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What can I expect?

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I just found out I am pregnant DD is 8 months old and is, of course, still nursing all the time. I had planned to nurse her at least 2 years and am hoping this pregnancy won't derail my plans. However, I do have some concerns. I have had supply issues with this baby. In the beginning I took Fenugreek and after a while my supply seemed to be keeping up with her and the Fenugreek was really starting to bother me so I stopped taking it around 4 months. DD had always been a slow gainer which was fine with be but at 6 months lost weight, this prompted me to start solids sooner than I had planned at 7 months. We also started taking DD to the chiro regularly after the weight loss and she is gaining very well now. I worry that my supply will become even lower, I worry I won't have enough for two and I worry that I won't have time to sleep, take care of 2 little babies, eat enough and take care of myself. Has anyone else been here? I get tired just thinking about it.

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Your supply will get lower and eventually almost dry up, then turn to colostrum in the third trimester. Since your baby is so young, you may well have to give ABM. Solids probably won't cut it for her.

There are very good chances your breast tissue/milk producing glands have increased in number by this time, and may well increase again, when #2 comes along, providing milk for 2.

Your futher worries are common. It will be tiring, no doubt! But you will handle it.
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I don't talk to you for a few weeks and look what happens!


I have about 400 oz. of EBM in the freezer right now - you know you are welcome to it!!! I've been looking for a good home for it!

I'll try to catch you on AIM soon (I signed up!).

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