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Re: yeast

On one of the old threads I read that you can do a simple yeast test by filling a clear glass 1/2 full of water and spitting in it as soon as you wake up in the morning (before eating, drinking, or brushing teeth). If the saliva starts sinking down to the bottom in strands, it means you have a yeast problem.

I've been wondering about this since I read it. Any truth to it? Has anyone tried?
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i've never tried it.

i have some questions about healing my almost 8 mo olds gut. I know he has yeast issues - when we got thrush (barely visible in him, no symptoms in me beyond mildly itchy nipples) his reflux and food intolerances spiraled out of control.

After a 3 mo nursing strike, ftt, no gain, and allergic reactions to anything i ate, we weaned to neocate. he was getting bad bad allergic reactions every time he nursed.

we are finally kicking the yeast - last time he got thrush it was after we had weaned, and he had a course of diflucan and then started a super strong probiotic called vsl3 (it helps heal colitis, which he has).

It made a huge difference - he would actually willingly take a bottle! He and dd had a tummy bug 2 wks ago and he couldn't keep the probiotic down for a wk. now he is back on it, but has a yeast diaper rash and a bit of eating refusal again, so i suspect the yeast is back.

who does scd goat milk for their kids? how young is too young? vsl seems to work for him, but is $75 a month. he is pretty sensitive to dairy, so i am a bit nervous about him tolerating goat milk yogurt.

my system seems to be healing itself - i never noticed any gut issues at all, but clearly had leaky gut from yeast since adrian was so affected by it.
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Probably a silly question. Today I feel sooooo sick. I am nauceous, have a headache, dizzy, moody, irritable, gassy, it feels like I've ate a LOT of food but I haven't. I just feel so full. Anyways, today Brody (my baby that I am nursing) has been spitting up a lot and he was sitting on my lap and his tummy was making strange noises and I could feel his tummy vibrating. He was making whimpering sounds and then had an explosive poop filled with mucous. We aren't doing solids, so I should hold off on them for a while longer right? I have spent the last few hours crying because I am just so frustrated. I hate feeling like crap, and I hate knowing that my poor baby feels like crap. I am waiting for the SCD book to come into the library so I can borrow it. The lady said it will be back in the next month.

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Forgot to ask one question. Sorry if TMI. Does anyone find that sex is uncomfortable? It feels like things are swollen inside or something and it just hurts. I've had pap's etc and everything is fine.
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Carrie, My ds had bad food allergies and I didn't produce enough milk due to my own gut damage. I made him formula from about one month (when he couldn't tolerate even the neocate/alimentum. I used raw goat milk as a base. He was comfortable for hte first time in a long time. I'm not a doc, but I can say from experience that you can in fact use raw goat milk from very early on.

Re yeast: The test appears to work. I had horrible yeast issues and that's exactly what it looked like in the glass!
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I'm gonna try that yeast test! Sort of grosses me out though.

Angela, in thinking more about your ds, it sounds just like what dd went through. Try to eliminate dairy and wheat. It'll take several weeks to see a difference but don't get impatient. I really just have a feeling it'll help him. And yes to the sex issue. I know the feeling! It didn't happen after dd1 but did after dd2. Seems it got progressively better. I just figured it was from having 2 babies. And ... we haven't really had time to *check* and see if it's gotten better or not lately. (Sleep takes precedence over EVERYTHING!

I don't remember who posted the link about introducing solids to babes but if you haven't seen it lmk and I'll post it again. It's awesome.
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Hi Carrie!

Does anyone know if shellfish is legal on SCD; particularly lobster? I look at the list and don't see it listed.
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It is legal...if you choose to go that route.
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I got some oil of oregano today to treat yeast issues...but then after I got home I noticed that the bottle says not to use if pregnant or nursing...does anyone know if this is actually okay or not? And what can I use if it's not? I don't want to use GSE after reading that link someone posted about it actually being the chemicals used to process the GSE that are effective in treatments.
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Wow that VSL3 is expensive! Did dr. px? What are the bacterial strains, I couldn't find on the site. Its interesting that it's recommended for babies. I always thought bifidus was supposed to be the predominent bacteria until solid food is started.

See recipes and FAQs for goat's milk formula at the Children's page of the Weston Price foundation here:
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Interesting things I've been reading about the nasty bug DS has: proteus mirabilis.

Cause of diarrhea. Produces ammonia and can put body ph out of whack. Penetrates deep into gut lining and causes inflammation. Emits hemolysins (cell-damaging protein toxins produced by pathogenic bacteria).

Makes sense!

I'm a little freaked out about getting rid of it. My Ped/Homeopath was NOT that helpful. We are supposed to do 1/5th-1/6th of adult dosage of uva ursi and plant tannins. And I'm not sure I want to use UU b/c of the liver issue. Then she says well you can use berberine if you want to.

And I outlined all these questions via email about minerals and other tests re: his growth and amino acids and she didn't even end up addressing them in our phone appt. today. But she did say she would redo his homeopathic remedy. I guess that's her experience and she doesn't have much else for us.

I'm irritated. I guess I should just do the freakin tests myself and figure it all out myself!!!

Oh, except DH said no going off by myself b/c he thinks I'm just wasting $$ and I don't really know as much as a professional! If we had a "middle finger" smilie, I'd be using it. :

Aren't I a party today?!
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No Oregano Oil While Nursing Or Pregnant!
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Originally Posted by JaneS
Interesting things I've been reading about the nasty bug DS has: proteus mirabilis.
Wow, how did he get that? Poor little guy... I hope you can find something to help him.
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Oh, Jane! I'm so sorry! I wish you were closer to CT. My practitioners have been SO helpful and have figured all of this stuff out. They are very used to these tests...Do you have out of network benefits? Maybe you could call them? I know that the herbalist/nutritionist has done email consults before...wishing I could help you more.
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We just got through a 2 hour crying spell. He was screaming, and actually had tears coming down his poor little face. How the heck do I get rid of wheat though??? Seems like wheat is in EVERYTHING! I just don't know what the heck I would eat. It seems as though my husband doesn't really understand either. He got home from work and Brody was *ok*. He started crying, I was comforting him, still crying though. He was SCREAMING with the tears and I could tell DH was getting irritated but I was the one rocking him still. So he tells me just go to put him in his crib and leave him! UMMM NO! Then I was crying because I was the one who made him miserable because I ate two corndogs for lunch that I KNEW had dairy in them but I wanted to see if he reacted. He had a really yucky mucousy diaper earlier in the afternoon so I know he was reacting but didn't think he'd get this bad. *sigh* I'm just so frustrated and upset. I hate this.
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Your ped should work with the clinician at the lab to outline a plan for you. Does she not realize that they have people available for that purpose? Was she just humoring you with the test?

Our homeopath is also an MD and homeopathy is his biggest tool and he's good at it. But it is frustrating when you want more than that. IKWYM.
There have got to be some other resources there for you. Call Metametrix and ask which docs in your area use the lab, then interview the docs. Post on the yahoo native nutrition list. It's pretty active.

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Jane, i just tossed the box, when i get the new shipment next wk i'll post the 8 strains. i know three of them are bifidus. our gi is kinda clueless on it but has agreed it won't hurt. lol, one of his suggestions was to add rice cereal to the neocate. RIGHT - idiot. i'm going to see a new one at georgetown in early may. i could prob fight ins to pay for it since it is a medical food, but haven't bothered yet.

and thanks for the wap links on goat formula. i def. want to try goat milk scd yogurt on the little guy at some point.

the strange thing is, I have plenty of milk, had no supply issues, and no gut issues at all. the only thing i've discovered in all this is that legumes can give me some discomfort if i forget my digestive enzymes. i do feel some die off though from the yogurt and the enzymes. less so now that i've been on them for a few months.

lol, i was at lll tonight and it was all i could do to not scare a poor mom to death that was asking about food intolerances in her baby.

angela, good luck getting rid of dairy!! you will see a huge difference in your baby..we did too before the yeast from hell took over.

oh, and progurt - argh - i can't believe that it isn't as potent as they say. blech. i'll try it with 1 tsp and see how that does. i want to use the progurt with goat milk for ds, for me i just use yogourmet.
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jane~I was just coming back to post what Amanda already said. The person running the metametrix test for me has been in contact with the lab several times just for me to get info. THey seem to take alot of time dissecting results. I know someone else just got testing done and the results were confusing-the lab spent a good amount of time figuring it out as well. I would think they could guide your doc and give some help.

Our homeopath is an MD as well-though he doesn't practice allopathically anymore. It's invaluable to me because he can read and order all the tests, but really doesn't think that "modern" medicine has anything to offer. I love homeopathy (incidentally, mostly because I have an amazing practitioner) but it does have it's limitations. You really are on the right track, mama. I'm constantly amazed by your perserverence.
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So...could I try raw garlic to kill yeast? I know I'm not at the raw stage yet, but would it be worth a try?

Also, is it a bit counter-productive to be eating all this well cooked food that doesn't have enzymes, since I'm not taking any enzymes yet? Is my body still going to be able to digest it?
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Raw garlic, raw onions, GSE, enzymes, so many things will kill yeast. You shouldn't have a problem with cooked foods if your digestion isn't seriously hampered. I would try eating a bit of raw before cooked-as in a salad before dinner. In general I do believe raw is better though.
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