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Fashion Help needed re: shoes

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I really need a new pair of shoes. I've been wearing the same pair of sketchers gym shoes for 2 years. Yup, time for a change. Thing is I have no clue what to get!

Here are the requirements:

~They have to be comfortable. I am the mama of 3 you know!

~They have to be versatile. Not too dressy, not too sporty, but something in between.

~But they have to be hip, cool. I'm only 24.

~They have to be affordable. $50 max

Tall order I know. Please help!
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my dh would love you!!! i have so many shoes!!! i really do need to get rid of them..but just hate to see them go. i think when i do the season switch this year i will really look at getting rid of a lot of my clothes, shoes included!
i love the website softmoc.com (have found some really great deals there).
for casual, every day shoes, i love the merrell slip ons but also like the eccos and aerosoles.
i have always liked 9 West.
anotehr place i go to find discount shoes is Marshalls, TJMax, those types of stores!!
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LOL! I have tons of shoes too, but I only wear one pair. I've got a few large boxes full of shoes that date back to high school, but are never worn. I don't know why, but I can get rid of clothes, but not shoes. I have this "just in case" mentality with shoes.
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I got some really comfy dankso shoes on ebay (new but half the price of what they are in stores.) I think I paid $55 (plus shipping) but the other winter ones I had I wore for 5 years (in the summer I wear only flip flops or sandals) so I justified the $55. Normally I dont pay more than like $15 bucks for shoes at Payless or something.....

I got the dansko karyn loafer in cherry like this (but mine arent this worn yet since I got them new so they dont look as red....more dark cherry than red: http://cgi.ebay.com/DANSKO-cherry-ca...QQcmdZViewItem

Granted they arent that cute but I wanted comfy this time! LOL I have narrow high arch feet so alot of other shoes hurt me. LOL

I almost got these ones but I am too lazy to tie them.....LOL


For summer I got these two years ago.....they arent that cute either but they last and last and are super comfy...LOL....

I like european shoes better for some reason....I think cause the actually put arches in them! LOL My husband calls them duck shoes but I aint the one whining that my feet hurt when we go places like he does. LOL
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I'm a sneakers and flip-flops girl. I LOVE Sauconys- they are so comfy. I'm on my third pair, they last a long time (I bought mine in August and they still look and feel brand new even though I wear them every day). I got them for $30 at TJMaxx. They'll be put away for a while though now that it's flip-flop weather!
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i wear new balance running shoes. LOL
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Oooh, those are cute Desiree! I love the color. And I hear ya about tying shoes. I should have made that one of my requirements. No tying necessary.

I don't do toe thongs. lol, they're like torture devices for me. When I clicked on the link of the flip flops I shuddered and bit my lower lip and squinted my eyes. I know, SO many people wear them. Why do I have such a flip flop phobia? Maybe something bad happened to me when I was little and wearing flip flops.
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LOL....I used to hate toe thongs when I was a kid too...for some reason they have grown on me. LOL
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those shoes are cute Desiree..i hvae just found myself not able to wear any type of heel...w/ dh, i am taller so i started not wearing heels when we started dating...now its so hard for me to wear any heel...i should just get rid of all my shoes with high heels that are BN!

and i cant do flip flops either. but Merrell has some nice sandles that i hve worn for years..

i also have a prob. with shoes without a back...i wear them around the house but trip over myself if i wear them out.

what is wrong with me?? (thats rhetorical and even if it weren't, i dont wnat to do a thread on it).
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I used to hav these in red http://cgi.ebay.com/Used-Womens-Dies...QQcmdZViewItem but outgrew them with pregnancy so now they are my mom's favorite shoes.
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At Zappos.com you can search by price, size and color and they have free shipping. I did a search for $39.99-69.99 and then sorted by lowest price. At about 5 pages in it starts getting more interesting once you get past the Converse All-Stars (unless you're into that!).

here's the link for page 6 of my search:

I like this one (ELesse) from page 6

And this one (Simple) from page 7:

Personally, I love Dansko clogs. I have a pair in red that are pretty snazzy! If slightly clunky, but whatever, they feel so great.
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Don't know why I didn't think to post this before!

My friend Laura has an ebay biz selling overstock/last year's designer clothes/shoes/bags from "shee-shee" local boutiques. It's called esoldservices. She doesn't have a lot up right now, but sometimes she has pages and pages of brand new $200 and up shoes for $20-$50.

I've only bought from her once or twice because I never seem to have enough paypal when she has something in my size that I want, but I do have tons of fun just watching the great stuff she lists. She's a real sweetie, too.
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Just got back from the mall and I couldn't find ONE pair of shoes that I liked. And I'm really not that picky. It seems like everything this season is just hideous. Is it just me?

Oh, thanks for the links guys! I'll have to check those out later...samara's hungry.
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I have to get a couple of pairs of shoes too. It turns out I have Plantar Faschitis (not sure of the spelling) which means my tendons are all messed up or something like that, so the doctor say my shoes suck. I have to get orthopedic inserts and new shoes for the house (we don't wear shoes in the house, but he says I need to get "house shoes") and for running and just everyday outside shoes.
I see a lot of people like Dansko shoes. Are they comfortable and supportive?
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I still wear Doc Martens for all occasions, is that bad?
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i can't find exactly the sandals that are my Very Favorite Ever, but they're just about these ones http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/4558045/c/29955.html .. the back strap is a bit different, so is my buckle. ... oh, and i didn't pay $90 for them. can you believe that i got them for $20?! at the local boutique. i never look there, but happened to a couple summers ago... seems nobody else has feet as big as i do (um... i wear a size 11/12, depending on the shoe)
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I see a lot of people like Dansko shoes. Are they comfortable and supportive?
I only have one pair and they arent the clog style but they are very comfy for my narrow high arched feet. LOL I got them when I was pregnant and a tad swollen so now they seem a bit stretched out since i am not swollen anymore! LOL I ordered some new ones on ebay the other day (I typed in the wrong spelling on accident and a pair popped up so someone else also did the wrong spelling too and so I found them accidently and they were a great price! $24 for NEW!)
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double post, oops
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i wear bare feet, flip flops, or chuck taylors. i love love love my chucks!!! i just bought a pair of osiris skate shoes but they are to stiff, and hot in there. i used to love Dcshoecousa and etnies. but chucks are my love.

i do like docs but to much money, and not as bendable. you can hold a chuck taylor and twist that sneacker anyway imaginable.

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