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Yes there is light! Please got to the May thread of healing the gut tribe.
Towards the end there are some success stories but most of the mamas are still in the middle of healing their babes. Also, the Healing the Gut tribe cheat sheet will answer your questions. Most of us follow the Specific carbohydrate Diet with Nourishing Traditions (book by Sally Fallon) principles. westonaprice.org, breakingtheviciouscycle.info, pecanbread.com

Food allergies are the result of leaky gut, because the undigested proteins leak throught the intestine to the blood where they are seen as invaders.
Do not feed your child sugar and grains! Baby's first food should be egg yolks after breastmilk. Not egg whites, though, because whites have a very difficult-to-digest protein. Yolks have fat and cholesterol and protein, vitamin A, B-s, D and minerals, just what baby needs.
Babies don't have the enzymes to digest carbohydrates.
Probiotics won't cause allergies but may cause a die-off reaction, the worsening of symptoms for a short time. That's because the pathogenic bacteria are dying and the body is trying to get rid of the toxins.

After the gut heals (may take months, years) allergies will go away most of the time.

You can find the intro diet on pecanbread.com, which is how you start the healing process, and you need to go slowly. Chicken broth and gelatin....

learn about enzymes (cheat sheet) and enzymestuff.com and how they can help digest food and reduce allergic reactions.

Probiotics- pecanbread.com has info on the age-appropriate versions that have no additives and are "legal" on this diet.

Supplement with cod liver oil if it's tolerated.
there's so much more but this is a good start...
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How about cooking absolutely everything in cast iron?
amy--my thoughts too. are you still nursing (can't remember what you decided)--how about adding dessicated liver to your supplementation regime? i'm taking 4/day (as per eflf), but i've thought about adding more, esp since dda is sick and ddb will probably get it.

which i could respond more. starting together is brilliant! i just kinda caedmyn and chasmyn bc i think they started around when we did.

so dda is sicjk, but she will take clo! she has horrible gas tho. and all she's really eating is my milk! agh! so i guess bad stuff is still getting in it. i guess i've been cheating too much with honey and dried fruit. so i'm cutting way back on homey and fruit for us all, tho i'm very sad about it. i guess i'll make gelatin again, tho it feels counterintuitive.
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