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I'm Amy. I'm almost 10 months post partum. I had a c-section after 2 hours of pushing and no progression.

I'm always second guessing my decision to do the section. I think if I hadn't been hooked up to an IV (GBS +) then I could have been on my feet walking, and letting gravity help. My babe was never in distress. I was just exhausted. He seemed to be stuck. When I got the boost (lidocaine?) in my epidural I was so excited to know I would finally meet my baby. Mostly, I had a positive experience. I recovered quickly. My babe is extremely healthy. I feel that I am not entitled to mourn my loss of an ideal.

Recently I read "The Red Tent" and got sad all over again for my birth experience.
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I had a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks because my twins were both breech. It was very traumatic for me. I felt a lot of the surgery, and felt very detached from my body. It took me a long time to really believe that the babies were mine and were the same babies who had been inside me. I had a lot of trouble bonding with one of them, and I think it was because of the c-section. I still have a lot of sadness about it.

I am 8 weeks pregnant and planning a homebirth. Assuming that I do get to birth vaginally, I think it will be very healing for me. I sort of feel like I'm *still* waiting to go into labor from last time. I want to know what it feels like and to see the baby come out of me.

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I just want to encourage those of you who are facing another c-section in the near future that the best defence is a good offence. I know how it feels to know that you are going to have another surgical birth. So do what you can to make sure it is a positive experience. Have a birth plan. Share with your doctor at a pre-natal appointment how distressed you are because of your past experiences, and how you want this to be a positive birth. Share the desire for vaginal birth with your doctor and your nurse once you arrive at the hospital. Let them know you want to be involved as much as possible. Let them know how important it is that you see, touch, nurse your new little baby right away. Make sure your partner knows how vital it is that they stay with the baby all moments you can't so they can fill you in on what happened and you don't ever have to wonder. Remember, all hospital procedures can be postponed or refused. Let them know your priorities and have someone, your partner, a doula, a friend there to insure your desires are honored.

A cesarean section can be a positive experience, but it takes work and diligence to make it that way. I am wishing you all the best. My second c-section was such a healing experience, but it was in large part due to my change in attitude. We have not failed at childbirth. We have succeeded in being wonderful mothers that put our own wishes aside to do what was best for our children. A c-section is not the easy way out as many would like to label it. We can't view ourselves in such a negative light just because of one situation that was out of our control.

We are truly Goddesses!!!!!
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Yea! The thread is back where I can find it!

Hi! I'm Miriam and currently pg with my 3 girls. I guess, I lucked out because when we found out about the triplets at 6 weeks, everyone immediately said I would have a c/s so I started dealing with it then. After researching it I found out it is possible to do a vaginal birth for at least some of the babes, but then we had a couple issues with 2 of them that, even though they appeared minor I decided to do the c/s just to be safe. I guess that was my first big decision as a mom.

So now I'm working out the details of my birth plan and figuring out what I can do to make it as positive an experience as possible. We are shooting for a May 2nd birth day which would be 36 weeks, but my OB and peri admit that they have no idea what I'm going to do because my pg has been so uneventful and unlike anything they've seen. My OB even joked that I'd have the only triplets in history to go a month past my edd. I'd like to get them to the middle of 37 weeks, but these past 2 weeks have been tough so who knows.

I think it is great that this thread is here because I sometimes feel a little out of place at other places on MDC because I'm pretty comfortable and positive about my choice. I understand that there are a lot of women who got c/s for lame reasons and they have a right to be mad about it, but I sometimes feel like they are taking it out on me for my choice. KWIM?
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So good to see you Mimi! It sounds like you're doing wonderfully.
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Hi, I missed the last thread, but was a frequent poster before that.

I am Jess, mom to 3 girls, all born by c-sec.

My first was the result of being very young, and deciding that I and the doctors knew better than my mother (a very crunchy natural birther of 5). At 41 weeks, and after over a week of predromal labor, I agreed to an induction. Which led to the usual cascade of interventions. After 40 hours of hard labor, I tearfully agreed to the c-sec whith the complete agreement that I could have a VBAC with my next. My c-sec experience was not great. I had been awake for 3 days and was finally in no pain and had to fight to stay awake the entire time. I vagely remember her being born and shown to me, and I quickly fell asleep (still not sure if they gave me anything, but strongly suspect it). I slept for 8 hours and everyone saw and held my baby before me. It took me 3 days to get out of bed and I was in the hospital for 5. We also had a very bad ped who was not supportive of breastfeeding at all. He forced me into supplementing at 8 weeks (said he would put her in the hospital and have a CPS investigation started) because she was gaining slow. I really struggled for 3 more months, but was fully formula feeding by 6 months - when the ped said, "Well, she must just grow slowly".

My next preg was 5 years later. When I was 3 months preg, our hospital decided not to allow VBACs anymore. I REALLY struggled with the desicion. We could travel 2 hours in opposite direction to the bigger city hospital and possibly have a chance at a VBAC, or stay with the OB, who I really like and connect with (he was fightingg to change the policy, and had a very high sucess rate for VBACs) and are wonderfull small hospital. I decided to stay, but was still thinking about birthing in the bigger city. The baby had a single umbilical artery and spot on her heart, which were both markers for Down's. I also developed Pre-e (I still think these were all related). I was put on bed rest at 30 weeks, and delivered at 38 weeks. The birth was relaxed and I chatted with dh and the dr the whole time. Dh went will the baby while the dr finished (he lowered the screen so he could see me while we talked.)We did not tell anyone we had the baby until after I had held her and was ready to introduce her to our families. (I was out of recovery within an hour and back in my room, where dh had been cuddling the babe.) I nursed her almost immediatly and continued until she was 15 months and I was 5 months preg with #3. My recovery was fairly easy. I was out of the hospital in 3 days and healed quickly.

I really did not think I would get preg again quite so soon, but I found out I was preg with #3 on #2's first birthday. I shortly debated trying to find someplace to VBA2C, but dh was/is really against homebirth and midwives, and I ws not mentally prepared to fight at that point. I have a mostly uneventfull preganacy, except for breech presentation from 20 weeks on. My BP started to rise towards the end of the preg and the dr was worried about pre-e again. My oldest was scheduled for bladder surgery and the doc did not want me traveling the over 2 hours away at 37 weeks, unless I was prepared to deliver at the not calm birth, not breastfeeding friendly hospital where we were headed. I reluctantly agreed to the c-sec at 36 weeks. I would never do this again. I had the steriod shots earlier and she was still no where ready to be born. The birth was actually great. I had everything in my birth plan done like I wanted it, and we even video taped the whole thing. The baby came out gasping for breath and had apgars of 5 and 4. She was immediatly taken (dh went with her) and put in an oxygen tent. Her heart rate was really high and she was taking 3 times the normal breaths per minute. She had a scalp IV started and about a million interventions done (x-rays, MRI, ect). She had swallowed al lot of hair and still had lots of fliud in her lungs, so they could not inflate properly. They removed the air from her stomach and deep suctioned her more, and she finally stablized. This was 4 hours after birth. They were talking about life flighting her to the big city hospital we were trying to avoid, but she started to recover. I was in my room now, but dh was going between my room and the baby, and was a mess. We had a wonderfull FP doctor and she stayed there the whole time this was happening and came and talked to me in recovery and brought me pictures (I had only seen her for about 5 seconds). 10 hours after birth, I got to hold her. She was off oxygen, but still on a pulse ox and IV. She was not interested in nursing untill she was just over 12 hours old, but cought on quickly nad has not stopped since. She did not have any feedings or pacifiers that whole time, which I was so greatful for (or a bath ). She did not leave my or dh's arms for the rest of the stay. We left the hospital at 50 hours after the c-sec and never looked back. My recovery was really fast. I actaully did a 10K walk at 6 weeks PP (and finished in just over 3 hours - including the stopping to nurse)

Well, if you have read my novel, thanks!

We are not done having babies, and I am really torn on what to do. DH will not even consider a homebirth. My last 2 c-sec were not bad, but I would still like a vaginal birth. I am searching right now for someone that would possible take me on as a potential client, so that when I get preg (about 3 years), I have it all figured out.

I have a really good "natural" c-sec birth plan if anyone needs to look at one. I know I looked at a lot when I was making mine.

ETA: I just had to add that the timing of me finding this is just right. Today is the first aniversary of Lillian's due date.
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Great story, Jess! I hope you get your VBA3C next time around. That has to be my major concern about the c/s. I just don't know if they will say that because it was multiple/high risk pg that I'm not a candidate for a VBAC. I can't see how it would matter since it is still only 1 incision, but you never know what will happen when/if the time comes.

I would love to see your birth plan! I'm working on mine and think I'm just about done, but there always seems to be something I forgot. I'd like to have it by my next appt to go over with the doc so that I can edit/argue as needed.
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I would also like a copy of your birth plan I am trying to vbac but would like to have a backup for ceasarean if it becomes neceasary. Thanks
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OK, here it is. It is really simple, but to the point.

Jessica's Birth Plan
> *Date:* 3/4/05
> *Birth Facility:* ******* Hospital
> Following is a statement of our childbirth desires. We have educated
> ourselves prior to making these choices and feel that we are prepared to
> follow through on them. We understand that complications do arise and in
> such instances trust Dr. *** and/or Dr. *** to make necessary decisions. We
> greatly appreciate your cooperation in realizing our plan.
> I would like my partner to be present at all times during the
> operation.
> I would like to be conscious.
> I would like the screen lowered so I can see the baby coming out.
> I would like to have one hand free to touch the baby.
> We would like to videotape and/or photograph the operation and baby coming
> out.
> I would like to have immediate contact with the baby (if the baby is in
> good health).
> I would like to hold my baby immediately after birth.
> I would like to wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsating before it's
> clamped and cut.
> I would like to postpone newborn procedures until I have had a chance to
> bond with my baby.
> I would like all newborn procedures to take place in my presence.
> If I can't be with my baby for newborn procedures, my partner would like
> to stay with the baby at all times.
> I plan to breastfeed my baby.
> I would like to breastfeed my baby immediately following the birth.
> I would prefer that no artificial nipples (bottles, pacifiers) be
> offered to my baby at any point.
> I would like 24-hour rooming-in with my baby.

I really recomend going in ahead of time and talking to the head nurse and going over your birthplan and explaining why these things are important and which ones are the most important. I did this and I think it is one of the reasons they were so good about no vaccs, no nipples, no bath, even when there were so many porblems with the baby.
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There is a sticky at the top of this forum. I have included my birthplan there in great detail if anyone is interested. I had two really great cesarean births after a very horrific one and I can't think of anything right now that I would change if I was faced with a fourth cesarean.

If you have a birthplan (Jess please post yours!) for a cesarean birth, please post it in the above sticky. There are lots of women who only lurk on these threads and read only that one thread to get ideas about having a better cesarean birth.

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I just saw the sticky. Was it always there and I'm just a loser? (I kept trying to search, but it won't let me.)

Yhanks for the plans ladies! I lov eth etip about going in early to discuss it witht he nurse. It makes so much sense since they are the people who will actually be there most of the time.
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I haven't posted on this series of threads in awhile, but I saw it and decided to jump in again.

I'm Amy, and my ds, now almost 29 months old, was born by a c/s necessitated only by active management of labor -- confined to bed, not allowed to move much, eventual epidural due to awful back labor, etc. I had been in labor for 22 hours, pushed for 2+ and ds would not move past my pubic bone. He was posterior and born with a nice contusion on his forehead. I was told he was having non-assuring decels, but his Apgars were excellent (9 & 9), so I believe that in reality, the dr. was just trying to get home.

Anyway, I am pregnant again, due in August with ds#2 (I'm 21 weeks today) and am planning a hospital VBAC with a midwife. I wanted a homebirth, but it is illegal for midwives to attend HBACs in my state, and I am uncomfortable with a UBAC, so ... This mw has attended the births of nearly all of my mommy friends (although no VBACs among the group), and I like her a lot. She has a higher VBAC success rate than most 1st time mothers have for avoiding a primary c/s, which I think is excellent. So far baby is doing great. Mw wants me to labor at home until I hit transition, and then she'll deal with the nursing staff to get them to leave me alone and avoid/delay as many required "procedures" as possible (basically continuous fetal monitoring, and they don't have telemetry).

Emotionally I think I've dealt with my first birth at this point. I feel so much more confident this time around, and I also feel that if in the end a c/s is what happens, I will know that I will have done everything to avoid it and I have confidence that my caregivers will only suggest one to me b/c it is truly an emergent situation.
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Amy, Congrats on Your Pregnancy! I hope you get your VBAC!
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i am zs.i had a schedule cesarean about two months back now.
By the grace of God,it really went well.
This was my third cesarean.My first two were due to failure to progress and featal hear distress.
For my first two cesarean i was given general anesthisa .my recovery was very traumatic.
This time i had another doctor who suggested spinal.
i researched about it in this forum, and i did get lot of courage by reading some of the post.so i finally opted for spinal.
The surgery was just great.The spinal injection was painless!i think it had to with the anesthatic who is supposed to be a good one.i did have lot of post operative pain.i think i was given less pain killers.and evn the i.v injections hurt a lot.
But i think, all in all everything was much much better that my earlier ones.
i am back on my feet soon here, where as for the earlier i was in a bad state emotionally for a long time.
i want to thank all the memebers here for the help i got.
also thank you for starting this thread...it is very much needed.
even though i would have love to have a natural home birth..it didnt happen to me..so instead of feeling bad about the whole thing, i think we should look at our cesarean birth postively so that we can feel postive and be postive and have positve outcomes.
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ZS thank you for your comments. I think you are so write to when you say we can make it a positive experience when it is in our power to do so.
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Hi...it is so amazing to read all these stories...I feel connected to y'all and wish all of you the best.

I've had two cesareans, and I don't know if either was necessary...not sure how we can ever really determine that, but I'm mostly at peace with both of them at this point.

My first was after being induced at 42 weeks with pre-e signs, being in pit labor for 48 hours with almost no progress, fetal distress, and finally a c-sec. My doctor was very kind and the baby had been posterior and was 10 lbs 9 oz. I had some trouble bonding with her because nursing was very painful, not really because of the c-section...I recovered pretty fast even though I had pretty serious blood loss during surgery.

My second birth was almost six months ago, my gorgeous baby boy. I was planning a VBAC and everyone was supportive...I ate better, was running up until seven months, had great midwives, etc. But again I went overdue, almost to 43 weeks, and then we found out the baby was transverse at 42w4d. We decided to schedule a c-section for 43 weeks and talked to the doc ahead of time (checking out the cesarean goddess's birth plan, which is SO helpful and wonderful BTW!). He was very accommodating...I got to shower and go in early in the morning, felt the head come out, then his shoulders, as the doctor described everything, saw the baby "still wet" (my request) and then held him almost immediately in the OR. Dh did the first bath himself and I was nursing about 30 minutes later in the recovery room. If it had to be a c-sect, this was a great one!

I still do grieve my births, that I did not get to push my babies out and feel that connection. But I am so grateful to have them and although I am a strong advocate for normal birth I am grateful that cesareans exist.
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Hi everyone - my name's Colleen and I have two beautiful daughters, one born vaginally and one born via C/S.

My first daughter was born in 2002 - my water broke at 4 am and at about 7an I finally admitted it to my DH. Arrived at the hospital at 8am prepared for a long day. Upon arrival I was not even fingertio dialated, but things started slowly but surely. By midafternoon my DD's heartrate was having some decels and disliked every position except laying on my left side. After a few hours on pit I got an epidural - three to be exact before it finally took on both sides, and at 8 that night I was dialated to 10 and ready to meet my baby. She didn;t like pushing, lots of decels, but we kept at it. At 9:30 the Dr started getting a little nervous so the vacuum was tried with no success - every time I pushed they could see her head but when I stopped she just seemed to suck back up the birth canal. Dr left for an emergency C/S and returned at 10, more concerned because there was mec and the decels were worsening. At this point the forceps were brought out and Dr said one more push and then we take the baby by C/S. Thankfully she came just in the nick of time and we discovered the reason for her stubborness - the cord was wrapped tightly around the neck 4 times. She was rushed to the NICU where she spent the first three days of her life before she came home one day after me. After the fact I found out that there were nurses praying for my baby they were so concerned for her after my birth - I'm glad that I didn't know that at the time. She is now almost four and shows no ill effects from her birth.

Almost two years later daughter # 2 is about to arrive and we arrive at the hospital under different circumstances - after only 3 hours of contractions I was dialated to 9 and had a bulging bag of waters. Water breaks an hour later and there again is mec - now I am starting to have deja vu of my first birth and am feeling a bit anxious. At 9:30 I was fully dialated and pushing like a champ with no progress whatsoever. Decels started and while the Dr was not concerned I had visions of another baby in the NICU who would not be able to stay in my room with me so I tearily started to ask for a C/S - please understand I felt at that moment that if we were headed down the same birth path that I would rather have a C/S and my baby in my room, safe in my arms than a vaginal birth with my baby in the NICU. Dr wisely refused my initial request, but knowing my history said that if I would give it 2 more hours we would discuss my options. After 2 hours I had made no progress despite plenty of effort on my past and I started to get a bit frantic. Dr decided agreed with me that a C/S just might be in order so off to the OR we went - beautiful DD was born shortly thereafter and we discovered that she had wedged her very large noggin at a strange angle that had prevented her decending. Could I have birthed her vaginally had I been more patient - maybe. Do I regret my decision - not one bit. While I had major surgery I was able to hold my daughter in recovery the minute I arrived from the operating room. Dr assured me while sewing my incision that she had every confidence that my next baby could be born vaginally which was wonderful to hear!
Was my C/S necessary, many here might say no and I hope that I am not flamed for my decision, but I live with no regrets because I am confident that I made the decision that was right for me at that moment.
Sheesh - sorry this is so long but I have never allowed myself to really put my experiences down before be in writing. Thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful group of Mamas.
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Originally Posted by OnTheFence
Beth, I wanted to personally congratulate you on your pregnancy. I knew you from the Baby Bargain Boards and then here. My hope and prayers are with you and that you have not only a beautiful birth (even tho surgical) but a beautiful, healthy baby.

Kim, thank you.

I'm curious if anyone with a planned C section had a doula? If so, was it worth it?

My doula from my last birth offered to doula for me again this time. I paid a lot of money last time, and she (well she and her partner) were well worth it, but I was planning a VBAC and labored at home almost the entire time. I haven't gotten into specifics with her (like if she would charge me or if she would "comp me" because of our circumstances) but I'm wondering if anyone else had a doula.

I'm thinking it would be nice to have someone stay with me in the OR while DH goes with the baby. With my first C section, baby and DH left the OR while they stitched me up and I was there all alone. (I had the baby with me in recovery though.) I'm anticipating that this baby may need to go to NICU or be observed, and I would like for DH to be able to go with baby, but I don't want to be alone either.

And if you had a doula, did you get a reduced rate because it was a scheduled section? My doula last time had 3 prenatal visits, plus laboring at home with you as long as you wanted, and none of that would be applicable this time.
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I had the same doula for my first birth that I had for my second c-sec. My birth stories are on page one of this thread. My first birth she was well worth it. We had a long home birth that ended with me getting transported after hours of pushing. But with the second I was attempting a VBAC with twins. They were both breech and coming 6 weeks early so we had the c-sec. I called her to let her know and that she didn't have to come (it was Thanksgiving Day) but she came anyway. She was a blessing. I was very afraid (I had general with the first and was scared of being awake during the second) My husband was able to be with the babies and I was still comforted during the surgery and postpartum. They were in the NICU having trouble breathing so it was important for my DH to be with them while my doula was with me. I had given her a a deposit and she wouldn't except the rest of payment. (she had become a friend after the first birth) some doulas will do a sliding scale depending on income and if you talk to them about pay if there is a csec they will usually work with you.

I am so glad she came it was well worth it.

Good luck and blessings!

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I did not hire a doula, but my sister acted as one. I highly recommend having someone there that is there for just "you". I found it to be a source of comfort especially when Jeff left after I got to see the babies and they went to the nursery briefly. Also it was great for recovery. I had a long recovery period after Katie so it was really nice to have my sister with me and Jeff needed to escape a while to get lunch.
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