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I quit! Is that even spelled right? It looks wrong but considering what the last few days have been like..... I ended up w/ a 103.2 fever on Wednesday. My dh was freaked out and called hte doctor they told him to give me 600 mg of Ibuprophan it took the fever 6 hours to break. I was not coherent. So I went to the doctors yesterday and it's not pnemonia or the flu(that was a fun test) He gave me some robotussin w/ codeine and a z-pac. I'm feeling much better now. My body isn't throbing but now dh is at the doctor's w/ Maddie because she woke up at 1:45 this morning w/ a fever of 102.2 and stomach pain. Oh what fun!! So I got to try and trouble shoot while in a codeine induced haze. Oh and did I mention that Lily thinks that she need to nurse like a newborn at night? Last night I got to a point where I actually keft the room and went to sleep in Maddie's bed (no one uses that bed). MAinly because I was angry at my dh because he got all pissy because Lily pulled the covers off him so even though she was sleeping and not scream for momma juice he felt the need to act like a child and whip the cover back over him and filp over to move away from her because she was touching him. Not a good idea to piss off the sick wife.

I need a vacation!! Maybe one w/out the kids or dh!

Ok whine over!
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Hugs to you, Sandi! It really sucks to be a sick mommy.

I'm loving Daylight Savings Time! Killy's still going to bed at the normal time (9pm), but is sleeping about an hour later (till 8am). I'm in heaven! Sorry, not to brag...

Killian's a nutcase this morning. He has a sliced up pear, but is insisting that he needs another one, and I'm tired of finding uneaten food around here, so he's not going to get a second until he finishes the first. Apparently, this is a very cruel thing to insist upon.
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I'm heading to the mall out of desperation. I can't possibly nurse Lily another second (since she got sick Weds. night she has wanted -- and I have given her -- non-stop monnies). Since the only way she's going to stop asking is if we go somewhere I....Must. Get. Out. Of. The. House.

I don't have any $$ to spend but....they have a carosel (sp?) there, which she loves, and she can run around and enterain the other shoppers.
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Sounds like a lot of us are having crazy times.

I managed to get the kids out of the house yesterday, but I didn't get everything done; just as I was coming down the steps to take Bella to her WCC and BooBah to get her blood drawn, BooBah decided to strip naked. There she stood, bare buns and all. So I gave up and just took Bella. BooBah saw the nephrologist this morning, and she didn't mind that the most recent bloodwork was in February, so it was all good.

We have plans for Pesach now, that's pretty cool... I won't have to cook. I feel a teensy bit guilty, because I'd planned to teach BeanBean The Four Questions (something that the youngest child present who is a whole person should do), but being in the third trimester I never got around to it. Chibi and/or BizzyBug will probably end up reading them, and BeanBean can do it next year, maybe even with BooBah. I'm just really pleased that I'll get to go to a real Seder and not have to cook.

I've put Bella to the breast several times today. It hurts, but less than before. She's growing. 5 lbs 15 oz yesterday, so she's gaining nicely, too. And I've got an appointment for myself for Monday, because it's not normal to swell up like a balloon and I seem to have developed a UTI. Lovely, really, to have all this extra fluid and not be able to do anything with it at all... I'll be getting some antibiotics, without a doubt, and I've got to get some preemptive nystatin. Yeesh. At any rate, I'm working hard to cut back on how much I pump, because I'm one of those people who can pump gallons of milk and if I don't pay attention to what I'm doing, I'll end up pumping much more than I want to. I've also been avoiding oatmeal, which is difficult because I froze a lot of baked oatmeal while I was pregnant for fast, yummy breakfasts. What was I thinking?!

Miserable Bella, gtg...
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We had tickets to go see Ween tonight, but I just wasn't up to leaving Rowan with my friend (my very generous friend who no doubt did not realize Rowan can be a monster) and possibly having to leave the concert by myself (and taking two cars to begin with) and still have to get the children at my friend's and bring them home. So dh went with his friend (who's here for his custody issues, without his wife) and another friend, and probably sold the extra ticket to someone in the ticket line. I was a little sad but I was up last night achy and with an itchy throat, and I don't want to *be* a sick momma, so I decided we will have plenty of opportunity to see them in the NY area where I can let them sleep at my mother-in-law's and know all is well. And take the train or a taxi. This driving everywhere is awful! I still stayed out until 10pm at the friend's who was going to watch them. I just wasn't going to get dressed, pack stuff for Rowan, get him settled, leave, drive forty miles, etc etc etc.

We never do much for Passover though I grew up attending more Seders than dh, who is the Jewish one. They have a secular dinner (though my sister-in-law in NY, I think they do a Seder) and I doubt they are inviting us anywhere (as though we would go!) after the Christmas fiasco. The good thing about that horrible day was that we never have to worry about being invited to their place again! But when I ask dh if he wants to do a (vegetarian) Seder he says no, he doesn't believe in any of that nonsense, though I do all the Christian holidays from my pagan perspective. So I guess we're not doing anything. Dyeing Easter eggs? Watching LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST? Something like that, probably, since the holidays are so close this year.
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Ooooohhhhh... I guess it's April now, huh?

Rynna!?! CONGRATS!! You're up & about already, too! I hear ya on nursing even if it hurts a bit... thats what I ended up doing with Roland. We were doing the Avent pump/bottles & it got old reeeaaallly fast.

We've had a craptastic week. I've been trying to keep the house clean incase we get a visit from CPS, but between the yard & preschool & the usual kid stuff, the place is still a wreck.
DH is done school now... he got 95% on his practical & 92% on his test... so yay! He woked nightshift yesterday & today so he could watch Caitlin while I worked at the preschool yesterday. Today he passed his follow up test for the big V, and bought an X-Files DVD on his way home. Before we started dating, we used to watch it together & play Lego Him buying that DVD was an attempt at being romantic, I think
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Been missing you, Mummoth.

You must love the Barenaked Ladies song, then, about "watching X-Files with no lights on/ We're dans la maison/ I hope the smoking man's in this one!" I have fond memories of watching the X-Files (usually with ordinary friends though) pre-dd, so very very long ago.....

I am also getting tired of nursing. Not the thought of nursing as I would like it, but nursing about ten times more often than that ideal I have in mind....that's getting old.
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Wait, Mummoth, your kid got out once and the same day someone called CPS on you? That's really creepy. Or am I missing something? And the busybody said you spanked him? I hope you find out who it is. : As my neighbor, on whom someone called the county without talking to him or asking about the problem, said, "I know how to call the county, too, you know!"
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Originally Posted by LizD
Wait, Mummoth, your kid got out once and the same day someone called CPS on you? That's really creepy. Or am I missing something? And the busybody said you spanked him? I hope you find out who it is. : As my neighbor, on whom someone called the county without talking to him or asking about the problem, said, "I know how to call the county, too, you know!"
Yes, this was the first time he's gotten out. At the absolute most he ws out of the yard for 5 - 8 minutes. He says he went out into the lane to pick flowers for me (and he did have some dandylions in his hand) I looked around & the only places I could see that there had been dandylions picked were *right* outside the gate. I think what must've happened is the passenger of the car happened to see him in the lane as they drove down the side street & thats why they pulled onto the boulevard? One thing that was really creepy is when I talked to him about it after his time out he told me "Lots of people saw me" which to me sounded like the person told him to tell me since it's not the sort of thing a 4 year old is generally aware of. I mean, if his finger isn't in his nose, his hand is in is pants... it's not like he's self concious! So that was some kind of threat or something? It was just some random passerby. I'm glad it was just a weird busybody than someone who would take him & really hurt him. I've heard people lie to CPS because they want to be taken seriously & often know their call isn't really warranted.
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Oh Mum....that sucks.

Well...I'm sick with a stomach flu. A lovely treat at 36 weeks pregnant. This is my first time off the couch since yesterday afternoon.
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I finally put some pictures of Bella in my signature. They're not the greatest, but I'll get some decent ones over the next few weeks.
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Wow...sounds like ppl are really getting the stomach bug. Today we went to my lil bro's baseball game and we were all doing great and then all of a sudden Gavin vomitted several times. I felt so bad for him. He was supposed to go to his friends 2 yr. birthday party, but we didn't want to keep him out at all.

Well...The Children's museum rocked Gavin and Logan just loved it. I couldn't believe how much hands on exhibits they had. Gavin was just beaming the whole time. I would recommend it for anyone with young children. Plus, their Dinosphere (or as logan says it Dinos fear) exhibit was incredible! We only live a little less than 3 hrs. from Indy...Northern Indiana so it was a perfect length for travel and everything was within our budget!

Well I hope all you mamas and little ones start to feel better.

Rynna have you posted your birth story yet? I am looking forward to reading it!
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She's perfect, Rynna! But you knew that. Is the birth story posted yet? I am anxious to hear.

I guess I can expect to develop a long relationship with CPS at some point because Rowan even tried to leave my friend's house- walked out the open patio door and was on his way down the driveway when he was discovered.
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Mum! That must've been frightening. I can't believe that someone just happened to call CPS the very first time he escaped!

Rynna, Bella is just beautiful!

Liz, I can't believe you had to miss Ween! I love the Chocolate and Cheese album, as well as the country-themed one.
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Oh, the birth story! It's in my blog. I linked it in the big sticky post in my DDC (April 06), but right now it's the "top" entry in my blog, so it's easy to find.

I think she's definately a keeper... if I didn't have such a ripper of a headache, I'd probably be enjoying her a lot more. I'm pretty happy with her today, though; I managed to get her to nurse with the nipple shield, and it was only vaguely uncomfortable (I'm probably developing thrush, because that's something that happens to me in the first week or two pp). Nipple shields are a PITA, but nothing on fingerfeeders! I'm feeling pretty good about it, all in all. I mean, one thing to wash and deal with, rather than pump-warm-feeder-bottle before you actually get to the baby... no contest, right? Now if she'd only hurry up and grow, so that I can put the nipple shield into her baby box and it can become a distant memory, like BeanBean's...

And now it's time for dinner. I've got to try to eat...
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Mummoth, that SUCKS. I'm so, so sorry. People are hideous sometimes.

We went to Picture People today: link
I'm not thrilled with them, but I had a coupon for a free 10' by 13' so I got the one of James standing.

I have been battlling a UTI, but other than that things are great. I'm 34 weeks now.

James took his first trip to the zoo as a walking person today. He LOVED it. I am totally getting a membership.
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Wah! I couldn't see the pictures!

The zoo here in KC is under major renovations, so the Africa section isn't open right now (it will be open before summer). I can't wait for Killian to see the lions, gorillas, chimps, and elephants! He sees it all from the stroller, though, because its about 6 miles to walk the whole zoo and I know he wouldn't be able to walk that far in one day.
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Yeah, those jerks at Picture People seemed to have broken the link once they realized I was passing it out all over the Internet I need to upload the jpegs to my own web space, haven't done that in waaaaaay too long.
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Rynna-just read your birth story and WOW it is amazing! I can't imagine a baby in NICU, but you sure have a lot of strength and seem to cope with it well. I hope nursing continues on the up and up!

Well after a day of puking and diarrhea I am exhausted, but not tired. Logan ended up joining the sick party...makes me wonder if my mom gave them something their tummies couldn't handle. Sometimes she does not use good discretion with candy and juices...like that I would rather it be a treat than a regular snack at her home....grandmas...ugh.
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Oh, I forgot to mention - I bought Killian a swingset for his birthday next month! It was $100 off this week (ending today), so I went on and got it. WOW! I think he'll go nuts when its in our backyard. I feel a little guilty for spending so uch on his birthday, but its really for all our kids (we plan to have a few more!), and it'll last for years and years, so I think its a good investment. Its going to be tough to wait till next month to put it together! I think that it will be perfect for after-dinner fun EVERY evening this summer, and a fun thing for him to do while I weed in the back yard. I'm planning to replace one of the swings with a baby swing for Ellie. (Killy uses the baby swing at the park sometimes, but at least half the time he uses a regular swing.)
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