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Originally Posted by firefaery
Jane- are they not using synthetic vitamins in Carlson's capsules? Is it just the liquid? I'm not interested in synthetic vitamin A.
Would I use synthetics?
No, they are natural. Gel capsules, very small. Actually they do make some synthetic versions, just make sure you get the natural kind.
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My bottle of liquid Carlson's CLO does not lead me to believe it has any added synthetic vitamins in it. Am I missing something? I am quite careful to only take whole food supplements and really didn't think there was anything otherwise in that bottle!!
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Last post then I'll move over:
So have you received other info from Carlson's? I guess that's my question...I have been reading that they are taking out A & D and replacing them with synthetic forms. WHen I contacted them, they repeatedly sent me the same statement. It neither confirmed nor denied the reality that it was happening. I'd love it if it weren't true...
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