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AP playgroups

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How do i find an AP playgroup in my area? thanks !
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Go to the Finding Your Tribe forum and look in your geographical location to see if anyone has posted about a group or to find local mamas to start one. Try LLL. Or look to see if there is a Nurture by Nature Network group near you on their site (don't remember the url).

HTH! Sorry so brief- two screaming babies!
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try http://www.attachmentparenting.org/contact.shtml taht is how I found my local API ~Deb
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Deb*momof3 - I didn't start this thread but I thank you for the referral- I've been looking for a playgroup for so long. I immediately sent along an e-mail. I'm on LI and as you may know it's pretty lonely around here!! Thanks again!
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Thanks for answering!

I'm looking into my local LLL and i went onto the AP website and tried to join one closest to me as well as trying to start one myself! thanks again. wendy
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