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HELP-young mother in distress!

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Does anyone know if a vaginal ultrasound is fully capable of detecting a heartbeat at six weeks. My niece just phoned hystarical after returning from her first examination which was performed at a hospital.They said they could not detect a heartbeat so to assume the baby is dead.If anyone knows anything to contradict this please let me know. Thanks
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Six weeks since LMP or six weeks gestation? Either way it sounds a little early to me, but I am sure someone here knows more definitively.

Hugs to your niece. How scary this must be.

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Thanks so much XM. It was six weeks gestation.It does seem a little early.If the baby is fine,I'm so scared of what this stress could bring.
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My vaginal ultrasound detected a heartbeat at 5 weeks, but it is normal for the heartbeat to hide for up to 8 weeks. This happened to SIL and she did have a m/c, but they made her wait to 8 weeks or a full m/c because they said all babies are different. I tried to give her hope through the whole thing and I think that was a wise choice even though ultimately she had a m/c. I felt like it was important to be a fighting voice for her baby- were she to be alive.

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My first vaginal ultrasound detected NOTHING. ZIPPO. The technician acted like it was a grand tragedy and scared the life out of me. I was on the verge of hysteria.

It turned out that I was only about 3 weeks along, and they got the date wrong because my cycle must have been wacko at the time that I conceived.

The baby was fine.

I hope your neice has similar good fortune.
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Thanks so much everyone. Your responce has really helped to give her some ease. And veganmamma I'm so sorry for your sister's loss.She is very lucky to have you.
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Why are so many people having these ultrasounds so early anyway? It seems like quite a waste of money (not to mention more u/s exposure) when so many m/c happen during this time anyway. What are they hoping to find/gain from it?
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I asked for an early ultrasound because two months before I had a ruptured cyst on my ovary that probably was an ectopic pregnancy. Labor did not even begin to touch the pain that caused!!! I was so nervous about things not being in the right place and not wanting to go through that again, the exposure was worth it to prevent myself from being a nervous wreck.

At 12 weeks, I had another, because the doctor couldn't hear the heartbeat on doppler, and I was measuring really large. That's when we found out about the twins.

Now we're going in for an ultrasound study every 2 weeks, because one of our boys suffers from IUGR from an unknown cause, but he's doing well now. We will have to continue this weekly-to-3-times-weekly monitoring from here on out, so that the babies can be taken early if things start to deteriorate.

I've had a lot of friends tell me I'm lucky to get so many ultrasounds. It *is* neat to see them, especially since there's no guarantee both of ours will make it. However, in actuality it's extremely stressful, because of all the management--but for us the tradeoffs are more than plenty if it means the lives of the boys can be saved.

I guess there are some people who would say I'm frying my boys, but the jury's still out on that. I think doctors will give ultrasounds to people who ask for them, and most only give 1 or 2...perhaps one to make sure there's no ectopic pregnancy, and then another in the 2nd trimester to check on growth. It's up to the individual person to decide how much intervention is appropriate, and you can *always* refuse the ultrasound, just like any other test or medical procedure. But I'm glad they're so widely available.
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Well I can answer why they did my early ultrasound (9 weeks). To date the pregnancy (guess my knowing when I ovulated was not good enough for them), and to see the heartbeat, make sure placement was good, ect. I *know* that lots of people disagree about having ultrasounds but I was so so worried that something might be wrong, maybe it was eptopic, a molar pregnancy, ect... that having the early ultrasound really really made me feel a lot of relief (I have had a previous miscarriage when I was a young teen... so perhaps my fears stem from that)... but the mistrust is irritating...
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assuming her dates are correct, they should be able to pick up some kind of cardiac motion.
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