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babyblue~~~ So sorry your baby's father is being so bad. My first ds's father was the same way. It hurts a lot especially when you want this to be such a perfect time. In the end it is sooo his loss.
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Ooooooh, somebody commiserate with me! My left leg is killing me... I can't stand to sit, stand or lay down, that sciatic nerve is pinched.

I remember my friend (we were pregnant at the same time in '02-'03) remarking that it felt like someone had taken her leg off and put it on backwards... that's exactly how my hip feels right now. Yeeeeouch.

I just want to enjoy these last few weeks and not wish away my pregnancy, but that's so hard now when I just want to cry. And I'm sooo grouchy that poor dh is just getting a constant earful (some of it deserved though, he ticked off a handful of people today ).


I'm definitely calling the chiro first thing Monday AM... I mean to call and make an appt yesterday and I forgot.
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I am moving this week too. Next Saturday to be exact and I am soo not packed. I'll be 37.5 weeks then. I have packed a few things here and there, but the majority of the work will have to be done this week. Mostly by me. Dh is off this weekend, but he's not being a whole lot of help to be honest. Also, I'm kind of a control freak and I want everything packed just so so that we can unpack quickly and easily at the new house. I'm excited to move into our new house, but at the same time I'm really dreading the hassle and praying that we'll get everything ready by the time the baby comes. As you can see, we'll really be cutting it close. I wish I could just be concentrating on resting, spending one on one time with ds, and preparing for the baby, but I guess that just wasn't in the cards. It's so weird though, with ds I was soo ready to have him born and now I'm hoping this little one will stay in as long as possible!
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Michelle, I don't know if this is sciatica pain but there will be a shooting pain going down the inside of my leg starting at my pelvis and it HURTS doggonit! : It just comes out of nowhere and sometimes my whole leg just seizes up. I had to hobble across the street holding on to DH last night cause all of a sudden there it was. Then it'll go away. I dunno, but whatever it is it needs to cut it out!

I'm sorry you're in so much pain. I hope you can get to the chiro ASAP and get some relief.
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Good luck with the move Candace. I can totally picture myself being the same way about moving- I'd hate to imagine how my dh would pack but it wouldn't be conducive to unpacking!

mcb- yup, that's sciatica pain. It's it just crazy? It's not hurting as bad today, but I'm still calling the chiro tomorrow.
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Oh gosh... I thought maybe labor was starting last night. I got really antsy, couldn't sit still, really crampy, slight backache, ouchie cervix... uh, not quite diahhrea, but my body was cleaning itself out.

I had a lot of regular ctx (prodromal labor for three weeks) with ds but this just felt like something was different... there was a big sense of deja vu last night, reminded me of the night ds was born. I admit I was relieved it wasn't. As excited as I am for this baby to be born, another week in the womb would be good for baby.
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Oh my Michelle! How are you feeling today?
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Feeling okay today, I had a little repeat of that hormone rush and some of those contractions while laying on the couch watching a movie with dh. I hope I don't do this for three weeks like I did with ds! I have a prenatal today and I'm tempted to have her check me, but I know it doesn't mean anything since I was 4cm for at least three weeks last time.

... but the sciatica is killing me. I limp all the time... called the chiro and they're getting me in on the 26th, but that's too far away so I think I'm going to have to call back and ask if they can call me if anyone cancels before then because I'm sometimes in a lot of pain.
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ugh....have you been to the Chiro before for sciatia? Did he give you exercises to do?
When I went he got me all set (adjustment) and then gave me some leg exercises to do to help keep things lined up.

When they go wacky, most times I can kind of re-adjust myself and then do the exercises for a bit and it *really* helps.

After work I'll look and see if I can find a site with the exercises online.....

n/m I found one real quick

He did NOT have me do the press ups, just the knee-to-chest and lumbar rotations.
I can't even picture doing a press up this far along
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Thanks so much Lauren, I'll try those. He's a pretty popular chiro (I can understand why) so it's often hard to get a quick appt with him. I can probably only afford to go once (gotta pay cash, I'm uninsured) so I want to hold off as long as I can, and yet I don't want to be in agony in the meantime.
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I know
We had to pay cash too....bleh

But within 3 weeks of being pregnant I could barely stand for more than 5 minutes. It was gawd-awful. I had to shift weight from one foot to the other constantly.
It took two visits to get my hips to stay in place, but I haven't had to go back since then. I was terrified that if the pregnancy was starting that way I was going to be living at the Chiro's and we sure couldn't pay that AND the midwife.

Thankfully I've been okay *whew*

I hope the exercises help
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