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Originally Posted by chasmyn
Where can one get a chlorine filter for the shower??? I want one!
Me too but my shower is the kind that attaches to the tub spout and has a hose that goes up the wall (if you kwim) I haven't found one that I think will work with our set up. I do have a clorine ball on our tub spout though www.gaiam.com is where I got ours.
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Also, where do I get DCCC/how do I make it? I still don't have the book.
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Originally Posted by chasmyn
Also, where do I get DCCC/how do I make it? I still don't have the book.
DCCC is also called Farmers Cheese. It looks a lot like cream cheese. My Whole foods was carrying it but they said the last time I went in that it is a seasonal thing and not available right now. I don't know. I have started making it. I take the 24 hour yougart and drip it in a cloth untill it is like cream cheese or even thicker. I use that in place of DCCC in recipes.
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Speaking of yougart.

My yogurt maker broke . I've been using a cooler w/2 heating pads in it. Well I always check it every few hours and it is always perfect. I've been incubating 1.5 gallons of yogurt in there for 48 hours and I just checked it. It was 80 degrees I have no idea how long it has been too cool. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Any ideas? It was raw milk too. Do I just have to toss it?
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my husband's intolerances

Originally Posted by JaneS
With fish it is probably the proteins, not the fats. And ditto with dairy, casein dairy proteins are not in either ghee or the centrifuged butter oil. That being said, I cannot determine myself if my cow's milk protein sensitive DS can take it either!!

Any possibility of getting liver into him? Grass fed organ meats also have the X-factor. I wonder about liver extracts like: http://www.drrons.com/organic-organ-delight.htm
My husband reacts pretty violently to cod liver oil, so I don't think it is just the proteins in fish. I know he reacts to butter, but we haven't tried ghee or centrifuged butter oil for him yet. He also reacts to flax oil, even in small amounts. I think the only way I am going to be able to get xfactor into him is with organ meats, and I haven't found a good supplier yet. I would really like to feed him the whole organs instead of extracts, because that would be a lot more cost effective.

I think he definitely has a leaky gut. I am hoping to get some raw goats dairy soon and see if he can tolerate 24 hr yogurt made with it to help him start healing. He is also pretty underweight at this point. He started dropping weight several months ago and hasn't been able to get any to stick since then. He is willing to eat anything I try to feed him though, so hopefully I will make it something that will help him out!
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Pattyla-it's essentially the same book, just without religion. I read Restoring Your Digestive Health first and really liked it. I'm not "religious" but I liked the spiritual aspects of MD very much. If I were just getting one, I'd get MD.

Your poor SIL! Fungus in the bloodstream happens when you have any fungal overgrowth. It's in the bloodstream because they damaged her gut lining and her internal organs. Mainstream medicine sees it as a death sentence though...ironic since they are responsible for it in almost every case. Can she see an ND? Food changes would really help (as would enzymes) but it doesn't sound like she can/is willing. I agree with Jane, I spend alot on food, but she would find relief (even though this makes me shudder) doing the diet with conventional products. The diet doesn't specify organic. Something to consider...she may be able to cut her costs relying on yogurt and eggs for protein, and using meats and things that are on sale. Bones are cheap and the broth can go a long way. I don't know. Wish I could help more!
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Firefaery- thanks I already have md and have read it. I won't get that one too. I am interested in his other one Heal thyself?
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I think I'm in the minority here, but I LOVED Patient, Heal Thyself. I think it's worth it for sure. I've been a Jordan Rubin junkie (canya tell?) for years now. He was the first person that gave me hope when I had nothing. I love his products for the most part (people feel like he product pushes, but he didn't have any in the beginning. He developed them because there weren't any out there) and like his honesty. It's a great companion to NT. Can anyone tell me why-since those were the first "healing" things I read-I went vegan and expected to be able to heal? I am feeling grumpy today that I took steps backwards. Arrgh.
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Caedmyn- I couldn't see if this was already answered. I *think* what Jane is saying is that there shouldn't be food allergies period. If you are healing the gut, you are healing all causes...so try not to second guess everything you ate. It's futile. Things can take 72 hours to show up in a "reaction." You just have no way of knowing what it was, unless every time you eat dairy a horrid rash pops up immediately and you have explosive diarrhea...but even then the same case can be made. IF there's a clear reaction to A SPECIFIC FOOD then take it out. Not necessarily because it's doing harm, but because it's making your dd uncomfortable. After you heal you should be able to tolerate it no problem. Food isn't designed to hurt us-not real, live, whole food anyway. After you finish with the program you should tolerate properly prepared real foods without an issue (unless you have CD, which there is still debate about. I'm not 100% convinced yet.) That's why the SCD is great. We did it with known allergens and recovered. THere was some discomfort (in the form of gas and behavioral stuff-oh and sleep stuff) for a bit, but they no longer have the avacado-carrot-pea-coconut-plum-banana-etc. allergies that they did. Once the gut heals, you stop leaking proteins. Once you stop leaking proteins the allergies go away. HTH.
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Are any of you familiar with different types of adrenal support?

I'm looking at this:


and this:


Any recommendations? Thoughts?
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Just subbing because I need to start working on dd1 and my gut healing shortly after we move into our new house at the end of May.
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Hi ladies,
Just received my NT book!!! I'm reading voraciously.....
So I've committed to starting SCD on Monday for one month - minus the dairy, so I can be confident that the acne isn't somehow dairy-related. Was anyone else hesitant to eat beans in the intro-SCD diet? I've heard so much about how hard they are to digest (but maybe only unsprouted....Haven't gotten to that chapter yet), that I'm worried about eating them during such an otherwise restrictive diet. Any comments? Pattlya, I wish I had some advice about the "yogurt-gone-wrong" - However, I'm a health inspector and most of what I'm learning and considering is completely against everything I'm taught professionally anyway. All that to say, your local health department is not the place to get advice about what to do with your yogurt batch I suspect, though, that since the ferment conditions weren't there to control pathogen risk, it may be risky to try the process over with the same raw milk.
On that note, I went to a training today on pool chlorination, where the mantra was "the law says 1 ppm, but we always recommend 3!". DH and I often play a game of "what is commonplace now that we'll look at in 20 years and think 'What were we thinking?'" Pool chlorination and birth control pills top my list....
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hey! need to "lurk in here for a bit and trying ot not feel overwhelmed. I need to do this for my dd's health.

Be Well.
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shanna--you're not supposed to do beans in the beginning (they're for advanced SCD'ers)
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Originally Posted by Shanna4000
"what is commonplace now that we'll look at in 20 years and think 'What were we thinking?'" Pool chlorination and birth control pills top my list....
Attached garages. But that's totally OT

I didn't even know you could get a chlorine filter for the shower! Dd's very sensitive to Cl. I'll have to look into this. Also, I know some pools are starting to use bromine or even salt - I just moved to a different city, I'll have to look into what they use around here.
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So incredibly behind, but still lurking on the thread...

We have a vitamin C shower head plus bath tablets. It neutralizes the chlorine and is reported to be quite effective. Google "vitashower" for more info, I can't remember where we got it from.
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This whole chlorine issue has me very interested. Dh and I talked about switching - we, of course, use all the typical pool chemicals in ours. YK, I suspected the that the chlorine was affecting dd but NEVER thought of it affecting her gut flora! Totally makes sense now.

I just ordered JR's Patient Heal Thyself to read more about it (and his take on all this). If anyone has any other info. or links I'd love to read them.

I gave dd some of my yogurt for the first time this morning and she liked it. She actually had 2 good poopies today AND an hour and a half nap. Is this coincidence? I don't think it is. I gave her some more at dinner time too. So far, no adverse affects.
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Originally Posted by toraji
So incredibly behind, but still lurking on the thread...

We have a vitamin C shower head plus bath tablets. It neutralizes the chlorine and is reported to be quite effective. Google "vitashower" for more info, I can't remember where we got it from.
So I'm looking at all of these different showers and how does one choose? Each says the other's technology is bunk, essentially - and of course they do, they have a product to sell! Anyone know of an unbiased assessment of the different ones? I want to buy one of these like yesterday. Aquasana offers a satisfaction guarantee or money back and has all sorts of awards, but the vitashower uses Vitamin C and well, for natural living I can't argue with that. Aquasana also has a seemingly pretty good deal on a water filter - not RO, leaves the minerals in, but I'm not sure about fluoride, I'm waiting for them to email me back.

Anyone know anything about RO vs filtered leaving the minerals in? We currently have RO.

Is this OT? I feel like it's not but I don't want to de-rail the thread. I mean, minerals are important, right?
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JaneS (or whoever knows)...how can I treat eczema? One of the rashes on DD's butt has been tentatively diagnosed as eczema and I can't figure out how to treat it. We do CD and also EC--she is mostly dry and gets a fair amount of air time, besides.

Could enzymes make the eczema worse? I started taking 1/4 cap of Digest Gold with 2 meals a day a couple of days ago and today DD's rash looks pretty bad.
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Originally Posted by caedmyn
shanna--you're not supposed to do beans in the beginning (they're for advanced SCD'ers)
Thank you! I thought it sounded weird......
I'm confused then about trusting the website about what is allowed or not allowed (can't afford (new) or find (library) the book): It says specifically that beans are okay, except for chickpeas, soybeans, and a couple of others.
I should be okay if I just stick to meat, fresh veggies and eggs.... I guess I'll have to dig deeper online for the intro diet to make sure the nuts and nut butters that I was counting on are okay......
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