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Liz dang her anyway.
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Liz, I'm sorry.
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I'm out too after a really nice dip/rise. Kind-of bummed...anyone else feel a real sense of loss each cycle? I have my "baby to be" in my head & after the end of an unsuccessful cycle I give her up. I will catch up in a day or 2 when I am more cheerful,
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Aw Lisa I'm so sorry
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Oh dear, I wonder how I lost my connection to the thread?

No news here except to say we have Baby Ducks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are actually not 'due' till tomorrow, but we have 3 today!
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baby ducks! how cute! They are just so adorable when they fluff up!

I'm just back from visiting one of my former clients who just gave birth. I was with her all of last night until this morning. The baby was born at 3:30 a.m and as of 5 a.m. had still not been given to the mom because this was a teaching hospital and they were more interested in demonstrating medical procedures than facilating bonding. : It was a totally medicalized, brutal affair, and my poor client is just 15. It was horrible to watch.

Anyway, I'm reeling around on just 3 hours of sleep, but I hope her baby dust rubs off on me! A strange thing - yesterday the fertility monitor showed low fertility, today it showed peak fertility! How can that be? What happened to the high fertility (two bars) days?

I am so totally and utterly exhausted, but I guess I better go wake dh up to do the deed! ... Oh no, do I have to? :yawning:
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Sorry about your clients birth...but hope the baby dust settles on you!

Our ducklings are doing great, I have 12 right now with another mallard pecking dutifully out of his shell right now!

I have also had my monitor do that to me once, I don't know why but was glad I at least got that peak on the monitor!
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Hello all, I am back on this thread after a long absence. I feel a little awkward about dropping back in after suddenly leaving witout a word. I did lurk from time to time hoping to see some good news from people. It got overwhelming for a while there and now we are plunging back in to the whole thing. I tried to give up the whole having another baby thing, but it's turning out to be harder than I thought. The main reason is that more and more I see that ds, who has just turned five, happens to have the personality that would just benefit from having a sibling.

Here's my current fertility situation: Last visit to RE she said: egg donor is the way. Dh is alarmed and needs more convincing to be completely on board. Me, I am of the mindset that careens between Why can't I just accept what life has dealt me and get on with it, and Why the h not--it sounds in many ways like more of a sure thing. Anyway, the psychological screening to become an egg recipient is scheduled for June 16th. It's $450 and I would like for us to decide before then so we don't spend all that money on it and then decide we don't want to do it. What I am posting to ask is: Has anyone been an egg recipient? If so did you take Lupron? If you did take Lupron, what was it like?

I have of course been on line to get an idea of exactly what the process is like but the websites are rather skimpy on the details of what it is actually LIKE. I think dh and I have arrived at the crossroads, finally, of either having another baby or not and my instinct is to gather as much info as possible.
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How wonderful to hear from you! I am not surprised that you have found it hard to give up on the idea of another baby as I haven't been able to do that either. My daughter would also benefit from having a younger sibling & has requested one often. I think the donor route is a wonderful to go as you get the benefits of experiencing pregnancy..you get that miracle & all the benefits like nursing! The most knowledgable group of women trying donor eggs that I have seen are at FertilityFriend.com, there is a group called TTC with Donor Eggs. If you would like the direct link I think this should work.http://www.fertilityfriend.com/Circl...orum.php?f=109. You might have to join to visit the forums but I think it is possible to get a free trial.The decision of course, is a very personal one & I hope that you and your husband can come to a choice that you are both comfortable with. I may be moving to
to adoption soon (hopefully within the year we would start the process) but I still haven't given up hope of conceiving. It is so great that you came back...we missed you.

Summermom..I am glad Velevteen could help amidst the raising of her beautiful new duck family.Good luck!

Now the 40's group I previously mentioned is up to 28 pregnancies..we do have hope!

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I am in the home stretch of my 2ww this cycle. I am 9dpo and the last two days have had some heart burn which is odd. The boobies are sore but they do that before af too so I can't count that. Oh and I have been tired lately, but hey that could be the age LOL I really want to test but am holding out until Sun a.m. as I will be officially late then. Of course I have one test here and it is already calling out my name.
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Hello All

8dpo here. Nothing more here. Off and on symptoms. I don't wants to think about it.

Wish everyones well. and to all
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And heck, I'm only 42, practically a spring chicken!
That's the spirit, Liz. Sorry you've been disappointed, though.

Lisa - I hope June is the month for you too.

Nothing much going on with me. I had my first ppaf and I'm getting a bit spotty (as in acne) again, I usually clear up during pregnancies.

Summermom - I thought your post about your son was so melancholy and full of love. My DS was 5.5 when we had DD. In-between we had a stillborn baby - we found out DS2 had died on DS1's 4th birthday

Good luck to all testing or waiting. We need some good news on here.
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Hey Jempd! Nice to see you, of course you can just pop back in, everyone should feel like they can take a break and come back at any 'ole time.

I too second the motion that you take a peek at Fertility Friend's site and the donor egg buddy group in particular, they are really the ones to talk to. You used to be able to jump in the conversation but now you have to sign up, but I think it'd be worth it. No more freebies over there. Let us know how you are doing.
I can totally relate to not being able to give up the dream, that's where I'm at too. I think it would have happened by now for me, but if I don't try then it definately won't happen for me, and I still want that baby...

Massagin; I hope to hear good news from you!

Gearing up to O, which is always a hopeful time.
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Originally Posted by jempd
I tried to give up the whole having another baby thing, but it's turning out to be harder than I thought. The main reason is that more and more I see that ds, who has just turned five, happens to have the personality that would just benefit from having a sibling.
I know what you mean! My son just turned 5 a week ago and he is such a social animal - he NEEDS a sibling! It is so hard to watch him kicking around the house all bored and lonely, on his own. Good luck J!

Catrinel, thanks. That must have been so hard. My DD's was born (and died) May 20th and my DSwas born 2 years later, on May 25th, so the that time is always such a mixed time for me.

massaginmommy and folaboye - good luck with crazymaking symptoms and waiting!
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No O yet.
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Hey thanks for the fertility friend link, Mamaov4!

Hi Velveteen! Yeah, it sounds like we're in a similar if not the same boat. SIGH. What's great about this thread, for me, is that I get so much validation that there is something real that is called baby lust. It just IS.

Summermom, our boys must be close in age. I feel that most people believe that kids in general would rather be only children. And I do know people who are only kids and who like it that way very much. My point is that dh and I know our kid and he would thrive having a sibling. Long story, I can't go into it now (and I've posted a lot about his issues) but to summarize during his short life he has been through a lot by being special needs, exceptionally impulsive and his sensory disorder is such that he was prone to physical outbursts and the upshot of it was that he has spent a lot of time being "in the dog house" if you know what I mean, and now that he has come such a long way, the positive aspects of feeling trusted and having responsibility would, oh how can I put it, be so appreciated by this kid. You said it, Summermom, when you said "sociable" too. A couple of his therapists/teachers have even mentioned to us how he likes to lead and be protective of the younger, more needy kids. He has commanded me, recently, to "grow a baby in your tummy". We are going to see his newest cousin, who was born on May 24th this weekend, so babies have been on his mind.
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I forgot that I wanted to say something to Liz, which is: I was 41, a few months shy of 42 when I had my son, and at the time neither my husband or I were exactly poster children for fertility. So, from where I am especially (46) 42 is a spring chicken! Good luck.
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Hi everyone,

It's good to see that the spirits and the friendship of this forum are still going strong! It's such a great support network and the amount of information shared by this group is amazing. We all have such similar yet uniquely individual challenges in this ttc effort. This is the first time I've seen any discussion about donor eggs. I will keep my fingers crossed that DH gets on board and you pursue this full steam ahead. You have to let us know how it goes and what your experiences are like.

I'm on CD 14 waiting for the OPK surge. Received my specimen delivery this morning, so hope to surge soon. Had a very faint line 2 days in a row, a few days ago, but don't really believe that it was a LINE. I took clomid days 5-9 with blood work on days 3 & 10 (day 3 FSH was 13.2 - a little high). Still waiting for the rest of the results.

Went to an acupuncturist today for a consult, and will be putting caster oil on my belly every night w/a warm water bottle. Also going to take fish oil. And she's having me write down my diet so she can make suggestions. Will do the actual acupuncture next visit. All of that is supposed to assist the blood flow and development of the uterine lining. Anyone else have a similar "treatment"? I'm really excited about using this acupuncturist. I walked out of her office feeling really optimistic, and I like her approach (with tcm).

I'll keep you all posted.....
Best wishes to all!
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Thanks for the encouragement, Jempd. I read all the posts, just don't post here myself often. I've been so busy. My oldest dd is going to graduate from high school on Saturday, and there's been so much to do to get ready : . (That was fun to use that new smilie!)

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mama$gals my second oldest boy graduates on Saturday
Msgoodbuns one of the gals on the one thread did the castor oil pack. Lexbeach I believe and she is with child right now. She also did AI like you are.
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