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No thoughts on the valerian but you coudl do chamomile. It is safe for pregnancy and nursing.
As for charting after all this time I think it is 14 cycles I can't seem to remember to temp upon waking and I hardly used my ovuscope so who knows what is going on with me. I am on CD25 and I have no idea when or if I ovulated. I normally have a 25-26 day cycle at the longest. SO I should start tomorrow.

Good luck MsGB!!! I just met a mom at the pool who had one birthchild adopted 7 and SURPRISE got pregnant with number 9 at the age of 42. She had unexplanied infertility and had given up trying.
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Nancy Grace from Court TV is expecting Twins at age 47
http://www.nypost.com/seven/06262007...hael_starr.htm It keeps the hope alive girls
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Okay, what is it with older Moms having twins? Or am I imagining it.
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It's got to be fertility drugs, IVF or donor eggs.
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My understanding is that we are at a slightly higher risk of multiples than younger mamas, but that it really isn't enough to be concerned about; the prevalence of multiples that we keep reading about is because more (wealthier, celebrity, likely to be in the news) older moms use high tech fertility help, which significantly increases the risk of multiples regardless of the age of the mama.

I'm still planning to birth my healthy singleton at home like the low-risk mama I am even if I wind up having to go the full UP/UC route; the nausea and a bit of tiredness have kicked in as the breast soreness has dissipated, but this is still my easiest pregnancy yet.

MsGB, I seem to recall someone on either my DDC or the more inclusive "I'm Pregnant" forum recommending Valerian during pregnancy but I think she meant as a tea rather than capsules.
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Originally Posted by msgoodbuns View Post
Melissa and Cat (and others),

You should post your charts in your signatures so that we "experienced" charters can lurk and comment. Spider is right - she and I have had similarly wonky cycles over the past year or so. Mine were 25 days on the dot until I began ttc'ing in January 2006, then they were all over the place. Stress (ttc'ing adds stress, ladies!) affects our cycles, as does our sleeping patterns. My sleep these days isn't that great, so my temps this cycle aren't looking as good as last cycle, but I'm not too worried about them. I'm watching for EWCM and the + OPK. MC is coming over tonight and hopefully will be back later this week, too .

Speaking of sleep issues, has anyone here taken any herbal sleep remedies, such as Valerian? The bottle says not to use it if TTC'ing, but I'm tempted to use it, particularly when MC stays the night, as neither of us is sleeping well together yet. Any thoughts?

I charted with my Daughter, so I am still a newbie at charting. Once I start my new cycle....unless I get pregnant this cycle, I will put the chart in my sig. Everyone still using FF as their chart?
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Yes, I still use FF.
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Thank you for the kind offer -- I am just charting days, not temps or anything else, so my charts are not very interesting. :
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Multiples become more rpevalent as you age because your body is more likely to release more than one egg at a time when you are older. I can't imagine that Nancy Grace would get married and have IVF in the same month. I could be wrong but I think her pregnancy is from natural means.
Also the gal I told you all about at 53 was anaturally occuring pregnancy of twins. She is a first time mama too.
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I didn't know that, Laurie. That seems unfair - to release 2 eggs at a time when we want our fertility to last longer. It sounds like it's quickening the process toward the big "M".
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Oh my gosh, my husband would freak if I come up pregnant with twins. I wouldn't mind however.
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You guys are going to laugh. MC was supposed to come over tonight after work - so I filled in my chart with BD already. If you notice, I got my +OPK today (and actually a very faint one yesterday). So, timing is great. Well, he's been sick with the flu on and off this week, and just called at lunch telling me he wasn't going to make it after all, since, altho he's not vomiting any more, his tummy is still "off". I've recommended acidophilous, but am not sure what else he should take to get the digestive tract back to optimum health.

Anyway, during our phone call, I used my best powers of persuasion to change his mind. After all, it is Friday night and we could bum around tomorrow, too (which we don't typically have the opportunity to do). He said he'd call at the end of the work day to let me know how he is feeling, and whether he's willing to come here to lie around on the couch and watch a movie, rather than lie at home alone... Of course, I enjoy his company, and want him here, BD or not (although a BD tonight would be great!) I'll let you know what happens.

Spider, I've been meaning to ask you when you did your insem - was it the same day as your + OPK or the next day? Sometimes my charts say I "O" the day of the +OPK, other charts say it's the next day...

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Unfortunately, I never did get a positive OPK on THE cycle; I was going mostly by my past history and when it was possible for KD to come up here and I was terribly afraid that it was way too early. If you take a look at my chart, you can see pretty plainly that FF put the crosshairs in the wrong place! I obviously O'd on CD12 instead of CD16 or my little one would be physically impossible.

I have gotten positive OPKs in the past and find the information useful in predicting future cycles. My biggest heartbreak was the very first cycle I insemmed after a whole lot of drama with the donor: I followed the directions on the Dollar Tree OPK and waited until 48 hours after the positive result:


and later found out that this was way too late and did not give the Swim Team enough time to get up to where they needed to be in time to meet the eggie. I was so upset!

When the OPKs worked, I always wanted to insem right away after they turned positive; with fresh, it's better to be too early than too late because they can live for up to five days and the egg can only live for 12-24 hours. With frozen it gets more complicated, since frozen can only live for 24 hours.

I was much more likely to catch my LH surge if I used two OPKs each day instead of one.

Just one last obsrervation from the "other side" to encourage everyone here: when I was going through the TTC roller coaster, it seemed so hopeless and as if it was taking forever. Now, when I look back on my charts and other memorabilia that I can look back on objectively, I am able to see just how quickly it all happened and what a miracle it was that I conceived so easily, after less than a year and a half, with everything I had going against me.

I really hope that MC and fresh are going to do the trick.

Oh, and me and the old flame are together again but we're like that; we'll probably have broken up again by the next time I post. We're back to the long distance thang as of tomorow and I don't have a clue when he'll be back from Tampico (Mexico) or if he's even planning on coming back at all.

Definitely not husband material or stepfather material, but it is nice to have someone in my life and to know that conceiving with a donor was definitely the right choice for me. I'm sure he'll be just as involved in the new babe's life as he was in my older kids' and I was in his son's. "Uncle Dad" figures definitely come in handy at times.

He said he was going to talk to ds before he left town if at all possible.
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Wow, Spider, you got your + after only 10 dpo. I agree that your O date is earlier thatn FF puts it. The chart seems so obvious. Good luck with the ex...it sounds like your head is in the right place. I'm sure that being pg and having someone around will be helpful and supportive for you.

I think I should probably BD the day before or the day of the + opk, not after, as I agree that the swimmers need time to reach the finish line. Even with frozen, I still think it should be no later than the day of the +, and probably before (unless it's thru IUI).

MC didn't visit Friday after all. I couldn't get him here no matter how much I tried. That's ok. I will hopefully have another chance next month. I'm pretty sure that Monday night's BD was too early. Based on my charting, I assume my next opportunity (O date) will be somewhere around Friday, July 20th, give or take a few days.

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Hi everyone. I posted a while back with some questions. As you probably know, trying to make the decision to go ahead and TTC does not seem helped by "logic". Logically, I should be happy with just my 2 and looking forward to the freedom that I'm gaining each and every day. But I can't get #3 off my mind. Today I went out and bought a 2-test HPT kit on a total whim (we had unprotected sex when I think I was ovulating). I was bummed by the BFN (though the jury is still out - its early) and suspect that I may be starting down the road of obsession, lol.

So I think I'm going to tentatively join you gals, if that's okay, and see what happens.

btw, I'll be 40 in January.
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Welcome Piglet68
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Add me to the two week wait club.
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Joining up

Hi, I thought I'd introduce myself and join y'all. I am definitely ama since I'm 42. I've got a little dd who is 17 months old, and she was conceived naturally and born the regular old way too in spite of my age - haha. My dr threatened me with a c section the whole time, but my doula and I fooled her because the baby came out the regular way.

Anyway, I'm ttc. I'm only 9 dpo, but already have bleeding, so I figure that I have a short cycle this month of only 23 days which is really strange for me. I want to fool myself into thinking it's implantation bleeding, but most likely not. So anyway, thinking that I'll get on some B6 supplementation for this upcoming cycle. We're using the clear blue fertility monitor since temping doesn't work too good for me. I'm also still bf my toddler, so that makes my cycles a bit crazy too.

Glad that I found you all since I feel like such an oldy in the other threads.

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hi lorraine! i'm new to this thread too.

okay, question ladies: if i'm checking CM, how closely does the big O correlate with seeing EWCM?
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Hi Lorraine and Piglet. Welcome back Anna.

As for EWCM and O, I think you can have patches of fertile CF on and off during your cycle, but typically it would be the fertile phase - 5 days prior to O plus the day of O, and sometimes after O. Does that help? Anyone have any more info to add?

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