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mamaov How are you? 2 day still you leave right? Are you close to testing time? I am thinking of getting a test to take in the am it will be 12dpo at least. I am feeling icky today. Just can't seem to shake the queasies and feeling like I need to empty my bowels (sorry TMI) but not having that problemo. Just not normal. Could be something going around but I figure it gives me an excuse to poas. LOL
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Hey feeling queasy and crappy is a good sign here! Any luck?

Thanks Lisa and Velvet. Last night we just couldn't do it. Too exhausted. And dh was up for hours researching natural cures for his mother's apparently terminal cancer, so he really didn't feel like it, poor guy. I am trying not to think of this cycle as "ruined" because of that. Maybe I should just stop stressing about it and wait to start using the FM next cycle. And to remember that the first cycle with the FM is also not foolproof since the FM is just getting to know your cycles....

How's everyone else doing?
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Hang in there summermom sometimes we all get a bit too tired to dance even when we know the moment is right. I hope your DH found some good info online.
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Hi everyone,
I am leaving tomorrow so this will be my last post as we are frantically doing all those last minute things! Big temp drop so I guess I will have another companion in the car, dum dum DUM (scary music) hope she's kind and gentle! If she does start tomorrow she leaves me timed perfectly for vacation if she waits around I will be fertile in a one room hotel room & I am NOT brave enough for that (shiver). I am happy though anyway because I am off to my favorite spot on earth,in front of any ocean...weeehaa!

Good luck to everyone & hope I see a BFP when I get back!(Not til the 25th so make sure you keep posting gals,.

One last comment before I go.....anyone know the complete wording of "Oh Canada" ? I need to know because a certain "president who shall not be named" is looking for another war to fight,chuckling all the way and I may have to salute the Maple Leaf soon!
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mamaov4 There is always the bathroom. Turn on the fan and run the shower Have a great trip. DH left this morning for Virginia so I tested and it was BFN I am hoping it was jsut too early to test but I am not holding my breath.
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tested again today still bfn. Just waiting fo rthe hag to show now. I did buy a BBT yesterday adn will start temping again this cycle. I would lik eto find a chart I can download and mark myself. Any one know of any or have one they could email me? Thanks
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Just a quick hello from me. Welcome to the newbies, have a nice trip abroad Lisa and AnaMom. Have a good Easter break.

Nothing new here. Still waiting for forst AF after having DD 13 months ago.
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Hi everybody! Hi MsGB! I miss Lisa. And Velveteen. And everyone else! Where is everybody?

Well, today is CD21. My breasts are sore and tingly and itchy and bursting out of my bra! My lower belly feels tender. I feel incredibly tired... Let's hope it's not just another wishful thinking/ delusions of pregnancy/ early miscarriage like in February! 10 more days till I can test!

Of course it could also just be PMS or a candida flare-up since I have been absolutely wicked with sugar lately.

Isn't it funny how feeling crappy is cause for hope and excitement when you're trying so hard to conceive?
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40 and TTC

Hi Summermom, Hi ladies! I'm still here, but taking this cycle off from ttc. That makes ttc Jan and Feb, hold pattern March and April. I'm ready to ttc, but am still trying to "get healthy" (rid myself of these colds, etc.). Heading to Florida on Friday for a Sunday wedding, so perhaps the heat and sun will help jump start my way to better health. Winter in ME isn't good for me, apparently.

Took a chance and got a new 'do today. Much shorter, with highlights. Whew, it came out really cute, even curly (au natural for me). I was going to wait til pg (as a celebratory gesture), but just got the itch.

Summermom, I"ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm ready to hear a success story!

Hasta luego, chicas! Have a great night!
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Me too SummerMom keep us posted.
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clomid and fatigue


Just wondering if anyone experienced severe fatigue while taking Clomid around ovulation time. My doctor basically told me the fatigue and hot flashes were NOT side effects of Clomid. Yesterday and today I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open and normally am very energetic.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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I have never taken clomid but a number of women on the fertility boards have and I have heard lots of them say they take the meds at night to combat the side effects.
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FWIW, I had bad hot flashes w/ Clomid - they would keep me up at night for those few days each cycle that I was taking it. My RE said it happened to many of his patients.

I hope that's not what menopause will be like...
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Super Short Cycle

Hi Ladies,

OK, now I'm 42, am on CD 19 (of a typical 25 day cycle), and am already spotting. I haven't ttc this month (no chance of pg here or implantation spotting), and am getting concerned that my fertility window is closing awfully fast! Last month was a bit shorter than my standard 25 days, too. This is scary. Any thoughts? Any suggestions as to what to do next? I've been trying to lengthen my LP with 50-100 mg B6 and yams for about a month or so, and am caught off guard with the cycle length change.

Thanks, Ms GB
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Msgoodbuns, Some women have good success lenghtening the LP with Vitex. Do a search on these boards and elsewhere for info. It is also known as Chasteberry
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Thanks, Massaginmom,

I actually started taking Vitex, then my holistic chiropractor sugguested that I take PB-8 (acidophilous) and other stuff for internal health (which he thinks is causing my head colds and other aches / pains for which I am seeing him). He told me to go off Vitex and take this stuff for a few weeks, and see if I get better. Then to start back on the Vitex.

My concern is that my cycle itself is shortening by several days all of a sudden. I'm worried that this is a sign of perimenopause. Gosh, I hate to even write that word!!!

I'm not giving up yet, but will try just about anything to get pg.

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Have you looked into accupuncture? One of our Mommas that graduated from the One thread swears by it. I do B6 50 mg twice a day. You can also make you cervical fluid more friendly(when you are ready to inseminate) by taking Robutussin daily I take only about a teaspoon usually from right about now cd6 to after O I noticed a huge change. I hate to write or think that word also.
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Hi All,
how is everyone?

Well, my body is playing a cruel joke. I'm on day 30 with FF giving me no O : & I'm getting BFNs.
Please don't tell me I'm getting pre-menopausal in my mid 40s
I've NEVER done this without a PG plus my temps are all over the place.
I feel like I need to start AF but it's not there.
I'm beginning to worry - did we wait to long for an IUI?
ugh .
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Polka I haven't had that happen without being PG either. Hopefully it is just that the tests are wrong.
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Don't know much about all this fertility stuff, but just wanted to give you both a hug and say that I know how it feels. My cycle length is usually 28-29 days, but recently I've had a 40 day cycle followed by a 25 day one. The dreaded word has been surfacing in my mind too.

I have started looking for a job now so that I can get health insurance, so that I can start fertility treatment. Every cycle that goes by with no conception, I feel less and less confident of being able to do it on our own, naturally.
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