and happy nursing with teeth!
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