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AmyD--sending you helathy, healing vibes!

(and i love the phrase "poops and giggles.")
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Mehera, that link isn't working, click on my link, and then post that address. Otherwise you get the truncated version which shows up on the screen.
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Well I'm feeling a little calmer now...thanks for the hugs DH reminded me that I actually did have a tiny bit of butter on Sunday--we went out for dinner and I ordered steamed veggies not realizing they had butter poured over them and I ate one of the carrots and got a bit of the butter on my steak before I realized it, so maybe that caused the bloody poop. I did PM moneca...I think I will at least call a naturopath tomorrow and see if they have any recommendations or if that is something they would be willing to evaluate.

JaneS--thanks for answering my questions. I have a couple more...

Is there anything else (supplements) I should be taking? I'm afraid to try cow yogurt now, so I think I am going to get the Garden of Life probiotics for now, and then try goat's milk yogurt if I can find any. I haven't found any at the two HFS's I've been to, and the only goat's milk they have is ultra-pasturized and I don't want to use it. I do have cod liver oil coming in the mail, too.

Is one capsule of DigestGold per meal/snack the right amount?

If DD has a yeast rash on her butt, would GSE or Candidase or something like that help her (or maybe just the probiotics)? It started as a weird reddish rash and then the yeast bumps popped up. Maybe it was yeast all along, I don't really know. Anyhow, the bumps are gone but the reddish rash, which was mostly gone, is back in full force. Sigh...who knew one little baby could be so complicated!
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Ok, here's a question for you all. I'm not even sure exactly what to ask, I'm bumfuzzled...
DD has some serious absorption (or lack of) issues. We started her on some Houston's enzymes. They seemed to be working great. (Her face gets a bit flushed some, what was it someone said about that?) Well, we were at family's for dinner and forgot the enzymes. She was not going to let us not feed her, so she ate like she normally would. The next day her poops were fairly normal. (A few undigested stuff, but nowhere near like before) So, I've intentionally left off the enzymes a couple of times and the same thing. Pretty good looking poops. Is it possible to boost up like that? Or is it the probiotics I've been taking passing through to her?
I guess I shouldn't look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth, but COOL!
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Also, does anyone know when I could expect to see some sort of change/results if this is going to work? I feel like I'm going into this blind, not really knowing what to expect or even what the right foods/supplements are.
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nevermind, there it is...weird
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Ya'll take a look at this...

So what else can I use to help get rid os yeast?
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I am at my wits end knowing what to do for my DD (3 months). I know the leaky gut will take time to heal if that is indeed the problem, but she keeps having blood in her poop and I don't know what to do. Should I take her to the doctor? Should I keep trying the diet and hope it works (I've only been doing it for 4 days)? When should the bloody poop disappear by if the diet is going to help? The only foods that are common allergens that I'm eating are almonds and eggs. She hasn't had any behavoral changes, she's still happy and mellow.
I don't know if anybody answered, but the bloody poop was a sign of a dairy allergy for ds.
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I think I answered that in another thread? Bloody poop-my first guess is a dairy allergy, but second would be an anal fissure. Is the blood dark or bright red? If it's bright like a fresh cut, my $ is on a fissure which could be internal OR external. If it's darker it means the bleeding is deeper, like from the intestinal lining. Dairy can really ravage the gut and has been linked by even conventional medicine to anemia because of the damage (ulcerations and bleeding) it causes.
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firefaery--you did answer the blood question in another thread, and it is bright red blood. Those stupid nurses just keep scaring me. I just need to relax and give the healing the gut thing a chance to work.

nicholasmom--how long have you been trying to healing your gut/your DS's gut? Are you able to use dairy again (like 24 hr yogurt) or have you tried?

Anyone tried Garden of Life enzymes (Omega Zyme)? They have a lot of the same stuff as the Enzymedica Digest gold in similar amounts, some different stuff though.
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how long have you been trying to healing your gut/your DS's gut? Are you able to use dairy again (like 24 hr yogurt) or have you tried?
I just started the SCD, NOT strictly. I just found the info in the last 2 weeks. Ds had bloody stools around 3 months but we see a Homeopath and a Chinese doctor so we didn't have any invasive treatments to worry about.

At the time he had bloody stools, I stopped soy and milk products and it went away. At around 12 months I tried him or some milk, but it just gives him a bad diaper rash. He eats yoghurt fine now, since 18 months, but yoghurt is different than drinking milk. He does NOT drink milk but drinks rice milk. He can eat mild cheese like colby, farmer's cheese but swiss or sharp cheddar cheese makes his excema worse.
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Dd's fissures went away when she stopped dairy (and it was raw, fermented dairy) I also think you may want to think about supplementing with MSM or zinc. They both help with skin and cell integrity. If it's a fissure, the cell walls could use some help. Really, and skin issue will be helped by the two of them. It will also work if the damage is in the gut or outside (fissure) We used tamanu oil on the fissure (you could clearly see dd's) and supped the zinc and MSM for a period of time. Not to freak you out, but I would do somthing. She's obviously bleeding from somewhere opening the gates for a bacterial infection. With an already compromised system it's not somthing I would just wait for, personally. That said-we didnt' use a pediatrician for it at all. I worked with my homeopath and supplemented with things to correct it. I'm not big on medical intervention. IME they have never known what they were doing and created more harm. BUt that's just my experience.

GOL enzymes are great. They are very strong and do compare pretty well with enzymedica's. I preferred Houstons because you could give them in different combinations, but I felt more results with GOL's.
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firefaery--I'm not exactly doing nothing, I'm eliminating dairy and have started the healing the gut thing because of this. It's more a matter of not knowing what else to do, so I am definitely open to suggestions from people who have been there. I will definitely look into the MSM and zinc...any recommendations on products and doses? Thanks!
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Oh, honey! I know you aren't doing nothing-I just mean that it is a gut healing thing, but you may want to do some leg work on this specific issue in the mean time.

Zinc-a liquid form is your best bet. I love scientific botanicals, but there are many decent ones. You don't want to give any more than 10 mg a day, and even then not for more than a week or so. Then drop to five mg. You are much better off with this mineral looking for supplements as opposed to food sources.

MSM-you want a powder. Almost any brand as long as it's pure MSM with no fillers. That you can do about a tsp. a day. IT's slightly bitter, so I stick it in a smoothie.
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Anyone have a copy of "Patient Heal Thyself" by Jordan Rubin? I have a copy on hold at the library but it looks like it might be a while before I get it...if someone has a copy would you be willing to tell me what the recommendations in it are for leaky gut?
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I've got it, but I have to go find it. I have "Restoring Your Digestive Health" right here though if you want that info. His books don't really differ much in their approach...
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I just want to know how long I need to stay on the different phases of the Maker's Diet...also I think somebody said there was a list of different foods that are/aren't good for leaky gut (but that might be too much to copy down, I don't know how long the list is)...if you happen to have a scanner you could scan and email me whatever if that would be easier.
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A roll call seems like a good time to intro...

I'm considering the SCD and have been lurking along -- I don't have any specific symptoms of digestive trouble, but am pretty sure I have yeast overgrowth and past history would suggest a leaky gut problem. I had a c-section with my oldest and ended up with the dreaded c. difficile, which was a bear to get rid of. First doc did not want me to do vancomycin because she thought it was incompatible with breastfeeding -- second doc said no problem and gave it to me. Solved the c. diff but can't have been good for my flora overall! DS and I had a terrible time with breastfeeding -- long story, but it involved thrush, a bad latch that left me in pain, my trying an elimination diet with no success, and a near total lack of sleep on his part (which of course impacted my sleep). He was a difficult, cranky, non-sleeping baby/child, and now that I'm reading all this about leaky gut I'm guessing that could have been the problem. The funny thing is, I had thrush again with DD, and even did a course of diflucan for it, but she didn't have any problems like DS had. I did eat a much better diet during that PG though!

Anyway, as I said, I don't have digestive issues but I am so, so tired all the time, no matter how much sleep I get or how well I eat. We are easing into NT eating -- I thought maybe the fatigue was from eating too much sugar but having given up sugar, it's still a problem. I'm not eating much in the way of grains or other starches at all, mostly meat, lots of veg and fruit, some nuts, and raw dairy. I'm wondering about adrenal problems, or maybe yeast causing the fatigue. I've been taking Candidase as well as Digest Gold and some sea minerals, plus CLO daily, but no other supps. I'm thinking about ordering some adrenal gland capsules from Dr. Ron's but I hate to spend the money if it's not my adrenals...is there a test for adrenal function? We are spending so much on food lately that I hate to go into testing and seeing a doc if I can figure it out on my own.

Anyway, the SCD kind of scares me (I have enough issues trying to prepare foods that the whole family will like, much less trying to eat a different diet myself) but I'm considering it. I tried to make 24 hour yogurt with raw milk but it flopped.

Any suggestions or questions are welcome! In the meantime, I'll just be reading along!
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firefaery--I can just take the supplements, right, I don't have to give them to DD?
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Caedmyn-how old is your dd? Mine was 15 months when we started and she got them directly. It will depend on age though...can't seem to remember how old she is.
MD-Phase 1, days 1-14
Foods to avoid:
Meat (Pork, bacon, ham, sausage, soy, ostrich, emu, veggie burgers)
Fish (fried fish, eel, shark, catfish, squid, shellfish)
Poultry (breaded or fried)
Lunch meat
Eggs (imitation)
Dairy(soy milk, almond milk, rice milk)
Fats (lard, shortening, safflowe, sunflower, cottonseed, margarine, soy, canola, corn-anything partially hydrogenated)
veggies (corn potatoes, white and sweet)
Beans (soy, black, navy, garbanzo, tofu, kidney, white, lima)
Nuts and seeds (honey roasted, macadamia, hazelnut, peanut, cashew, walnut, pecan, brazil, anything roasted)
Condiments (anything with sugar, ketchup, bbq sauce)
Fruits (everything avoided but:berries, grapefruit, limes and lemons)
Beverages (juice, alcohol, tap water, soda, pre-ground coffee)
Grains (all illegal)
Sweetener (honey, sugar, syrup, fructose, corn syrup, anything artificial)
Misc (whey protein, soy protein, rice protein)
Phase 2, days 15-28
Phase 3, days 29-40 and beyond
I'll type the lists for 2 and 3 when I get the time!
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