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Hi Gals,

I was here last year, after we lost our son at 18 weeks - since then we have tried IVF, and failed miserably, but...

the very cycle after IVF we got a BFP all on our own! I am 41 and 2 months, we have had 3 betas, doubling nicely...

so, for this minute I am blissfully happy!

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Hey !

Welcome back to the boards

Oh I'm sorry for the loss of your son

Congrats. on your BFP

Wishing you Happy & Healthy 9 Months.

I'm so happy for you.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Miscarraiges are so difficult particularly after the first trimester. How great that you have conceived on your own after IVF!
I wish you a wonderful "ordinary" nine month miracle free of all excitement except for the good kind. I have had much less than perfect pregnancy history myself but in spite of that have been blessed with 4 amazing children.(my last a few months away from 41.)Congratulations & best wishes,we would love for you to keep us updated as you go along!
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Hi all, not posting much here, but always reading and : : . I am on cd25. Drumming fingers here... I can't even hope that I might get a bfp Monday. At age 42, after 4 miscarriages in a row, it seems impossible. But yet I still hope. I was trying to not get pg til my gallbladder is out, but the best intentions went out the window on cd 11 and cd 13 . And I would be thrilled to be pg despite the fact that it means I'd have to hang onto this gallbladder for another year or so.

I'll let you know what happens. My cycle is always 28 days, so if the witch ain't here by Mon am, I'm testing. She usually sends her dog Spot ahead of her (btw, whoever coined that, I love it!) by 2-3 days, and so far, he hasn't shown his mangy self either. ????????

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Good Luck Liz

: for you.
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Good luck Liz!

FF over 40+ TTC board now has 17 BFP's for May! Still 10 days to go.
As for me...I am at 7dpo & waiting patiently.
Good luck to all,
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Hi everybody! CD 4 again - but I'm excited to be going into another cycle - now that I have my fertility monitor it feels so much less stressful!

Amy (Stone Fence), you had asked about onlies - my stepson is an only child (my son is 20 years younger than him and so he doesn't really count as a sibling!) and he is such a wonderful young man! He is sensible, responsible, considerate - a really great person. And although he had wanted siblings as a little child, he grew out of it and hasn't missed them since.

However, it's a matter of temperament, I think. My son (5) is like me - needs people as much as he needs air to breathe. He is really really bored and lonely as an only child. Since he is already 5 I know I've blown it in terms of giving him a playmate, but still, like Lisa said, I want him to have someone to grow up with, someone to reminisce with, someone to help him remember and understand his childhood and his family, and therefore himself. Or as I sometimes only half-jokingly say, someone to compare notes with on the therapist's couch and to help him fit the pieces of the puzzle together as to how he got so screwed up!

The other thing that is driving me is our age - dh is almost 59, I am 42. My son will be growing up with parents as old as other kids' grandparents. I want there to be another spark of youth in the house. Also, he will be young when we are old, and young when we die. I don't want him to have to go through it all alone. Somehow, it feels better to leave two young orphans in the world to look after each other, rather than just the one. Reminds me of the saying that goes something like "A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. A joy shared is a joy doubled." Does that make any sense?
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MajaKatrina, welcome back and congratulations! I'm so happy for you! I too lost a baby, my first, at 25 weeks. She would have been 7 years old yesterday. Somehow, you never forget, do you? I always have this invisible daughter with me... Anyway, I'm excited for you! And for all of us - there's hope yet!

MsGoodBuns - have you considered getting a known donor, who would donate for free? I have a friend who had said he would (when I was looking for a donor for another friend, who eventually decided to adopt instead), and I think that's what they did with Melissa Etheridge's children - David Crosby was the known donor.

Maybe you could find a really trustworthy good person who would not stake any claim to your baby, but just take an uncle/friend-like interest in him/her instead? Easier said than done, I know, but it was just a thought. Because the sperm bank route does sound expensive.
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Catherine, and wishes for a .

Well mamas, FF gave me crosshairs at CD 13. I'm not so sure. There is no clear rise. I suppose it's possible and I just had a weak O. I'll try and post my chart in my sig. Tell me what you think.

Summermom, thanks for the wisdom about onlies. DS is very social. He LOVES daycare. He'll like school I think. One day I think I'm at peace with one. The next, I'm not so sure. Also, I wish for another chance to have a great BFing relationship.
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Hi everyone.
Amy,do you use OPK's at all? It might be worth it this cycle as your chart definitely looks pre-O. Have you had any EW CM lately? I usually start my OPK's after that starts. When do you typically O?
Got to run..too nice to be indoors. 8-9 dpo with a temp drop so either a very short cycle or something exciting (or of course some temp blip)ACK...the joys of TTC.
take care,
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Crosshairs gone

Lisa, I don't know when I O normally. I went off BCPs, was annovulatory, took clomid, and on the second round, I O'd and got PG. I just got done with nursing. I had some EWCM this cycle. AF returned once when DS started sleeping through the night. She didn't return again until I dried up. I'll keep tracking things. I may still be pre-O.

I tried OPK's before and they were always positive.
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Hey, ladies. Yesterday af was due (I'm a 28 day cycle mama, always), and she didn't show. I tested yesterday in the am; got a negative result right away, but before the 10 min was up a very faint vertical line. Tested later in the day, different test, negative. This morning still no af, tested w/ 2 tests, one definitely negative and the other the same as yesterday w/ the very faint vertical line. I don't chart, so I don't know my temps, but I am completely confused. I really thought I was pg bc of bding on cd11 and 13 when I was sure I was fertile. Spot the dog always shows up 2-3 days before the old bat herself, and I only got a couple of very light spots. I've had mild cramps off and on. Does anyone have any clue as to what's going on? I'm 42--could I be going through menopause? Please no!!

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Liz I am keeping my : for you. It sounds hopeful to me. I would wait a day or two if you can hold out and then test again.
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Liz, : :
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Liz, I had similar experiences with the faint lines when I was indeed pg, and never when I was not. As my sister told me, "A line is a line," and it's a positive result. Hope that holds true for you too!
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Hi Ladies,

It feels like forever since I've been on MDC, but it's probably only been a few busy days!

Liz, I, too, am 42 and concerned about peri-menop. Your cycle sounds like my last one: AF was a few days late, and I got a BFN of the HPT. Finally decided to call the doc, went in for a UA, got a script for a blood test, and lovely AF (or Spot, I should say) clearly showed up around dinner time! It seems like once I place the answer in medical science, Af arrives. Hang in there...hopefully you are pg, but if not, take a day to mourn and dive right back in the next day with gusto!

Summermom, thanks for the suggestion re: the known donor. I approached someone I know who is gay and wanted a child (but his partner didn't, as he already had one), and he decided against it. My other good guy friends live across the country, and so airfare alone (to time it at the last minute) would be pricey, too. I haven't asked them, but think it just might not make sense. I just found another bank that is a lot less expensive, and have chosen a donor from there, so it should cost me a little more than half what the other bank cost. That helps ease things a bit! Of course, I wonder how many more cycles I"ll have to do. I hope it's just this next one or two (at the most). I'm on CD 6 today and doing the clomid challenge test, so in a few weeks I should know what my ovarian reserve looks like. My FSH was good last December, but I'm concerned that things may have changed. Perhaps not, though.

I hope you are all doing well. I would love to see more BFP's for the over 40 crowd!
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Well, here it is Wed am, af was due Mon, and last night I was sure she was here--definite blood on the tp. But then nothing all night, and now this am there is a little blood, but not full-blown af. This is so weird! How come when you don't expect a bfp, af shows up just as usual, but when there is the possibility that you are pg, af shows late, or somehow weird? It seems like a cruel twisting of the knife. At this point I don't see how I could be pg, w/ all those bfns, but if I'm not, why isn't af here for real? I never "spot" for this long. But w/ all this spotting and cramping (and I already mentioned the bfns) how could I be pg? :

Sorry this is all about me . Can't seem to think about much else lately : .

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Hi All,

I'm in that terrible 2ww.

I'm 3dpo today. Let's see how it goes.

I don't want to stress myself up.

I'm just happy I ovulated this month.

Baby Dusts To all.
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folaboye you and I are cycle buds. I am 3dpo too and glad to have O'd I wasn't so sure I was gonna.
My plan right now is to not test until af is late. But then again that is my plan every month and I don't stick to it.
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She showed yesterday about noon. And the cramps are killer, like I'm being punished for hoping to be pg Oh well, June is another month, right? And heck, I'm only 42, practically a spring chicken!

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