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Nutrional value..minerals/vitamins content of raw milk?

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Does anyone know or have a site that says what the nutrional value of raw milk vs. past. milk? Like vitamin and minerals content? TIA
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The kinds of vitamins and minerals should be similar to conventional milk. I don't think it would have any different vitamins or minerals, or that any would be "missing" - except the synthetic vitamin D that's added to pasteurized milk. If the milk comes from 100% grass fed cows, whether or not it's raw, it'll have somewhat more of those minerals and vitamins. It does have many live enzymes that conventional milk doesn't have, as well as probiotic bacteria.
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http://www.organicpastures.com/nutrition/ , this is just raw milk, but you should be able to find a similar chart for past. milk elsewhere to compare, just google it. Keep in mind that the enzymes in raw milk make some of the nutrients more available to our bodies than past. milk, so even if an analysis of the nutrients present in the substance show similar levels, we can extract more nutrition from the raw.
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Good question because I have been researching this very issue and have come up with very little.

There should be differences in vitamin content for those vitamins that are heat sensitve. The B vitamins would probably top the list. Would love to give you specifics because then I would also have it.

Big differences in beneficial bacteria of course.
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Thanks everyone. We drink raw milk and I need to have my "ducks in a row" when we meet with a nutrionist about taking my 15mth off of that rotten smelling formula. I think his dairy intolerance may be gone now. It is illegal here in my state to drink it unless its from your own cow. But hoping the benefits are good enough and he can get enough from raw milk to put him on it. Will check out the links and google it.
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raw milk

Hi-just some support. We've been drinking raw milk for a while now-recently moved to a state where we can buy it legally. My daughter had a milk allergy, but tolerates raw perfectly well, and it is all my son, who has asthma, has ever drunk. He cannot drink pasturized milk, but thrives on raw. I think the children are healthy and well, as are we. Never had any issues with raw. Check out the weston Price foundation as well.
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www.realmilk.org is the WAPF site for info about raw milk.

Vitamin C in the milk is also killed by heat. The amount of C killed by pasteurizing milk is equal to the entire citrus crop here in the U.S. Source: The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmid, a great read.
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Pasteurization also destroys vitamin A, essential for absorbing minerals.

Probably D then too b/c D needs to be added? Chemical vitamin D is very toxic although I think most companies are using natural forms now?

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Jane-does that mean butter that isn't raw isn't supplying vitamin A & D? I thought that wasn't the case...
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