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I'm ready to wean cold turkey!!

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No, I guess I'm not, but I'd sure like to after today!

My 10mo has taken to biting the last 3 days, and bit me twice EVERY time I tried to feed him today. I just couldn't take it. I called an LLL leader and she gave me lots of things to try and he just kept biting and crying with very hurt feelings every time I took him off. I finally pumped and had my dh feed him with a bottle. I was sure I would never nurse again!

Anyway, he fell asleep for an hour and woke up crying, so I put him in the bed and (very anxiously with finger at the ready near his mouth) nursed him back to sleep.

Three things have come to my attention:

1.) He's been biting AT me for a few days now (my shirt, my shoulder, anything that he can sink his teeth into!)

2.) His voice sounded raspy when he cried tonight (catching a cold?)

3.) The last couple of days he's had a little pin size red dots rash on his bottom.

He just finished 2 weeks of Amoxicil for an ear infection/cold that he had...

I cried and cried with him every time. I am drained. I'm going to bed!

Advice, please.

Oh yeah, he has eight (!) teeth, but has been sort of acting like his molars might be acting up. AT THIS AGE????
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sounds like teething to me!

my 10 mo has been biting more lately too, and if not biting, nursing with a LOTS of pressure from the teeth, so I feel like he's ABOUT to bite all the time.

he doesn't bite if he's really tired or comfort nursing. but if he's even slightly distracted, that's when he bites.

I've found the baby safe feeder--that mesh bag thing--to be great for teething. I put frozen chunks of mango in there and he goes at it. He really seems to get lots of relief from teething with something frozen, and being able to eat the cold stuff.

my sympathies, and good luck,

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also, get some bifidus from a health food store and give it to him for the next few weeks. his tummy is probably bothering him from the antibiotics, and the rash might be from the drugs too (that happened to my son last month). the bifidus helped get the good bacteria back in his gut and his rash disappeared.
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Here's an update.

What a horror that day was when I first posted! He just WOULDN'T stop biting me--I was positive I was never going to nurse again! I finally pumped a bottle just so I would know that he was getting nutrition and that I wouldn't end up clogged up...

Funny thing, though. He seems to all of a sudden be on a new schedule! Before, he nursed every 2 to 2 1/2 hours 'round the clock. Since that day (was it only two days ago?), he's gone 4-5 hours in between feedings during the day. He used to go to bed at 7--now he's staying up until 10. He then waits to nurse again until 1am, then 3, then he does 4, 5, 6, 7 and then back to the 4-5 hour stretches. Surprisingly, I'm not clogged! Amazing!

He's definitely working on his molars, BTW. But, he's also hitting warp speed on his learning-new-things daily deal.

Anyway, he hasn't bitten me since Wed., though I sit there with finger ready!

Thanks for the advice, ladies.

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