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Sorry I haven't been around. We've been following the SCD w/fanatical adhearence (was going to go w/MD, but being that I might have cancer, I just wanted to go straight to the SCD), and I've noticed, really, no change whatsoever

In the beginning, I had intense itchiness, but now, nothing. And w/the itchiness, I was off of sugars and grains, but not 100%, yk? We're doing Houston enzymes, yadda yadda. I'm supplementing w/CLO, flax seed oil, probiotics, doing 30hr raw goat yogurt, EV Coconut oil, all of it My 4 yr old, who is such the trooper and used to not being allowed to eat certain things for his life () is taking the enzymes no problem (:Puke) and has started eating meat w/the rest of us born-again vegans!! The only thing he has is that he has a huge huge red ring around his anus. And his cheeks are a lil' red. Oh, and he has been trying to kill the cats again (which usually happens when he eats something that he reacts to), so maybe it is working well for him. Any thoughts on this?

Oh, quick roll call:

Me, age 30, been healthy and organic for some time. Looking at a possible cancer diagnosis (consult is on the 11th of April) and surgery. Been taking a huge break away from the computer as I realized that I have spent more time living on this screen than w/my family Luckily, they still want me back. I cannot tolerate cow milk in any form or gluten. Hoping and thinking this is leaky gut. Planning to be away from all grains for 6-12 months.

Hubby, pretty damn healthy despite really poor eating habits as a kid (me too), including being fed evaporated milk w/corn syrup since birth. Never sick. On the diet too for poops and giggles.

DS1, age 4, lots of "allergy" problems, yet doesn't test positive for any allergy. Cannot tolerate cow dairy or gluten in any form. My pregnancy was very unhealthy (mainstream, vegetarian, lots of pastuerized dairy and oreos'). Lots of mainstream medical stuff. Antibiotics for my GBS, morphine during labor, transferred to NICU, tons of antibiotics and "elemental formula" or something. Basically corn syrup and crap in an NG tube. Nothing wrong w/him (morphine depressed his system in the first place). ONE vax at 5 months. Exclusively bf until 8-10 months. Eczema, hyperactivity, destuctive, abusive, loving and empathetic too All that and a bag of chips.

DS2, 16 months. Doesn't sleep due to some nasal allergy (still fighting insurance to get it paid, see the allopathic dr tomorrow). Has constant sleep apnea and mouth breathes. Right now he has some rash on his bum after I tried some cow cheese a couple weeks ago (hoping it is not the goat stuff, sigh). Pretty healthy though. Oh, forgot, totally different pregnancy, much healthier (vegan + fish + eggs), but too many grains.

Hoping against hope that I will be able to have another baby and hoping that I do not have cancer which would definately delay or deny this. Sigh.

Actually, my children are very healthy compared to most and compared to most on here I'm very very very lucky. It must be my hubby's good stock
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Originally Posted by AmyD
Hoping against hope that I will be able to have another baby and hoping that I do not have cancer which would definately delay or deny this. Sigh.
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, Amy. Glad to see you, sounds like you're keeping your spirits up, you're in my thoughts.

Okay, roll call: Well, I'm not a mama yet I am working on getting healthy before I TTC, so hopefully I can , first of all, hang onto a pregnancy, and second of all, have a lot of very healthy babies! I am 25, and just delving into the healing the gut thing. I've had terrible acne since early teens, hormonal imbalances, liver weakness, chronic diarrhea, chronic tummy aches, gas and bloating. As a kid I had severe eczema and various allergies, probably from cow milk. My sensitivity to cow milk has not been bad at all for the past few years, but lately seems to be acting up. I ate some (very tasty) homemade whipped cream with DH's (grain free) bday cake the other night, and now have eczema all over my fingers! I am now FOR REAL only eating 24 hour yogurt! I do hope I will be able to go back to eating my raw cheese and drinking a cup or two of raw milk every now and then, too.... I have been off all grains for 2+weeks, and that part has not been that hard. I am fighting serious sugar cravings (even though I eliminated white sugar/processed crap over a year ago). BTVC says honey is okay, but I think I need to cut that out completley for a little while, too, b/c I feel like I am addicted to it, and I can't resist my cravings for sweet things, even if those sweet things are *healthy*, like frozen cherries, or spoonfuls of raw honey. Is this an indicator of candida? I've never had a yeast infection in my life, so I've never really considered that.
I'm so glad I found this place!!! I am learning A LOT, and feeling confident that I will be able to change my health and get my gut issues under control. Hopefully SOON!! It is hard to put babymaking on hold for so long!
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What about brown rice?? Is that a total no-no? I seam to be tolerating it well.
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Originally Posted by Lisadeanne
What about brown rice?? Is that a total no-no? I seam to be tolerating it well.
It really depends on the individual or what diet you are following.
It can be made easier to digest by soaking for 7 hours first according to Nourishing Traditions.
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Roll Call

This is our story (probably not updated though)
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I'm a lurker here :
For all of you who are trying to heal the gut, do you soak your grains? I've just been learning about this over at Nourishing Traditions thread, and thought someone over here might be able to give me the whys and hows. I'm not sure I'm ready for sprouting, but I'll take opinions on that too
Firefaery, don't panic, I'm still on elimination But I have every intention of being able to eat gluten again. But at the very least, this could be good for the non-gluten grains I'm eating.....
Thanks so much in advance for any help - this is a fast-moving thread, and I feel lost in the info if I don't ask directly.
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Nobody knows the answer to my questions (post 29)? Maybe I'm asking too many at once.

I am at my wits end knowing what to do for my DD (3 months). I know the leaky gut will take time to heal if that is indeed the problem, but she keeps having blood in her poop and I don't know what to do. Should I take her to the doctor? Should I keep trying the diet and hope it works (I've only been doing it for 4 days)? When should the bloody poop disappear by if the diet is going to help? The only foods that are common allergens that I'm eating are almonds and eggs. She hasn't had any behavoral changes, she's still happy and mellow.
Ahhhh! I just don't know what to do.

I called the nurse at the pediatrician's last Friday and she said I should take her to the ER where they would do abdominal X-rays and all sorts of other tests...which I don't want. I mean if there is something wrong I want it figured out but I don't want all these invasive probably un-necessary tests. Then today she had bloody poop again so I called an Ask-a-nurse number and she was trying to make me feel like a horrible mother for not taking her in to see a doctor right away. I just have no faith in doctors at all and I am so upset and I don't know what to do. Maybe I should try to get her in to see a naturopathic doctor...maybe that Jordon Rubin does phone consultations...I don't know what to do.
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Jordan Rubin used to do phone consults...it's worth a phone call to find out.
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My next post will be the long awaited CHEAT SHEET.

You didn't expect it to be short did you?

Please critique and think of things I may have missed and I will edit to include. Obviously I'm a bit biased so please feel free to add anything else without fear of reprisal.

Could you please edit your first post in the thread with...


...so newbies see it first thing?
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Please see most current version stickied at the top of this forum:
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Jane, you are awesome!
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Originally Posted by caedmyn
OK, now for my questions...
1) I bought the Enzymedica Digest Gold enzymes...the Houston ones are quite a bit cheaper but don't have nearly as many enzymes in them. Are they just as good or would I need to take more or more than one type with the Houston ones?

2) How long do the enzymes last? It often takes me an hour to finish a meal between tending to my DD...are the enzymes still good? And sometimes I snack constantly throughout the day...do I need to take enzymes with everything I eat, or if I am snacking on raw foods and only eating a little can I skip the enzymes?

3) The Maker's Diet recommends adding yogurt or kefir after the first 2 weeks, and others have recommended them for probiotics...should I add them in a couple of weeks or wait, since it seems that my daughter may have a problem with dairy? I do have raw milk so it would be raw milk yogurt or kefir.

4) Any suggestions on combating low blood sugar while I'm doing this? The diet is so restricted the first couple of weeks it seems like I'm not getting enough to eat and have low blood sugar feelings constantly. I'm eat a fair amount of protein and fat (lots of eggs and almonds) so I'm not sure what else to do.

5) I read that only raw food has enzymes...is this correct? If it is it would explain why I had so many problems with low blood sugar after eating grains...I usually ate them by themselves and they were always cooked! So should I eat something raw each time I eat?
I'm sorry I've been so swamped!

Yes, the Digest Gold is very strong all around. But Houston's have benefits of be able to take higher amounts of cellulases (No Fenol) and proteases (Peptizyde) between meals for benefits other than digesting food. Comparable Enzymedica products are Candidase and Virastop for between meal use.

I don't know what to tell you about the dairy and your DD! You gotta just try but maybe you should get squared away with enzymes first so if you have a reaction, you aren't wondering which thing it is.

Karen DeFelice suggests if you are a snacker/grazer, keep some enzymes in an iced or refrigerated drink to sip throughout day. As long as enzymes are kept very cold they are not activated. Once activated, they last about 90 minutes in the stomach.

I think low blood sugar feelings are related to die off, they were for me.

Raw foods will not help grains unless you eat raw foods with carb digesting enzymes. I don't know of any ex. raw honey and fruit I guess, but even then capsules will be much better, more intensive for grains if you have a real problems digesting them.
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Originally Posted by caedmyn
2) How long do the enzymes last? It often takes me an hour to finish a meal between tending to my DD...are the enzymes still good? And sometimes I snack constantly throughout the day...do I need to take enzymes with everything I eat, or if I am snacking on raw foods and only eating a little can I skip the enzymes?
I don't know about your other questions but I've read that if you snack all day long you can mix your enzymes in a beverage and sip on it throughout the day before you eat.

Maybe you can find some answers here:
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PM username "moneca" and see if she has any suggestions.
Her DD has had every single test under the sun.
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I've been thinking about you a lot.

Aggression and red ring usually means yeast. But I swear I've seen these related to die off in DS too. It's so hard to know. Is he eating a lot more fruit? raw fruit that he's not digesting? what is stool quality like?
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This article was interesting about the role of fat in recovery from chronic disease: http://www.westonaprice.org/moderndi...icdisease.html

I do not at all believe that fat is the enemy... indeed I just reread a passage saying beneficial fats are necessary for increasing probiotics in the gut! It's great for inflammation too. I think you should give her a lot of fat if she wants it. Do you use coconut oil too?
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Originally Posted by nicolena
a homepathy question--it is within the realm of "fanatical adherance" to use? nico's getting a molar so i'm liberal with the teething tabs. i'm taking ignatia and argentum to help combat the anxiety i am feeling with the diet.
I think so... be careful with the sugar tablets. We are using very diluted amounts than regular lactose pill stuff. I know Elaine spoke about it but I cannot find right now. Pecanbread Yahoo group might have a thread on it.
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Thread Starter 
we are in the midst of die-off. so i'm going, "yay! it's real! it's real!" and "omg, my poor poor babies; i'm so so sorry."

to you all--we are all going thru so much! and i know most are going thru more than we are...

jane, i will update my post (i need to add more details anyway) as soon as i can. maybe tonight if the girls continue sleeping.

tomorrow i'm taking them to their pedi. i want him to order tests. i feel they've been malnourished since birth (or, malabsorbing nourishment), and there's the lead and mercury fears. so i'm going to bring in print outs about these two tests: http://www.gsdl.com/home/assessments/cdsa/ and http://www.directlabs.com/HairElements.php
anything else i should ask for (it can't hurt to ask, right?)?
(he cured his schizophrenia with nutrition, but has since decided it was all genetic, which i didn't know when i decided we'd see him--blah. still, i'm hoping he already knows about btvc. i'll be bringing the book!)
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OMG this is like six degrees of separation b/c the IL's passed thru NY on their way here last week and saw K.V.!

Those are 2 good tests to start with

Amanda also recommends a blood test which is buried to me right now, maybe she can pop in with it.

BTVC has interesting things to say about schizophrenia and diet. It could be genetic in the way autism is... requires a trigger probably to immune system... but with autism, biomedical and nutritional approaches absolutely work.
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