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Originally Posted by annakiss
I just wanted to say that I rent, btw, which is why my walls are white (I could never convince DH to help me paint walls we don't own). This is the first floor of a duplex in a lovely city neighborhood that reminds me a lot of Sesame Street.
I thought the layout looked familiar! I live in a downstairs duplex in a quiet little neighborhood, and have the open living room/dining room to the miniscule kitchen thing going on as well. Your place is lovely how it is organized. So simple and pretty.

I am jealous of your woodwork. Ours is painted white and the walls a dingy beige. I am painting right now because a) we're going to live here for another 2 years at least and b) my kids have colored everywhere so I have to do it anyways.
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Originally Posted by annakiss
When the living room rug was recently pooped on (and stepped in and walked on and footprints of poop went from the living room through the dining room, through the hallway into the kitchen yuck yuck yuck! ) I spot cleaned the whole thing.
Anna we have a few area rugs. The one in the livingroom gets nasty so I invested in a Little Green Clean Machine by Bissell. It was not that expensive and works great. I usually only need to fill the machine with hot water and it does a good job.
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bumping for my own inspiration
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Hi Anna,

I was so taken by your beautiful pictures that I had to sign up and reply! I am in Australia and came on this site looking at some of the nappy info, but got sidetracked!! Your house is just lovely. Like you, I LOVE looking after our home and making it beautiful. I don't know if mine can match yours though!!

What struck me most about your home was how natural, and órganic' it looked, because the pieces are truly loved and have been collected and created over time; the home doesn't look 'done' - like a display home! I hate it when houses are 'just so' and look like museums! Your house is an example of how a home can be clean and neat but creative and warm too.

It's been great reading all of you lady's comments. I feel inspired to do some more around our place now. I have just gone back to work PT after our first child and find it hard to find the time that I'd like to spend on my projects!

Well, I'd better stop gushing now!! My first post and such a long one!! Back to the nappies......


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Thanks for sharing! I loved seeing your home. It's lovely!
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I ate lunch at that dining room table. I sat in the fire chair.

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Bumping AGAIN for inspiration
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This thread really got me going on the decluttering, everything looks so well placed.
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I think I love you...
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i have wanted to look at this for a while and am so glad i found the time.! your house is gorgeous. i'm on a cleaning/decluttering kick and this was very inspiring.
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OK this hasn't been up for a bit, thought I'd bump it so we can see more pics of neat decorating.
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Oh thanks! I hope this still helps anyone.

I recently decluttered the bedroom, so I'll edit the OP to add pics.
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It's good to see this again.

We are still decluttering...and my house is full of boxes!

Hopefully we will find some time to get the overflowing boxes OUT of the house!

And eventually my house will be neat and tidy, too. :
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Now I'm inspired to get off the computer and go clean something.
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I always find this thread to re-inspire(if that's a word ) myself

Anna I love the carved dresser in your bedroom
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I edited the OP because for a local board I'm on, there was need of new photos of my home. Not sure if people care. :
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c'mon lady, people care.
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Fall into Green? Are you serious?
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The shelves for the potted/hanging plants...what a clever idea. I'm -ing over your home.
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So, tell me- does your diaper pail still smell like flowers after all these years?
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