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APRIL for June '04 Toddlers! 22 months and counting!

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Ok, we need to stay organized here, ladies!

Did anyone play an April Fool prank, by the way?
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QueenofCups, are those decorations piped yourself, or are they the little things you get in the icing section? Just curious. Funny because we watched THE INCREDIBLES the other day (for the umpteenth time) and I kept saying, "Monsieur Incroyable" all evening, probably to everyone's irritation. Though dd and I often shout "gonflable" loudly because it's such a funny word, and we have to see it all the time in the car on the warning label, and it rhymes with "incroyable," so it makes sense in our nutty nutty household.

Has anyone seen THE EMERALD FOREST? - this is by the guy who did DELIVERANCE and it is a wonderful film. We have had it for years but I watched it again the other day.
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I piped all the decorations on all the cakes - I sketch it out in the icing beforehand and then fill in with icing (no patterns or anything). My sister's was pretty cheesy, but I didn't have more than a few minutes to work on it.

Can I just gush about how adorable Killian is? sweet, intense, introspetive, and bossy seem to be his prevelent moods. While Ellie is almost always just joyful!

Tomorrow we're going to a petting zoo - I'm so excited! Its closed during the winter and just reopened over the weekend, so I'm very excited to go back. Killy loves animals, so I think he'll have a blast!
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We love The Incredibles over here! I'm fond on yelling "You're not affiliated with me!"

I got my Soft Stars today!! Tain's fit well, though I am glad you said something since they look kind of dorky right now and I am hoping when the leather eases they won't look quite so retarded. Ro's are GIGANTIC, I think they got the size wrong-they told me what size to order, which is already a size bigger than he wears now but was based on measurements I sent them so . Anyway, the ones that came were a size bigger than the ones I ordered! So he has about an inch between his toes and the top of the shoe and the elastic around the ankle is baggy. I am debating whether I should hang onto them for next summer or exchange them.

My friend offered to watch my kiddos tomorrow evening so dh and I get to go on ANOTHER date!!!! Have I mentioned how awesome she is?
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Julie, exchange them and hit the February sale next year.

Mostly just subbing. Today's the last day my MIL is here, so we're going out and having fun today. I've been embarrassingly cranky the whole time she's been here, because R and I haven't slept well at all.
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No April Fool's jokes here. I'm too pregnant and tired to think of anything creative.

Are any of your toddlers sleeping a LOT????

In the last month Lil has gone from a one-hour nap to a 2.5 to 3 hour nap! Defnitely no complaing from the tired pregnant mama. I usually lay down with her for an hour or so and then get up and do a few things while she's still sleeping. It's WONDERFUL!

She's also very willingly going to bed at night again (she used to....then went through a stage where she fought it like crazy). Many nights she sleeps all night in her big girl bed (putting a mattress on the floor was the BEST thing for helping her to sleep longer -- she really just didn't like her crib). Other nights she pitter patters into our room around 2-3 a.m. and goes right back to sleep until morning.

I'm wondering if maybe she's having a growth spurt (though I haven't noticed her eating more really )??

Whatever it is...I'm a grateful mama!!!

Queenie ~ Your cakes are BEAUTIFUL!!! Great pictures of your kiddos too. I always feel badly when I see all your wonderful pictures because I am so damn lazy about taking pictures. I usually forget my camera...or bring it along and never take it out. Lame mama.

Hey Liz ~ Have you read "You are your child's first teacher"? I'm just about finished with it. Definitely didn't agree with everything in it but overall I found it really inspiring. Lil and I are in a parent-tot group at the Waldorf school and one of the other mamas recommended it to me.

Julie ~ What a great friend!! DH and I had a date on Saturday night. It was WONDERFUL to talk and reconnect!!!!

Anyone talked to Seedling lately?? I feel like we haven't heard from her in ages???
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Just subbing!
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Finally found my way over.

We've been super busy lately. Nadia has started to test her boundries and it sure is hard to stay calm while she's kicking and screaming! But shes actually started to tell us when she needs to potty and when she'd like to go to bed. Makes life just a little easier! But it seems like shes on a food strike. She won't eat hardly anything all day long. Shes never been much of an eater but now its really only a few bites per meal. I have to tell myself she won't starve herself to death but its sure hard to see her not eat.

My little one, Hayden, started trying some solids and he just looked so grown up in his high chair that I cried. He's trying so hard to crawl. Nadia gets on the floor with him and tries to show him while saying,"C'mon, Den! C'mon!"

My husband has been feeling a little extra stress at work and its making him stressed at home. More hours and more responsibility. We've been trying to decide whether or not staying in the military is for our family. We'd love to live overseas in Europe.

I've been busy with the kids and trying to get a little WAHM business set up to earn some extra cash to help fund my cloth diaper addiction
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Congrats to Rynna! I can't wait to hear your birth story. Also condolences(sp?) to you too.

Well...it's spring break here!!!!! We are heading to Indy tommorrow to visit friends and go the the Children's Museum. I am so excited!

Not much going on here. Just subbing as well.
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The Indianapolis Children's Museum is supposed to be the BEST in the country. I"m so jealous!

We have lots of boundry testing here. I feel like every single day I have to say 10 times, "You get to make a choice: you can walk with Mama, or I can carry you. I'll count to three, and if you're not walking I'll carry you." At least I'm getting STRONG from carrying 15lb Ellie and 30lb Killian at the same time so often! I think he's going through a growth spurt, too - lots of eating and sleeping. He goes in cycles with sleeping: 3-4 nights of sleeping through the night without waking at all, a night or two of waking once or twice, and then a night or two of constant waking throughout the night. Then it repeats. He's also been kicking me lately! It just infuriates me, but I find the best response is to make a super sad face and pretend to cry a little saying, "You hurt Mama. Please don't kick me." He always gives me a kiss then and quits being so rough. I'm just tired of doing that routine multiple times each day. I was the shyest, quietest, non-physically-agressive little kid ever - and DH was really similar from what I've heard. Where did this rough, agressive behavior come from? We're not a rough family - really!

Okay, so my weight-loss saga continues. My weight loss does not seem to pick up the pace regardless of how strict I am with my diet. I was eating like a pig and loosing anywhere from .5-1.5 lbs a week. I stick to my diet and I loose the same amount. Grrrr. I'm already working out at least 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week - I can't fit much more in! Maybe as the weather continues to improve and I start working in the garden outside and going to the zoo more often things will pick up. I just keep telling myself that at least I am still loosing.
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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups

We have lots of boundry testing here. I feel like every single day I have to say 10 times, "You get to make a choice: you can walk with Mama, or I can carry you. I'll count to three, and if you're not walking I'll carry you."
We have a similar conversation. Lily wants to walk but thinks she doesn't need to hold my hand so we go through the whole "you have a choice, you can hold my hand and walk or I can carry you" Usually I have to pick her up and start to carry her and then she'll say "hand mommy" so I set her down and she'll hold my hand. She seems to be trying to prove her independence a lot lately. I've come up w/ the phrase "We can do it the easy way or the hard way" for things that aren't negociable (sp), like the car seat. She is starting to get it but it's so hard. I hate having to force her to do something but when we have to go pick up her sister she has to get into her car seat. I try and save time for her to climb into the van herself and then climb into her sear herself but then she gets mad when I go to buckle her. Toddlers!

I'm sick! and it totally sucks. I have a cough that won't stop and now sinus/ear pressure/pain. I think I'm going to try and get into the chiros today, hopefully that will help the sinus and ear pain. Dh is going to get out of work early so I can take a nap. He's going to pick the older two up from their schools so I can come home from dropping Maddie off and take a nap, that is if Lily decides to cooperate!
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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups
The Indianapolis Children's Museum is supposed to be the BEST in the country. I"m so jealous!
Mostly just subbing, but I had to say that we just moved away from Indy and we really did enjoy going to the Children's Museum there. We haven't been to the one here in Milwaukee yet.
Oh and my little one is definitely asserting her independence! I cannot tell you how many times a day she says " I do it!!"
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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups
The Indianapolis Children's Museum is supposed to be the BEST in the country. I"m so jealous!
Are you or anyone else for that matter near Indy? My husband and I are both from that area (more East Central though) and loved, loved, loved the Children's Museum!
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Nope, I'm from Virginia but now live in Kansas. But, I've worked in children's museums since 2000!
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You know, I actually say, "This is not negotiable" or "This is not up for debate" when it comes to things like carseats. It's absolutely hiliarious to hear it coming out of a 2 year old's mouth later on.

I feel horrific today... I've got a horrible headache and I'm swollen up and looking horrible. Even my face is swollen now. Yick. I'm also having some body-image issues, and a very difficult time reconciling what I see in the mirror with the *fact* that I am definately smaller than I was after either of my previous births. It's probably hormones, because everything makes me want to cry...

BooBah is finally starting to understand that Bella is a person. She's been giving nice, gentle kisses to Bella, and she's been talking quietly around her. I think that the extra loveloves are helping-- Mike and I are both making an effort to give BooBah extra loveloves, because she really seems to need them. We don't want her to be "out of the loop" as it were, or to become "the middle child." So today, she walked up to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me a nice hug. Then she started talking, "Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you. BeanBean loves you." After a moment she stopped, looked at me and said, "BeanBean loves me. Daddy loves me." And on and on-- it was so, so sweet!

I'm not sure how big she is, but BooBah seems to be growing in a big way. She's getting to be quite solid! She doesn't look at all "petite" anymore, very average-sized, and if she keeps growing at this clip she might end up positively large! It's very impressive! I'll find out for sure how big she is on Friday, when she sees the nephrologist (what the hell was I thinking, making an appointment for the 7th of April when I was due on the 20th?!), but I'm guessing that she's at least 25 pounds. She's getting to be a tank! I was looking at her and admiring the perfect toddler proportions of her babyness; right now she looks *exactly* the way that I think nearly-two-year-olds ought to look, instead of like a miniature 10-year-old, which is how BeanBean looked. BizzyBug, my niece, was medium-sized at 18 months and nice and big by 2, so BooBah may follow in her footsteps.

It got cold here last night-- this morning there was actually snow on the ground. Freaking snow! It was 70 degrees last week! I had to take Bella with me to WIC this morning, and I couldn't find anything warm to put on her-- I have no super-tiny winter clothing at all, only typical small new baby winter clothing. Crazy stuff. I ended up wrapping her in blankets and carrying her around in the fleece pouch (I'm so glad I bought that from you, Julie!), wearing clothing that was way, way too big for her super-mininess. I know that I ought to go into the storage closet and dig through the winter clothing for the winter baby things (like those blanket bags you can put on teensy people) but I don't have the energy... I barely have the energy to do anything.

I keep forcing myself to do things and then passing out; the energy required to, say, use the bathroom, wash my pump & paraphanalia, warm some milk, get some water, feed Bella, pump, change my nursing pads and put the milk in the freezer is enough to wipe me out for the rest of the day... and of course, it's not something you can do once a day, you have to do it over and over and over again. It's insane.

At any rate, tomorrow I will make my first attempt at leaving the house with all three kids-- Bella has her first WCC, BooBah needs to have her blood drawn before she sees the nephrologist and BeanBean needs a haircut so that I can (hopefully) snap some cute pictures of him and the girls Saturday at the IL's, and maybe come up with some that are cute enough to buy from Shutterfly, rather than foolishly trying to drag the five of us to a portrait studio which is so not going to happen. My sister promised BeanBean that she'd take him to get his hair shaped up (this is apparently a thing for them to do together now. ) so he's looking forward to it just because he gets to spend time with his aunt. My other sister left for Australia the other day; she'll be gone for at least two months, so it's unlikely that the kids will be spending the night with their cousins terribly often because mom has a hard enough time watching the girls on her own. Then again, when he's there with the girls and mom, BeanBean is a pretty easy guy. He and BizzyBug occasionally butt heads because they're at such similar devlopmental stages and therefore enjoy the same toys and games, but neither is fabulous at taking turns... but other than that, they do very well together. ChibiChibi asked me if, now that Bella is here, I would be taking her home soon. Poor kid wants desperately for me to adopt her. I'd love to bring her, I'm sure she'd be a great help, but with me feeling like crap on a stick right now, I don't think she'd have a very good time... she'd spend all of her energy playing in the backyard with BeanBean and keeping him out of Mike's hair while he does housework.

Bella really needs to grow quickly. I've decided that I loathe the fingerfeeder in the middle of the night more than the pain of her teensy weensy mouth latching on, so I actually put her to the breast last night rather than get out of bed. It hurt like hell, she's still not really big enough, but I put her on the left side so the milk was just flying out and I know she got plenty before she fell asleep from the work. That's the other issue with her nursing-- it's so much work for her that she gets tired long before she's full. I know this, because often when I put her to the breast she'll fall asleep, but when I change her pants (and thus wake her up) I'll give her the fingerfeeder and she'll take up to 60 cc of milk.
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Lil has her first stomach flu.

I wasn't home last night when she started throwing up. DH called me to tell me to get home as soon as I could. Poor girl.

She kept begging/screaming/crying for water but every time we'd give her even a sip she'd get sick again.

Finally around midnight her belly seemed to settle down so I brought her upstairs and she and I slept in her bed. I'm exhausted and sore from nursing and contorting my big pregnant body around her all night but she seems to be feeling much better this morning.

Good luck with your outing today Rynna!!!

Oh and we do the carseat is not negotiable thing too. I've been saying....we have to do XYZ (get in carseat, hold hands, mama carry you) "for safety" and she's generally responded pretty well. She still fights it sometimes but I try to only use the phrase "for safety" when it truly is and I need her to cooperate and she generally goes along with it.
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Well, I found out why Killy has been Mr. Cranky Butt lately... He's getting his 2-year molars! Two of the four have cut. AHA!

He doesn't fight the carseat very often, luckily. And its not that he doesn't want to hold my hand when we're walking - its that he doesn't want to leave! He does the whole huge tantrum when we're about to leave, and then seem to get it together, and then do the jelly-legs in the parking lot. Don't you hate it when you're walking along and they just lay down randomly?! This sounds terribly mean, but if I just can't pick him up at the moment (usually if Ellie's in her infant seat - I can't carry her in that and Killy because its too heavy), I have been known to say, "You can walk or I can drag you. I can't carry you." And, he usually pops right up and walks. I hope ya'll don't think I'm too awful! Twice in the last week I've had friends tell me that they're amazed at how well I handle both kids, especially when Killy's having a meltdown. It just made my day each time! I guess I don't always look as incompetant as I sometimes feel!
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I generally don't argue with toddlers. I don't think I do, anyway. This discussion makes me wonder what I say. I think I just say, "we're doing this now," and if he screams or whatever, that's that. I'm not really into giving toddlers choices too often; I think it only overwhelms them further, because many times it's the sheer indecision and enormity of deciding to walk-or-be-carried that is too much for them in the first place. I might say, "if you walk you have to hold hands," and then, "if you won't hold hands you have to be carried," but I don't phrase it in terms of choose-this-one-or-the-other. I really do think it's too much for them. They are still so small. Rowan, being male and of intense temperament, cannot hear reasoning yet anyway.

I typed this amusing anecdote about Rowan and a watermelon in Publix yesterday and now it has suddenly disappeared, and I don't have the strength to tell the story again.

Good luck with your excursion, Rynna! Don't feel bad, weren't you about ripe for the baby blues yesterday?

The roofers are here! One of them came by yesterday to walk the house and said they'd be here today, but I didn't really believe him. Sure enough at 7:45 dd woke me, all excited, to tell me they were on the roof. grrrr....I had stayed up 'til 2:30 cleaning and reorganizing and had finally gotten Rowan off my boob, but when she woke me I noticed the hammering and scraping. I think I'll like the putting-on-noises better. The scraping and banging is so inconsistent...but as I speak it becomes more regular, stapling sounds now- they must already be putting down the new felt. Good thing I don't get headaches easily.
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Hoorah for you Liz! It's about time!

Daylight savings is killing me. Tain just cant seem to sleep when it is light outside and with daylight savings that pushes his bedtime back over an hour, not to mention the sun still rises pretty early. His room actually gets pretty dark with the shades drawn but it doesn't seem to matter, he's up with the sun and not ready to sleep until it sets. My day has suddenly gotten so much longer and man, am I tired!
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Originally Posted by mattjule

Daylight savings is killing me. !

Dh and I have managed to live in states that do not do Daylight Savings (well now one does, but not while we lived there) for the past 10 years so this was our first Daylight Savings in a long time! I swear it is kicking my a$$ - my kids seemed to have adjusted a lot better than I have lol.

My little one has been super cranky lately too- but I haven't been able to get a good look in her mouth to see if she is getting her molars. And I will not stick my fingers in there
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