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I've got that book on my amazon wish list right now. I really, really want to read it.
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Quickly and kinda OT.

Oh, and before I forget, thank you Jane for the response to my many questions. I've decided to go w/the New Chapter over the RM-10 as there was just too much 'stuff' in Rubin's. And the myleniated brown rice in the new chapter one is, (I think) what they ferment the mushrooms on...or something technical like that

My lil' guy is 17m and barely eating. Waiting on the food allergy and enviromental tests to come back (sleep apnea and very very frequent nightwaking gasping for air). Oh, he also has a lil' rash too (and he is EC'd) so probably the enzymes over here too Well, he just developed a umbilical hernia (he had surgery at 6w for an inguinal hernia), sigh. So another surgery might be in his future, but this is not life threatening like the inguinal one.

But I regress.

We had the house deleaded before I was pregnant w/him. New windows, gov't grant and loan, excellent program, certified lead abatement contractors. Well, he just got tested and his lead is at 14 (venous). His iron is at 11 (normal is 70-100) and hemoglobin is at 9. I need ideas. (And a bigger plate to put all of this one, mine's gettin' crowded ) We just bought the gluten-free floradix, floravital, and started that yesterday. He won't eat red meat (which I've been trying to push for weeks). I'm thinking about getting some organic grass-fed liver and after the 14 days of frozen, grating it up and just putting it on my finger and sneakin' it in his cheek (which works for everything). Our dr. wants to put him on a prescription iron supplement and while I understand that his iron is incredibly low, I'm not sure how a supplement that is ridiculously hard on his system and unabsorbable, will help. Not to mention the crap (and SCD illegials) that will be in it.

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Oh Amy!
I feel for you-yes, your plate is overflowing! I don't have much advice, but I will look forward to the responses you get as my guy is just a bit older and in the same boat with the iron and not eating.
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Grump, grump, grump.....:
I just spend 3 hours chasing Breaking the Vicious Cycle all over town, to no avail. I had to order it online, and it won't even ship until Wednesday
Can anyone help me out with part 2 of the diet? I'm so sorry to ask, but I'm in a bit of a bind.....
So I'm starting the intro diet on Monday (only the chicken broth w/carrots, broiled beef or fish, eggs, and Welch's Grape Juice - won't do any dairy or gelatin). I'm hoping to go until Friday on this, but righ now I can only bite off the idea of 2 days on this part of the diet. Where would I go from here? I don't expect to see any improvement yet after just 2 days since my issue is acne.....Can anyone help with the next step, just to get me through Friday or so? Does the next food to be added in depend on your situation? I would guess that certain fruits and veggies would be next......
I'm worried I'll lose momentum if I have to stay on the intro part until the book comes - I feel hungry just thinking about it....
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Shanna, after the intro diet I just added in one new food a day. the pecan bread link Jane provided in a couple posts back has a beyond the intro diet chart of what foods to add in first. Like applesauce or pearsauce and deseeded and skinless cooked zucchini and greenbeans. If you added in those one a day that week it should take you to Friday. I just made a soup out of the broth, chicken, zucchini, and green beans. I could eat that every day for lunch, so it doesn't feel too depriving. Dinner I have more problems with in the intro diet and snacks are sooo hard, especially if you are cutting out dairy. Why no gelatin? I never was a jello eater, but I love the stuff now after starting this diet and not much else to eat.

Hmmm I usually just ate yogurt for breakfasts. Maybe you could do broth? and your going to want to cook a lot of chicken if your going slow. When I started the intro the first time I was soooo sooo hungry all the time. the second and third time I've started the intro has been a lot better. And now I will also be starting it over again on Monday too for the 4th time. I fell of the wagon for my birthday. This time though I am determined to stick with it.
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If you don't do the gelitan it is very important that you make your own bone broths and drink them often. The natural gelitan in them will help with healing.

I think I added bananas next and then zuccini and probably spinach. Wintersquash is another good one to add early. Also apple sauce and pear sauce. You can make things with nut flour pretty early on too. Just pick a day when that is your new thing. Not sure which recipes don't have dairy though. Hold off on the coconut. I found that pretty hard to digest.

You can do it! Have you looked into doing goat yougart when you do decide to introduce some dairy? It is easier to digest and often it is easier to find local sources of raw goat milk than raw cow since it requires much less space to raise them.
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Originally Posted by AmyD
Well, he just got tested and his lead is at 14 (venous). His iron is at 11 (normal is 70-100) and hemoglobin is at 9. I need ideas. (And a bigger plate to put all of this one, mine's gettin' crowded ) .
How about cooking absolutely everything in cast iron?
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Let's do this together!

Hey Shanna & Artisticat-I am starting on Monday as well! Let's help each other!

I started about a month ago-thought it was a great idea to just jump in and start the entire family (all five kids) and DH on it at once-not such a good thing. We lasted for about ten days-then moved to NT-added soaked grains.

I am still BF'ing my 25 month old and he is really struggling. I have to do this for him-now! I am roasting up a big old chicken tomorrow, will make broth after we eat the meat. It is my goal to do the intro for at least three days-then add one cooked veggie/fruit each day after that.

Gelatin ?-I am assuming we are not talking about Jello-is it the unsweetend boxed stuff? How do you eat this-sorry if this is the dumbest question. I did get some gelatin on my last two batches of broth-that was yummy.

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Shanna--if you like eggs they are good for breakfast. I ate deviled eggs w/homemade mayo and scrambled eggs w/a little water added instead of milk. I go through about 5 dozen eggs a week by myself since I started this!

If enzymes are making DD rashy, does that mean I can't do them at all, or do I just need to try different enzymes? I've been doing 1/4 cap of Digest Gold at 2 meals a day for the past 3 1/2 days. Today her rash was better when she woke up but around 3 I noticed it had flared up again--this was about 3 1/2 hours after the first time I had enzymes at a meal today. Is it possible for them to affect her that quickly?
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I know this is more appropriate for the SCD Chef's thread, but I need a quick response, so I figured this would be a better place:

Could someone please PM the ingredients for Lois Lang Bread?

My DP accidentally returned the book to the library yesterday, before I could write down the recipe. I need it for a family gathering we're having at 1 pm today! I'm going to be making the Onion Bun variation (for portabello burgers )

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Originally Posted by mom2zsel
Hey Shanna & Artisticat-I am starting on Monday as well! Let's help each other!
Yes, I could definately use a buddy on this!

Thank you SO much for the link to pecanbread - I'm trying to remember that I really need to read the book before I progress beyond stage 1 - hopefully the book arrives soon while morale is still high on initiating this

On the gelatin issue, I think I will go buy some - I was mostly concerned about availability, but I think the CoOp should have some. I think that and the grape juice will probably be my saving grace.

I am going to be starting the Garden of Life Omega Enzyme tomorrow (I think it's illegal?), but I did switch probiotics from the GOL to MegaFlora, which has rice starch in it. I couldn't locate any of the "legals" at the NFS last night, but I did take the advice about not using the homeostatic ones from GOL. I feel so uncertain about the priorities for me on this diet, since my issue isn't GI symptoms - Ideally, I'd like to follow it to the letter even on the supplements, but didn't have the luxury of being able to order them and wait.
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For the gelatin, you buy unsweetened, then use juice, and maybe a little honey (or, ack, saccharine) to sweeten it. There is one recipe on the box of Knox gelitan I have, and there are others out there. There use to be tons of them. I have a book, Mommy Made, that has some recipes with them, including one using broth as the base!
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nicolena--just wanted to say that you are not the only one dealing with rashes caused by enzymes. My DD has eczema (I think that's what it is, anyway) on her butt and it has flared up since I started taking enzymes, and I am going really slowly with them. I've only added two new foods in the last week or so and I don't think the flare up is connected with either food (the timing doesn't seem right) so it must be the enzymes

JaneS--can I just take extra cod liver oil instead of giving it to DD for her eczema? I don't really feel comfortable giving supplements to a baby that's not even old enough for solids.
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Taking extra clo is a great way to get it into a nursling! You should be getting a minimum of 2 tsp of the high vitamin kind while nursing (approx 5000 of A per 1/2 tsp) I take 1 tbsp but my dd also takes clo (about 1tsp worth). If I were trying to heal a younger nursling w/ my bm I would be taking even more.
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Have you had any other test results back on either you or your son? Do you have other health problems besides gut problems?

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Originally Posted by Gale Force

Have you had any other test results back on either you or your son? Do you have other health problems besides gut problems?

Nope, we are pretty healthy. Except for the cancer of course We are probably some of the more healthier members of this thread. I do think all of our issues come back to the fact that *I* have a leaky gut--AND I AM TOTALLY TALKING ABOUT CANCER HERE. My immune system, while doable, could not cope. With the exceptions of the hernias in lil' DS2, I'm not taking the blame for that.

We are waiting on RAST results for both boys presently. I haven't done the minerals yet, nor the heavy metals, but I feel that I am deficient in selenium (another cancer issue) and magnesium. And I feel the boys might have some heavy metal stuff going on, besides the Lead.
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What if we adopted the pecanbread siggy rule and signed with whatever diet we are following and how long we have been doing it? I think that may help us talor responces to each other better w/o having to keep asking who is doing what and for how long etc.

Patty- Fanitical scd for 10 weeks w/ nursling dd and dh for candidia and suspected celiacs and other auto immune issues.
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Time for the May thread! I found it here:

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Originally Posted by JaneS

For those of you experiencing sensitivities with almonds... are they organic almonds?

I used to have a lot of problems with my throat swelling and closing up from certain "conventional" fruits (esp. apples) all my life. When I found organics, I was in heaven, no problems at all.
"Countless nutritionists and living foods experts have all stressed that it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to germinate (soak) all nuts and seeds for at least 12 hours before consuming them.

Germination is a process where all the vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are dormant in nuts and seeds begin to activate and multiply. Germination also eliminates certain toxins and acids within the dormant nuts and seeds that would interfere with digestion.
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Could you be allergic to everything?

Hi all,

I've been lurking on these boards for a few weeks just trying to assimilate it all. I was hoping you kind ladies could help.

DS dx with milk allergy @7weeks with blood in his stools. Neocate started. 6m we started solids and he did great. At 9 months he reacted with rashes. We thought it was wheat since Cheerios was the last new food we had given. Took out, but rash still not completely gone. Finally took all solids out for 3 weeks (DS was 10m at this time). Rash went away.

Started one new food a week. Rice first week of March went fine, so did sweet potatoes. Green beans, peas and squash he got a rash on the 6-7 day of trial. Then slowly he started reacting to rice and sweet potatoes with the rash. I knew this because I stopped trialling other foods at the beginning of April.

He RAST neg and skin test negative in February.

Dx with delayed food allergies...non igE allergies.

So now at 12.5m we have pulled the two solids he could eat out. Per the ped/allergists at Stanford we are giving him 6m off solids.

I've been talking to a john's hopkins MD who also does homeopathic medicine. She thinks that DS has leaky gut syndrome. And that while 6m will help, if he eats any of the foods too often or in excess the sensitivities will come back.
She also agreed that don't worry about feeding him for the next few months and to give him gut rest. Which I geuss is what the allergist at Stanford Children's Hospital are saying in just a different way.

She said probiotics often help. I'm afraid that he'll be allergic to those too.

But I feel like the Stanford Doctors who while they acknowledge delayed food allergies say not much is known about them....aren't being pro active enough.

I know IgG testing is not as accurate but isn't it a starting pt? Isn't there something we can do?

I don't want to keep trying new foods b/c he is seeming to become allergic to everything with time. And I think the Stanford Doctors and Homeopathic/MD both think that resting his gut will help. But I am just so confused. Nobody I know has allergies and allergic to everything is blowing my mind!

I want to cry b/c he wants to eat and all I can give him is formula =(

I hope you could help. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

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