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Originally Posted by AmyD
Hi mamas

I am woefully behind on this thread and for whatever reason, I stopped getting e-mail notification.

Quickly though, my 4 yr old is hoping someone can help us out. We bought some hot dogs at the co-op today (he has been talking about hotdogs NONSTOP for like 3 days, despite the fact he's never had a hot dog )

Anywho we boughthttp://www.applegatefarms.com/tky_dog.shtml these ones. Are they safe?? If you click on ingredients & nutrition info you'll find it. My son would totally appreciate any help on this.

Maybe when we switched to April new thread? Well you've had a lot on your mind.

These Hot Dogs are

Turkey, Water, Sea Salt, Celery Juice, Spices, Paprika, Garlic, Lactic Acid Starter Culture (Not From Dairy), Onion

Post from Pecanbread Yahoo group discussions about this, the ingredients look good except for the "spices" which may have hidden starch anti caking agents.

Here is an email reponse I got from Applegate Farms. It takes them a while to respond. I forget how I worded the original question.

Dear Sue, Thank you very much for writing. I apologize for the delay in
responding to your email. We do not use additional fillers or starches in any
of the spices we use, including the garlic powder. If you have additional
questions or concerns, please let me know and I will be happy to help you.
Thank you, Jennifer

Jennifer Evans Quality Control Department Applegate
Farms Believe In What You Eat 800 587 5858
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Originally Posted by Pattyla
So those of you who understand homeopathy. My neighbor knows some and we both go to the same homeopathic fp Dr. Well she said something about going through the range of symptoms while working out of a problem. Like dd has to go through everything that got her to where she was to get back out of it. Does that make any sense to anyone here? Could that explain why she is so sick now? Could we really be working our way toward a healthier dc instead of a sicker one?

Jane- I have also heard from my Dr that if you get worse on a remedy that means it is working. No fun huh. The cure is worse than the disease.

Ok I've gotta clean at least a little before my parents come to stay for 2 weeks. I'm so sick of living in crisis mode.
load up on the Vitamin C? every meal? I do think stirring up a lot of junk is hard on the system, detox pathways etc. Also if your gut isnt' absorbing well, your nutrients aren't getting where they need to go. Not to mention that food these days isn't even as nutrient dense as they are supposed to be.
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Originally Posted by caedmyn
Does anyone know why canned tomatoes are illegal? I always thought they were the one canned veggie it was okay to buy because they are so much riper than regular tomatoes when they're canned...
The reason is that canned products have to be a certain ph ... so it's common to add a bit of sugar to certain tomato batches which are too acidic or something like that. They don't do this with tomato juice which is why that's legal.
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Originally Posted by Annikate
A couple of questions:

I'm tired of using Dannon as starter. What starter is best? Didn't Jane say something about Progurt not being a good choice anymore?
Oh! That reminds me... actually DS has NOT been 100% fantatical since starting the goat yogurt several months ago b/c of ProGurt. It was not coming out as tart as the regular acidophilus yogurt I make for myself. However, I read (at Pecanbread) that it's a different bacteria (l. casei) so that's why it's milder, great for kids, yada-yada-yada. I mean directions are only 1/4 tsp. per 2 quarts, should make you wonder right? So these are my posts a month ago on this issue.

Jody, this is what I thought too, until today....

I have always made goat yogurt for DS with the 1/4 tsp. ProGurt
starter as directed. Perfect temperature maintained, all directions
followed etc. for months now. It turns out with the same mild taste
every time. I read this before about the L. casei and thought
great, good for kids.

Well I just made the yogurt again the usual way, except I used some
leftover yogurt in the jar *in addition* to the regular starter
amount. (We went thru the last batch in two days b/c I was eating
some, so it was very fresh.) Everything else as normal. This batch
of yogurt is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Much more tart, like acidophilus
yogurt, and lots firmer.

This says to me that previous mild batches, even though cultured for
24 hours, did not have all the lactose removed because there was not
enough starter. Because once all the lactose is removed, more
bacteria doesn't grow b/c it doesn't have anything to feed on right?

What is the definitive test to ensure lactose is removed? I
originally thought it was the tart taste.

I'm NOT AT ALL HAPPY about this possibility. My DS has not been
progressing and I'm wondering if this is the problem.

Jane and Luke
SCD since 9/05
I just tripled the amount of ProGurt (1/4 tsp. to 3/4 tsp.) in a
goat yogurt batch right now. Already in just 12 hours, it is much
firmer and more tart than 24 hr. culturing with standard amount.

Clearly there is something wrong here.

Jane and Luke
SCD since 9/05
And actually I'm a pretty pissed off that Pecanbread host Jody is not answering me about this. She replied a month ago she was "looking into it". I posted again asking if any data on this a few days ago. Nothing.

This is HUGE if you ask me... all these people thinking they are doing SCD and they aren't!!! Haven't called the company yet b/c I've been too busy (even though they are an hr. from me I should just drive down there, probably their house or something). So I just add a half cup of previous batch to next batch and it comes out quite tart.

Originally Posted by Annikate
I'm slowly reading NT as well and would love to start incorporating some of the NT ideas into this diet. I've done broths (I LOVE broths and have been making those for years.) I tried fermenting but I can't eat it yet. What can I do next?
Liver. Coconut oil. Fermented beverages with juice (make sure you use yogurt whey or yogurt starter).
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Whoops, sorry Terri, got carried away by ranting and forgot to answer you

I use Yogourmet yogurt starter that I get at Whole Foods but you can also get online here: http://www.lucyskitchenshop.com/yogourmet.html#starter
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Originally Posted by artisticat
I am thinking that dd is getting the enzymes thru me because she isn't taking them that much and seems to be going thru die-off. I've been taking them like crazy.
Absolutely they do... they enter your bloodstream. Which is a good thing b/c they then act like scavengers and clean up debris around your body. Why they are good for things like arthritis and other body inflammation.
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I am sooo glad to know this about the Progurt! I'd love to know what they have to say about it AND what Jodi finally comes up with. That place has pi**ed me off one too many times and I rarely go there anymore.
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For starting my goat yougart I was using the sheep yougart I could get at whole foods. It isn't cheap but it worked. I ordered a case from my co-op this month. Of course now I don't need it since dd seems to be fine on the cow dairy but I can still use it for that. I also have 5# of goat cheddar coming...

Annikate- I didn't realize you started just before we did. I'm sorry you can't do raw foods yet. So far we have done raw melon, some raw berries and pineapple in smoothies, romaine, peeled apple and today some carrots. I figure smaller stuff is easier to digest so I try to cut everything raw up small and chew it really really well.

Who is nursing??? This can be a very healthy diet for nursing. For your own sake make sure you are getting enough carbs. That can be tough since so many of the legal foods are low in carbs and some of the foods that seem carby (muffins) aren't so much because of the nut flour.

There was alot I wanted to respond to but dd got up this morning at 4 am and only took one short nap in the morning (and I didn't) so I'm a little brain dead right now. She is still running a fever. I forgot about vitamin C. I backed off on enzymes while she is sick. I think they would be good for her but it is one more argument I just don't wanna have with a cranky kid. I am hopeful that while her grandparents are visiting for the next 2 weeks she will be more cooperative. That has happened in the past.
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Can an upset stomach be a sign of die-off? This evening I felt really nauseous (like morning sickness type) and then had major diarrhea w/a seriously upset stomach (sorry, TMI!). I don't know if it was die off or a reaction to all the applesauce I've eaten today--probably 4 apples worth of applesauce. Other than that the only thing I've had different than the intro was a little bit of zucchini in scrambled eggs--and I eat zucchini just about every day, whereas I haven't had any apples in a couple of weeks. Oh and I did have one almond butter pancake. I'm going to try to limit my nut butter useage to a couple of tablespoons a day.

My beef broth gelled yeah!!! But DD had bloody poop again today. I am starting to wonder if it could be an oversupply issue--I've read that oversupply can cause bloody poop, and she does have a couple of symptoms of it (makes a clicking noise when she nurses and chokes a lot...actually she doesn't choke much anymore but she used to quite a bit).
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Thread Starter 
i'm nursing and jonesin' for carbs!!!

what is wrong with me? i de-seeded the zucchini but forgot to peel it! will try to salvage some by peeling it after it cools. and i burned my apples.

jane--rock on for sending out those letters! i hope you get some answers and thanks for sharing about the whole tartness issue--i check every batch!
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Patty - - I really think it's die off again. I actually have had some raw fruits (mango, grapes by the handfuls, hmm. . that's it I guess.) I'm glad you asked who's b'feeding. I want to know too. I am, are you?

caedmyn - - die off can absolutely cause stomach upset.

nicolena - - can you do nut butters yet? Or did I already suggest this?
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Cross posted in Mamas with Bad Skin Tribe

Hi mamas,
I'm on day 11 of a gluten and dairy elim diet, trying to heal my gut (and hoping that is the right diagnosis : ) When I went to my local grocery store to buy glucosamine, they had various forms that were forumulated with other things too, such as glucosamine HCl, glucosamine MSM, glucosamine complex, etc. A scientific article cited on the enzyme page that your cheat sheet references said that the treatment should be with N-acetyl glucosamine, but I can't locate a product that lists that specifically. Do any of these variations matter? I'm currently taking the "glucosamine complex", and I think the formulation is with HCl (don't have the bottle in front of me). All of the products say that they are for "joint health", and it seemed to me that any of them that work on connective tissue would be good.
Anyone else doing glucosamine? Any recs for what the product name/brand is?

PS Thanks for all the info that you've all provided on die-off. I think I was mistaking my die-off symptoms for the elim diet "making things worse" at first Hope I can offer some help to all of you soon, but I still know so much less than all of you.
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AHHHH!!! Now I think I have thrush...I have this white coating on my tongue that just started a couple of days ago? DD doesn't appear to have it (yet). How do I treat it?
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Caedmyn~do you have a really good LC you can see? Oversupply is a possibility due to the high lactose load in the milk...It is a latch problem though and can resolved quickly with the right help. I still would be suprised if that was the only problem. You should be seen though if your letdown is that strong and you're hearing the clicking.
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die-off? update

well, when ds pooped last night it wasn't gassy/explosive anymore, and had a smooth consistency. all his poops yesterday were yellow, more like bf poo is supposed to be i think. i'm trying to remember but i think his were this yellow for the first couple months after he was born. they've been a slightly greenish yellow for months even though they improved some after i eliminated dairy.

so i'm thinking this was die-off. i guess it would make sense that his gut would heal much faster than mine. my issues have been going on for 7 years vs. his 7 months. i've been having nausea and/or diarhea for the past few days, though this morning i'm feeling better. i've been wondering if what i am eating was going to be enough (i really don't feel like doing the whole scd diet), i guess if i'm experiencing die-off then it must be. yay! for that anyway.

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Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders
Just jumping in from lurking for a quick question ... we are 99% sure we are starting the maker's diet again (did it last summer and then I got pregnant and wanted only cereal ), and I'm looking for menu ideas (mostly lunch and dinner, but breakfast too) that don't include any gluten (we are eliminating grains/cereals/flours/starches to the best of our ability). We are still eating dairy (raw or fermented). But I need more ideas than grilled chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, etc. Is there a good website that has some good ideas? Thanks Mamas!

ETA: I read on one page about the MindLinx by Pharmax (can't remember who/where). Anyone actually use them or just thinking about getting them? If someone has them or has used them, how many servings are in a jar? The website says the jars are 60 grams, but I don't know how many 1/4 teaspoon servings that would equal. Thanks!
I'm quoting myself here hoping someone might have a quick answer for me. Then I can go back to just lurking.
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I got the mindlinx...should be here in a day or so. I'll let you know...
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I have a bottle of sodium ascorbate that says 1/4 tsp. is 1.2 grams...so there'd be roughly 60 doses in your bottle.

Maker's Diet ideas: breakfast: smoothies w/yogurt or kefir, omelets, almond flour pancakes (these are really good, and can also be used for lunch or dinner)

lunch: salmon or tuna salad eaten on celery sticks, almond butter w/ or w/o honey eaten on celery sticks

dinner: homemade soup (there's lots of different ones that can be done w/o pasta, just use kidney beans or lentils), spaghetti served on spaghetti squash, things made with lentils, crustless quiche, sausage hash w/homemade sausage, potatoes, cheese, and salsa (when you get to the 2nd stage), stir frys w/o rice, pot pies w/o crust, meat loaf, I have a chicken or beef & potato roti recipe you can make w/o bread, PM me if you're interested...basically just look at the recipes you currently make and see which ones you can make w/o bread or pasta

snacks: deviled eggs, lentils pancakes w/honey or avacado (PM me if you want the recipe), crispy nuts

Most of the SCD recipes are Maker's Diet friendly--some you might have to wait until the 2nd stage, though, if you only want to use almonds at first. Try this website www.pecanbread.com
Click on the recipes link...also on the first page that comes up when you go the website, at the bottom of the page are links to some other websites that have SCD recipes. The Midas Gold pancakes recipe is great--I added some cinnamon and then didn't even need to top them with anything.

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firefaery--Do you think if I contacted the local LLL someone there could help me out? I don't think that's the only issue, if it is an issue--the more I think about it the more I think we (me anyhow) have some major yeast issues.
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Originally Posted by nicolena
maybe it's "just" a rotavirus. what do you think? my girls had them pretty quickly like that. in less heathy kids it can last for weeks, i think.
on saturday he did spend some time playing with a 6.5 mo baby. the other kid isn't sick though.
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