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cervix not dilating

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I am now 29 weeks pregnant and my cervix seems to not want to dilate, does anybody have any tips or answers on how to make your cervix dilate and also i've heard that that you can feel when your cervix dilates... is this true?
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Hi, Welcome to MDC!

I wouldn't not worry at all that your cervix is not dilated this early. Some people dilate early, some don't dilate at all until they go into labor...it all depends upond your body. If you you want, you can post this question in the main "I'm Pregnant" forum or in this year's Due Date Club for more responses.

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I'm curious about why you would want your cervix to dilate this early in your pregnancy?
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I was 42 weeks pregnant and my cervix still wasn't dilated until I went into labor.
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