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Kanga, what kind of laundry detergent and soap and/or lotions are you using on him?

Check for lanolin, a very common allergen, in the soap and lotion.
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For the laundry we are using some biodegradable stuff that I don't remember the name of... white bottle with a picture of the earth on it. Mostly I was just checking for fragrances and this doesn't have any. No softner and we hang dry the clothes, outside if it is sunny.

On him we only use water and not daily ... usually clean with a cool damp wash cloth and then follow with aquaphor or cortizone, depending on how badly he's itching that day. If he needs some extra cleaning, I smear on some aveeno lotion and then rinse that off in the water.

Generally we've stopped using lotions because they didn't help for more than five minutes and he ended up with drier skin.

I will check for lanolin in what we do use... thanks for the tip

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In our family I'm the one with eczema, though DS had dry skin issues and is developing it too.

What we were advised when he was little was to not wash him daily, shower him only 3-4 times/week, in lukewarm(not hot) water. Pat dry and apply lotion or simple oil. I use olive oil much of the time, though now I would go with something like Nutrogena's light bath oil. For soap we use Oil of Olay for sensitive skin.

I've been told that if allergies are an issue drying outside is a bad idea. The clothes pick up pollen. Now this may not apply if the eczema is not allergy related, but it might be worth keeping in mind.
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Kanga, re: your hiring a housecleaner to come in once a week to dust and vacuum: are they using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner? If not, all they're doing is getting the dust airborne and redistributing it. Are they using Endust or some other yucky spray to dust with? All they should use is a damp cloth. Almost all commercial cleaning products are going to be bad for people with eczema/chemical sensitivities. Check out the healthy cleaning products recipes (mostly based on baking soda and vinegar) in the book Clean House, Clean Planet as well as in the sticky thread at the top of the Healthy Home forum.

Also, do you have a HEPA filter or two for the places your ds spends the most time, particularly the bedroom? Places like Home Depot sell them, they're not that expensive. A water filter for the water you bathe in is also a good idea - the running water for baths and showers volatilizes some pretty nasty chemicals. We use a water filter on our shower head, and it takes longer, but you can fill up the bath that way.

Sorry to go so OT, but thought these were things you should think about if you haven't already.
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I don't know what the answer is to the breastfeeding question, and I know that this is an old thread, but I think people are still interested in this topic if I am.  I noticed that no one in the replies has mentioned that asthma has been shown to be associated with environments that are too clean.  Perhaps the moms who suffer from allergies and asthma already also are too vigilant in keeping clean environments and doing too good of a job avoiding allergens already.  There's a lot of evidence and research out there pointing to the fact that our modern babies don't get exposed to enough dirt and bacteria and stuff that a healthy immune system is poised to fight.  Perhaps they need more exercise on fighting the right things.

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