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No fever but breast still plugged - mastitis or something else? Help!

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I have what I think might be mastitis in my right breast. I got some good info here last night, but am not seeing any improvement. DD tries to nurse on that side, but isn't getting much if any ,milk.

I have a huge lump, the size of a tennis ball. Hard, smooth, not hot, a little red.

It really hurts to massage it, but i did in the shower earlier and was applying hot compresses, and nursing. DD is into biting if nursing isn't her idea these days...(almost 12 mos)

I took some raw apple cider vinegar, earlier, about 2 ounces. Its horrible:-(

What else can I do? Should I go to the Dr? Am I risking anything thrying to take care of it myself? I really don't want to end up needing an antibiotic...help!
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Whenever a baby suddenly shortens or skips feeds, this can happen. Go to the dr for an antibiotic. That is an enormous plug. Probably not just a duct, but a whole area of alveoli (milk producing cells, they look like bunches of grapes). Rent a Medela automatic pump , take a hot shower before you try to pump. This should open the ducts. Massage as firmly as you can stand while pumping. Keep applying warm wet wahscloths too.

After a nursing or pumping session, apply cold compresses. a bag of frozen peas works well. This can take down inflammation. try the homeopathic remedy belladonna?
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great advice Darllll.
Another comforting thing is a rice sock. Take any clean cotton sock, fill with some rice, tie off the end. Pop in the microwave for 2 monutes or so(time varies with each nuker) and place the warm sock on your breast. It's moist heat, feels good. Massage like mad! Try the vinegar in a tea or diluted out. You can even put some on a salad as a dressing or soak some veggies in it.
Good luck with this one. Please let us know how you do. HOw horrible to have such a clog/problem. Tennis Ball!!!!OUCH!
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I'm happy to report the plug has resolved itself without needing to see a dr:-)

I took a total of four ounces of raw vinegar over two days, used hot compresses before nursing, and pumped twice. I also massaged it in the shower once (wish I got more showers - lol!!!) and drank about 40 ounces of water.

It began to clear late on the night I originally posted. I would nurse on that side until she got tired of not getting any milk, poor baby, then switch. I felt it starting to let down a few minutes later, so switched breasts again, and the milk began to flow!

by the next night, all was back to normal. What a scare though! I only had one small clog in the beginning, and thought those worries were over at almost a year into bf'ing...I am sure that I was getting dehydrated. It has been SO cold around here lately and the furnace is running constantly drying everything out...& I didn't drink as much as ususal the day before.

Anyway, I am back to normal, and making sure I'm getting enough fluids - mostly water.

Speaking of water, dd, almost a year old, drank some from a plastic cup as I held it for her last night:-) What fun!

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!!

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