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I'm back

Hello everyone. Just reporting back in after vacation. We had a GREAT time in Florence. Just wish it could have lasted longer. REally nice family time with extended family there (we are traveled there to meet my sister's new baby). And of course while we were there my other sister told us she was pregnant with number two. I was a little bummed about that because I just have no idea when #2 will happen for us. But happy for her of course.

As for me, I didn't ovulate last cycle for first time I've ever known. And this was while I was on ovulatory drug Femara. So when I returned from trip, REs prescribed Provera for 5 days and after I go off of it (today) I should get my period with in a couple days (tho could take up to two weeks). I'm on something like CD 40 right now. Next cycle we will do Clomid again and hopefully an IUI. Can't do injectibles yet cuz have to take a class first. Also this will likley be last cycle until late June/July as DH and I will be separated in early to mid June for 19 days, falling right during BD time. So that sucks.

Polka, I understand how you feel. I didn't ovulate this past cycle and sounds like you may not have either. I can find no reason why I didn't other than that it was one of those flukes that happens every now and then. I just can't go there with pre-menopause worries, though of course the thought crossed my mind. Are you planning to do IUI? You mention it but I can't tell if that is your plan. Anyway, wishing you the best and it is good to have you back.

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I'm back too!

Hi everyone!
I got AF in the car on the way down of course,but thanks to the magic of adjoining rooms I think we did O.K ...did no charting or OPK's on trip..did an OPK yesterday (day 11 and it was - so maybe O day was yesterday,will do one today to se if it is yet to come).
Anamom,I am glad your trip was so nice & have fingers tightly crossed for the return of your cycle post haste! We too,could have stayed happily for another few weeks!
Polka,glad to see you back & sorry your cycle is playing games with you. I had my big birthday on earth day so am right there with you!
What happened? Any news?
MsGB...I don't know how to lengthen cycles but agree that B vitamins seems to help many and are good in any case. As far as cycle length goes, mine have always been short & not been an issue. I would only worry if they get too short especially on the LP side.
Velvet,hi! How are you doing?
I have to go back & read & edit as my post went through before I was done...
Where are you in your cycle?
I am wishing for a speedy return to AF,it must be frustrating.
I hope that you have recovered from the Clomid,I know it can be rough.
Numnumom(Caren) & everyone else we haven't recently heard from hello!
Greenmansions..hope you are enjoying strolls with your babe!
Darcy & Cheesedreams..hope everything is going smoothly.

Well I have to do post vacation unpacking dusting etc....Lily has hernia surgery tomorrow so all good thoughts are welcome,
take care,
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Wow, I guess I wasn't getting any notices of posts....you are all here and I was AWOL. I got the stomach flu! Oh my goodness, I haven't been that sick in forever.
PLUS, its CD 1 for me....just great. thougt our timing was exceptional. Obviously, this may not happen.
Polka, did you get your cycle yet?

Someone asked about Clomid...it did not make me sleepy or tired in any way. but, do take it at night to limit side effects. Many times Clomid is not the drug of choice for the over 40 crowd, as it also thins the lining which we don't need. I found the side effects to be bad.

Lisa, glad you had a great vacation!

Anamom, Florence sounds wonderful.

Summermom, have you read the book 'Inconceivable' by Julia Indichova? I highly reccomend it when you feel like your body is letting you down. I'm re-reading it even though I do beleive my fertility has gone ka-put. I keep trying though.

msgoodbuns, Vitex really worked for me.
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Not alone

I'm so glad that you are all here on this site! It's nice to know that I"m not alone in my worries, and that we're all trying to "beat the clock", so to speak. It sounds like everyone's vacations went well. Time away is invaluable! I just returned from my long weekend in warm, sunny Florida for my cousin's wedding. A lovely affair, and great to see the family. After taking acidopholous (sp.) and some other herbal concoctions, I believe that I may actually be on the highway to health! Yippee! I am still struggling with the short cycle (and short LP), but taking my B6, eating grapefruit, yams and taking Vitex now. Will start on the cough syrup stuff in a few days. What a diet! I'm hoping to do an insem in the next week or so.

Let's all hope that our cycles are just a bit screwy, and not indicators of ..... We need some over 40 success stories, so LET'S GO, TEAM!

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Hey all. Glad everyone who was away had a nice time. I am glad you are all back. Lisa I am on day 12. Here is my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/8fe89 I thought we were doing so good with our timing etc.. and FF gave me croshairs this morning saying I O'd on day 9 At least we did the dance on that day. Lets hope we caught the egg. I am glad to see FF thinks I O'd which is my whole reason for charting, just a little baffled as I thought it would be today. So according to FF I am 3dpo. So I now I will get the testing bug My birthday is next Tuesdaymaybe I will test then. What do you think?
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Hi there,
Laurie, it did give you dotted lines which means it could change I think. It sounds like you have things covered though.
Lily came through surgery fine has been sleeping off the anthesia all day. She had a strong pain med after & I hope to wean her down to Ibuprofen as what they gave her really knocked her out! She didn't have the pre-op tranquilizer they routinely give as she was very calm & I figured why give her a med she doesn't need. She is quite sore as it ws a very large hernia,poor baby.
Sorry about the new cycle Velvet,too bad we can't give away AF to those who need it.I understand the feelings of discouragement but as long as you have a good strong cycle there is the possibilty of conception..we just have to remember to keep it (the level of obsession) on low & enjoy our good lives & hope for the best.

Hi to all,
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Lisa - good to hear Lily's op went well. Also that you had a nice holiday.

AnaMom - welcome back from Florence. Did you have time to go to other places too, or mainly family visits?

DD is nearly 14 months and still no AF here. I'm still breastfeeding her 5-6 times in 24 hours. I've had cramps these past few days, so maybe some news soon on the AF front.
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A success story, and I know she's not on the MDC board, but I read that Nadia Comaneci (the Romanian gymnast) is pregnant with her first baby. She's 45. She was a real idol for me when I was growing up.
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Oh, that is so great to hear about Nadia! she was my idol too as I was really into gymnastics.

This is for Lily!: :
Feel better soon honey!!

that is exactly what I am doing. Keeping my obsessing barometer very, very low and trying to enjoy my life as it is. If it happens, I'll rejoice! If not, then I will still have what I have and be joyful.
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So my lines are solid this morning. I still have a good feeling for this cycle and am thrilled to see that I am Oing.
How exciting about Nadia. She was our little darling. The first perfect 10 and a true champion. A first child at 45 is an amazing thing.
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To Velveteen Thank-you from LIly.
: : : : : laughup : : : :
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My daughter is obviously feeling better. I showed her your message,Velvet & she wanted to write you back. She never met a smiley she didn't like.

Hurray for O Laurie! I'm 4 dpo today too and no matter how I try to downplay it I always am a bit hopeful this time in my cycle.

Good luck to us all!
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Cd 1

UGH... after a 36 day cycle AF is here.
I NEVER, NEVER have cycles more than 27 days.

what is going on with my body??? :

hope all is well with you all.
I miss you
(((((((((((((hugs & love & friendship))))))))))))))

if anyone wants to chat via email, etc....
pm me
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Originally Posted by Catrinel
A success story, and I know she's not on the MDC board, but I read that Nadia Comaneci (the Romanian gymnast) is pregnant with her first baby. She's 45. She was a real idol for me when I was growing up.
cool !!!!! tho i'm more of a Olga Korbut fan !!
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Okay I was making eggs for Dh this morning and that familiar sense of heightened smell came over me and I felt icky. Then MIL scrambled some eggs and it happened again. I am trying not to read too much into this. I also have some cramps that are quite pronounced. :
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Laurie,you are feeling ?
Hopefully for a good reason!

Has anyone seen cheesedreams(caroline) posting anywhere? I'd love to
know how she is doing..she would be about 5 months now.

take care..I am avoiding laundry like the plague it is...
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oops..double post! Happy weekend!Hi Polka..sorry your cycle stunk...glad it is over!
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So FF reassesed me and changed my O date to cd11 instead of 9 so now I am only 5dpo and it means I am not testing on my birthday. I may test on Friday or Saturday. That is weird I never had FF change my chart like that. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/8fe89 cna you take a peak and see why they may have changed it? Is it because of my high temps the last few days?
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Hmmm...I don't know...It shouldn't be the high temps, I'd almost think the lower temps or maybe the cm notation. If you want to find out you can fool around with your data until it changes back & then if you want change it again back to where it is now! Cycle day 11 does seem more likely than nine..I have early O's routinely and haven't hit day 9,

gotta run..Lily is having a ballet recital today so i have to help her primp!
She is feeling much better!

More later,
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