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When we moved into this house 5 years ago dh made a loft bed for dd. He didn't use a pattern, just threw it together from planks and 4x4s and made a ladder (with great use of the router). He wasn't thrilled with the exposed (hah) hardware (perfectionist) but it needed to get done and it has held up wonderfully. We painted it lavender and stamped dark green space themes on it (stars, starbursts, saturns, you get the idea). So if it's something simple sometimes your own ideas are the best way to go. Ours was just a box, really, and moveable slats across to hold up the mattress. There's a real mattress in, not a futon. Good luck, it was fun to make a bed!

Also my SIL found very inexpensive wood bunk beds on ebay and when I saw them I was super-impressed. They have low ceilings in that room so they had to find something to accomodate that, and she didn't pay a ton of money.
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I got my kids' bunkbed from a consignment shop. It converts to two twin beds, which is how we have it now (Caitlin would be capable of getting herself up onto the top bunk, but not capable of remembering to be careful)
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Yeah, right now I really just want the type that is like a box with a solid bottom since we don't have a boxspring for his mattress. But I don't want it to fall apart and I am not sure how to do the corners.
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I miss you guys!!!!
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Hi, Laura! It's good to "see" you!
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Hi Laura!!!

Well, it's 10 to 8 here... I'm just biding my time until it's daytimey enough to go outside. The sky looks ready to open up, but until it's actually raining, we're going out to play. These kids just DO NOT do inside play.
On Monday night I went to a meeting for Rolands preschool. The topic was about making friends. They said that it's not a good idea to teach your kids to ask "Can I play with you?" because the answer is usually "No." As they were talking I tried to think of ANY time Roland has asked to play & the closest I could come up with was one time in a McDonalds PlayPlace some kid told him "You aren't allowed to play in here!" and so he came out & told me & I said "He's not the boss of you! You can play in there if you want to!" and he went back in & then I kept hearing "You not da bossa me!" every couple of minutes. Oh, and I won the raffle prize at the meeting... a giant ladybug with a weeble wobbly head & antenae... the kids love it. Yesterday we went to the park with the preschool for the morning. It was pretty fun We hadn't been to that park for about a month. Ahhhhh... I think we can go out now.
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yeah, I had read that in a parenting book somewhere. Tain never really asked either, actually he does what the parenting books recommend. He watches for a few minutes, to see how the game works (usually running around like banshees-preschoolers are great ) then he starts running at the back and eventually gets absorbed into the group. It works really well for him and, oddly enough, he seems perfectly content to stay at the back of the group if they never really absorb him, like when the kids are a lot older than him. He seems to enjoy just being with them and it doesn't matter if they pay attention to him or not, just that he isn't excluded. Frankly, I am jealous, I never had the intuitiveness or the temperment to do what he does.
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Just checking in! I actually forgot it was Easter until someone reminded me on Monday. I have felt spiritual lately, but not very religious so I have been out of touch with things such as Easter, etc. Oh well. The kids are doing an egg hunt, just b/c it's fun.

We have been enjoying our spring weather here and have been spending so much time outside. I love it. I love hearing the ideas of different things to do. Logan has been patiently waiting to have a messy party outside. I am just waiting for the temp to be warm enough to wash everyone off afterwards.

Well soon off to play outside again!
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BeanBean is an initiator-- he goes up to other kids and says, "Hi! My name's Eli. What's your name? Come with me, Kid'sname, I want to show you something..." and they actually follow him, more often than not. ChibiChibi used to do the same thing, only the other kids would come to her and follow her, quietly, until she acknowledged them. As her cousins' mother put it, "They love her, she always has such great ideas..."

I too am jealous of the kids. : I was always so lonely as a little kid, I didn't understand other children and I never felt like they understood me. BeanBean definately has more fun with other kids than Mike or I ever did.

ChibiChibi came back from the Seder with us last night, so I'll probably take the kids to the park this afternoon. Between Chibi and BeanBean, I know that BooBah will be safe. In a lot of ways, it's easier having four kids in the house than three. Especially since the middle of my three is a runner. I remember taking BeanBean to the park when BooBah was relatively new and other parents being very impressed, and I couldn't figure out why... after all, BooBah was still quite mini and slingable, and all that she needed in the world was under my shirt. All I had to do was keep Bean inside the playground, and that wasn't too difficult. A few months later, when BooBah started walking, it was a lot more difficult to watch both kids at the park, but even then BeanBean was fairly cooperative (he grasped fairly early on that if he was not cooperative, I'd pack his buns back into the van and we'd all go home). With three, though... that's a different story. Mike can take both kids to the park and run them, but I'm still having a lot of pain and I don't trust myself to chase effectively.

Oh! I got Bella to nurse on my boob without excruciating pain! She's now officially a nursling. She's also nearly filling out the preemie sized clothing, in another two weeks I'll be able to put regular newborn sizes on her... not that I bought any of those either, you understand, but it's a major improvement to go from "under 5" to "under 7/8." I'm so happy with the way that she's growing! At any rate, by starting out so much smaller, she has totally thrown things off for me. I'm not exactly sure what size she'll be when, but if she continues to grow at this rate, she'll probably be just getting out of a 0-3 around August/September. : I have not yet had a winter baby in 3-6 month sized clothing; BeanBean was that size in the spring and BooBah was that size in the fall. Somehow, I have managed to have a third off-season child. How do I do it?!
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I wrote a long post last night and my connection timed out. But at least I am bumping us this morning!
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Originally Posted by mattjule
I wrote a long post last night and my connection timed out. But at least I am bumping us this morning!
Ooooo....I get SO annoyed when that happens because I NEVER have the energy to retype everything so then I feel like I've told you all stuff but I really haven't.
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I've got the flu. I spent all day in bed & in the bathroom. My mom took the kids to an easter egg hunt & the beach. At the easter egg hunt, Caitlin was dressed up in a bunny suit. Roland wanted to wear a costume too, so he wore his dinosaur one from Halloween They flipped over rocks for crabs at the beach. Kevin has been outside working on the new power supply most of the day.
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Mum! I had it last week. Hopefully your's will be a fast mover like mine was. I was really sick for a day and a half but then felt fine. Meanwhile my MIL and BIL got some other flu (not pukey) and they have been sore and dizzy and just generally feeling yucky for 3 weeks.

I took Lil to an egg hunt today and she didn't know what the heck to make of it. She just stood there and watched all the kids running around. Oh well....next year.

Rynna ~ Glad to hear Bella is nursing and your not in agony!

So I'm officially "full term" today (37 weeks)!! I've been having BH contrax for a while now but last night they got intense. I had to spend some time on all fours breathing through them.

So now I'm wondering if this means I might go a little earlier this time (Lil was born at 40 weeks, +4) or if I'm just going to have a month of "practice" contrax every night!!
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[QUOTE=dharmamaI took Lil to an egg hunt today and she didn't know what the heck to make of it. She just stood there and watched all the kids running around. Oh well....next year.

This year was the first that Roland really got into it. Even last year, he'd get one go & ask us to open it, he'd eat it and then go find another one. So by the time it was all over, he'd had 5 chocolate eggs. Caitlin got the hang of it right away. She *loves* candy though... and I think having an older sibling teaches them the concept of MINE earlier

Heres hoping you DON'T have a month of contractions every night. Could it have been the baby was moving into a more favourable position?
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Erin, here's hoping that you only have a few "rehersals" before the big event!

I'm looking for skinny-leg diapering solutions; Bella's legs are unbelievably (to me) skinnier than BeanBean's or BooBah's were, so we're having leakage problems. I really need to start knitting again, but I don't have the time for it... I've got so much other stuff to do.

I've got to try to get rid of stuff, too, and buy things that we really need. Today I went looking for t-shirts for BeanBean because it's been very warm out and I learned something-- his shoulders have grown a great deal, so some of the 4s from last year fit him but some don't, and he didn't have that many to begin with. : I was looking in the storage closet and trying to figure out why we had so much stuff but I still had nothing to put on my son. Insane. So I'm going to have a bloody yard sale, and to hell with it, if I really need something after it's gone I'll buy another one. It probably won't be next weekend, but the weekend after that... and I may ask Mike to take a day off work to help me with such a project. If I can get him to take a Friday off (very difficult, as it makes his life more miserable than usual on Monday).

Mike really wants the kids to go to his aunt's house for the family Easter dinner, but I don't want to take them by myself and I'd have to because Mike's working. I'm really not comfortable with it, though, so I'll take the kids to Meeting on Sunday by myself. Apparently there's an egg hunt after that, so the kids won't miss it entirely. Is it really horrible that I'm not at all excited about this?
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Sorry that you have the flu, Mum. That sucks! As does prodromal labor, Erin - sorry to hear about that, too.

Don't you just love it when your kid surprises you? Tonight, Killy and I were reading a book about shapes and I started asking him if he could point out shapes ("where's the triangle?") - and he could! He knows circle, oval, rectangle, triangle, and square and makes decent attempts at saying each shape name! He did get octagons and hexagons confused quite a bit, and sometimes would also get the pentagons confused with those two, also, but I think that's pretty understandable. He also is good at matching colors and can sign "orange" and say "green." He's becoming such a little boy instead of a toddler! And, his verbal development is doing great - speech therapy has helped him immensely. He's added a bunch of new words this week: more, no, bubbles, bone... He's finally getting to the point where he's talking a lot without being prompted. Yay! (he was doing great verbally before Ellie was born, but had a huge setback then)

For Easter we're doing Easter Bunny Baskets here in the AM on Sunday, and then going to church and staying for the potluck meal afterward (DH won't be going to church, he usually comes only on special occasions but he has too much work this week).
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BeanBean still has to count sides before he can differentiate between (regular) hexagons and octagons. When he doesn't feel like counting, he calls them "oxagons."
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Guess what James did today? I was printing out a list to take to my midwife appt., and he heard the printer running and went into the office, fetched the piece of paper, and brought it out to me! How awesome is that? Like having a well-trained dog with opposable thumbs

Good news from the midwife - Sarah is engaged and anterior! Yeehah!

I've been off abx for several days now, so I gave a sample for urinalysis to see if the UTI has been defeated. The midwife was very supportive of my opposition to being on abx for the next six weeks AND my opposition to a hospital induction, she said we could induce at home at 37 weeks if I cannot kick this bladder infection. So I feel like I can relax about that and just focus on trying to stay well.

Easter Egg Hunt at church tomorrow, huge brunch for lots of Scott's colleagues on Sunday. (yawn) After this, I am going to lounge around and be the Lazy Pregnant Lady for awhile...
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Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! This morning at church a little girl who's about 8 years old and big buddies with Killian was giving out Hershey Kisses to everyone. She told me she'd been giving them to Killy, and I asked her if she was helping him take the foil off. She laughed and said, "No! He eats the foil, too!" Great! I asked her to stop giving them to him, but she said he'd already given him 4 - and then I saw her give him another! At the potluck after service he didn't eat any real food, just ran around grabbing jelly beans off the tables. He's totally crashed out on the couch now, and I plan to have every scap of candy in this house hidden by the time he wakes up - he's had enough sugar for one day!

My ILs went totally nuts - they sent a huge box of Easter gifts for the kids, they literally had more presents for Easter than most kids get for Christmas. I'm trying to focus on being grateful for their generosity and love, but now I have a ton of new toys to find places for! DH was a love, though, and came to church with me so he could watch Killian in the nursery while I sat in the service with Ellie. I'm actually having a great day so far!
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I took the kids to Meeting yesterday, and everyone was impressed with me for showing up without Mike. I didn't feel like it was that big a deal, because Bella just nursed and slept most of the time, and with the sling... Pretty easy stuff. One of the teenagers took BooBah around for the egg hunt, and BeanBean just went around with the medium-sized (7-11 year old) kids. They were very nice, and both of mine had a great time. BooBah kept opening the eggs and eating the candy, then looking up to me and hollering, "chocowate!" with a big, gooey brown grin. Yick. She had a really good time, though. Oh, and ate a few eggshells, too (there were a few hard boiled eggs in the hunt), but she does that all the time. BeanBean and BooBah ate a bunch of candy at the Meetinghouse, and we put the rest in bags to go home... but I didn't remind the kids to get them out of the car once we got home, and I think that both of them are quite happy with what they've already had. I certainly hope so, because they're not getting any more!

BeanBean is telling me that I don't love him anymore because I was upset with him. He's a bit melodramatic, but I guess that's a typical three-year-old thing?
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