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Originally Posted by richella
There are foods I eat that I prefer dd not have, but it seems wrong to withhold it if I'm eating it. Like junk food. So far if I give her a little tiny piece of a cookie she is fine with that. But really I know if it's not good for her then I should give it up for myself. Some days thinking that way motivates me to avoid the junk, other days I just wait till she's asleep.:
We just don't eat foods that we don't want ds to have. Well, I don't. Dh used to snarf a bag of potato chips in his car on the way home from work. Sometimes people say things like "childhood wouldn't be the same without ____", like I'm depriving my child or something. But when we have treats, I make healthy treats. We've always talked to ds (now 6) about putting healthy foods in our bodies, and so far he's been very accepting of it. When we go to events where everyone brings snacks, I make it a point to always have something special for him afterwards (if I haven't brought something to share), and he's always pleased.
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Ok ladies where did you get these awesome recipies? Here I thought I was making some what yummy meals. Boy oh boy was I wrong And the time to do it?
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You know, almost everything I have tried out of Vegetarian Times has been good. They have good recipes.

As for kiddos, we've always just been very honest with them (on their level of course). We've told them that we wouldn't eat Oscar (our dog), and we wouldn't eat a cow or pig either. We live in the city, but we are in Arkansas a lot, so we're always pointing out cows, horses, deer, etc. We talk about the fact that we don't think it's right to eat dead animals - especially since they're not even healthy to eat. This spring we are going to take them to a vegetarian farm about an hour from here, so the older ones can really start to put the two together. Luckily, the little girl I watch during the week is a vegetarian, too, so that's pretty cool. Plus, the older kids will be going to an SDA school next year, and they only serve vegetarian food - which will be nice.
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callmemama-Thanks for the great idea for the bunny cake. I love to bake, but I have to say, when it comes to designing the fun-shaped cakes, I'm not that creative. I will do this for Easter. I was going to do pastel-iced cupcakes, but I think my kids will love the cake!

Pikku-We have a few of these meals a week, but it is so yummy and comforting to have those quickie meals sometimes, don't you think? Plus, your meal doesn't sound like a "cop out" to me. Can I come over for cop-out night? Not to dog those that don't cook, but I think we're all doing pretty great if these are our cop-out meals.

Oh, we call our leftover night, "Mustgo" nights. Everything MUST GO! I think I got that great term from someone from this thread. SO THANK YOU!
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Colorado-I think we X-posted. I agree on the Veg Times recipes. I've used a number of them over the years, and I keep returning to some I cut out and saved from years ago. I get the mag on a monthly basis, and I always find at least 2-3 things that I want to try.
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Okay, I think I'm officially the queen of not getting all my thoughts out at one time!

Paging Cathe: I was just on another bread-baking thread. I have to say that although I LOVE to bake (quick breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, scones, etc), I have always wanted to get more into making yeasted breads. Do you have any suggestions for good, quick, yeasted bread recipes to try with our wonderful veggie meals here? TIA
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Ok so what is the website veg times? So for brakfest we have coco bumpers or stirfry tofu(tofu with butter) for lunch eather turkey,ham w/cheese or leftovers.(today lunch is edan's lentals in a can over w.w.pasta) for dinner sometimes steak/chiken stripes stirfry w/rice or potato w/frozen veggies. (tonight's dinner is booca italian links w/onion in a hoogie w/bean salad and miked veggies.)

ok so were am i going wrong?
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Bearsmama - I love Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book for yeast breads. I was also really into sourdough for a while which I love but I never did make a new starter when we moved last summer. I made pizza dough a lot.
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PikkuMy - The cafe was Soujourner Cafe on Canon Perdido. It is all natural foods and had lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes - lunch and dinner. I also went to this HUGE health food store that was bigger than a supermarket. It had hot food, a cold deli, a bakery, a pizza oven, a juice bar plus groceries and household items. It was amazing. I got a couple of meals there and brought groceries home. I would love something like that near me.
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Hey mamas!!!
I am SOOOO hungry right now, so after I post, I'm makin Bean and Cheese casserole from the How It All Vegan cookbook. I've been SO into it lately.
We travel and I am ALWAYS searching out awesome vegan restaraunts. These are the best I've found so far:
Candle 79-NYC
Pure Food and Wine-NYC
Harmony Veg-Philly
Horizons Cafe-Philly
Tonight I am making Seitan Piccata with sauteed spinach and kale, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and a lemon caper sauce (ala Candle 79) YUM!!!!
I've been making a ton of greens lately and Burnin Butt Burritos using Eziekial sprouted totillas-YUM (How it All Vegan- I HAVE to get the rest of their cookbooks!)
Much love veggie mamas!!!!
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Hey Lizzo! If you ever travel to Denver, check out The Watercourse restaurant - only the best veg restaurant in the U.S. (Okay, I may be a little prejudiced with that statement!) They are awesome. They make this Amsterdam Hash that is to die for! I think they make it with eggs normally, but I always get the vegan version. Scrambled tofu and veggies (carrots, zucchini, onions, homefries, peppers, and mushrooms) all smothered in awesome vegan gravy served with toast. Yum. Oooo, they also have vegan biscuits and gravy - THAT just appeals to my Southern born heart (and stomach)!
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Hey coloradomama were in colorado are you? My sister is in Longmont and we were out there this past summer and fell in love w/the state. Were in Denver is the watercourse? I'll have to tell my sister she's a vegetarian too.

Lizzo next time you go to the city try VP2. Yummy food.
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We're movin to Fort Collins, so you know i'll hit it up!
I wrote to Vegetarian Times this month to answer next month's Question of the Month... I'm so lame! I hope they publish it
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Well, if you're moving to Fort Collins then you'll HAVE to check it out. It's downtown near the capital building. Be forewarned though, if you're there on a weekend morning, be prepared to wait for a table. Early afternoon on the weekends isn't so bad and they serve their breakfast food all the way until 3 or maybe 5. Their dinner menu is super yummy, too. I highly recommend the tempeh scalloppini (probably massacred the spelling). Plus, if you head into Boulder or Denver they have a Mustard's Last Stand that sell tempeh burgers, veggie dogs (I totally love the veggie dog with the works!), and (if you can believe it!) VEGETARIAN chili. Woo hoo! Oh yea, one other thing, in Boulder there is a vegan specialty shop called Three Little Figs. I just talked to the owner the other day, and she said she is trying to stock things that you normally can't find. It sounds like a dangerous place for a pregnant woman to be - I'll have to go there with a budget!
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I am so bummed. I tried two new recipes that were yucky. I tried a salad - spinach with avocados, pine nuts, and grapefruit with a poppy seed dressing - blech. Then tonight I made a five spice soy yogurt dip that was just downright nasty. I just pulled a breakfast bread loaf out of the oven that I don't have high hopes for. It smells good, so we'll see. I hope you ladies are having better luck than me this week! Oh well. I made a Thai peanut pasta that was super yummy. It's sort of a staple at our house. Oh yea, and I made some steamed fingerling banana potatoes tonight that were super yummy, too. So, it hasn't all been a waste!
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colorado-You know, sometimes I think the stars are just not aligned. Like my mojo is off or something. Weird. But I totally get what you're saying. I made this curry dip for my son's b-day party one time, and for some reason, I thought making a big batch was a great idea. It was hardly touched. My DH still brings up this crazy salad with peas that I made years ago. It was just plain, yucky. Doesn't happen that often for me, but every once and a while my mojo is off. Just off.

Perhaps next week will be better for you. Plus, the bananas and peanut pasta sound like your mojo is right on.

Anyone have any suggestions for a spring-y or lighter version of a casserole or baked dish? We're big fans of baked dishes over here, but I generally like to cook more of this kind of thing in the colder months.
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Hey mamas!

I haven't posted to a veg thread for months and months!! We made the yummiest popcorn balls yesterday that even my meat n' potatoes DH admitted to loving - popped corn, honey, dates, raisins, sunflower seeds

Last night's dinner was nut burgers from Feeding the Whole Family. My first time cooking those, and I think they were the best veg. burgers I've ever made The kids gobbled them up, too. But DH wouldn't eat more than a "polite bite", just b/c he knew the ingredients. LOL! We had that with some barley/squash pilaf that I found in the freezer, and figured I'd better eat it now, b/c squash won't be so appealing in the Summer!

Oh, we also had lots of relatives over this past weekend, where one night was my night to cook, and the other was my SIL's. I'll have to say I was proud, b/c they all raved about our meal, and were disappointed in SIL's meal - who is usually the primo (no children) cook (can you hear my evil cackle?). All we had was a buffet-style burrito line with tortillas, homemade guac, homemade refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, rice and salsa. Oh, and chocolate pudding cake for dessert It sounds like such a simple meal, but strangely enough we had to put lots of thought into what would please so many people with such different palates (sp?).
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Oooooooooooh sounds yummy, Root*children!
We have this brewery restaraunt where we live called Otto's and they have this walnut barley burger that is SOOOO divine!!! They also have organic beers (brewed on premises) Of course...I am not old enough to drink any
Well...not old enough to ORDER any
I just bought La Dolce Vegan today!!!! I am SOOOO excited!!!!!
**Coloradomama, sounds super yummy! DP is movin in December and DS and I will follow in June 2007 after I finsih midwifery school.
What school are your kiddos goin to? Where is it? We're looking into schools for DS right now.
Also, I know this is off topic, but do you know of any homebirth midwives out there that would be looking to take on an apprentice?? Thanks!!
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Hello all!

I am new to the mothering.com forums. We are expecting our first : in Dec 2006. I am a vegan, my DH is not, though we do not eat any meat at home (he eats cheese).

Can't wait to get some new ideas for meals...sometimes we just go through ruts, eating the same things over and over.....

I usually try one "new" meal each week. DH is pretty picky and a hard core "meat and potatoes" eater, that it is very hard to please him. But this weeks "Beefless Stew" was a hit, so it is being added to the repertoire.

Looking forward to learning from you all!
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Ok mamas so what are the good cookbooks to get? Ds is 3 years old so making veggie hotdogs w/mac and cheese,chicken/steak stripes,whole wheat pasta w/sauce,tacos,p.mushrooms in the oven. Is not cutting it.
Thanks :-)
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